Matura 2022 – Polish language. High school graduates referred to as “365 days”

The first day of the Matura exam is behind us, the Polish language exam. One of the thesis themes in the primary school leaving examination was human relations as a source of happiness, based on excerpts from “Nights and Days” by Maria Dibrowska and selected cultural texts. Some graduates of secondary and secondary schools decided to use a non-standard example – they referred to the epic “365 days” by Blanca Lipinska.

High school graduates referred to “365 days” of the Polish Matura exam

Every year, the final thesis is a big problem for students for whom the Polish language is not one of their favorite subjects. The matura core exam essay, which consists of 50 points out of 70 in the test, can be written on the basis of several topics to choose from.

Two thesis topics, apart from interpretation, that appeared in the 2022 matura exam are:

  • What can imitation mean to a person? Think about the problem and justify your opinion with reference to a fragment of “Pan Tadeusz”, the entire work of Adam Mickiewicz, and a selected cultural text.
  • When does a relationship with another person become a source of happiness? Consider the problem and justify your opinion, referring to the “Nocy i dni” fragment by Maria Dąbrowska and selected cultural texts.

Many students chose the second topic and liked the Nights and Days section. When choosing a topic, in addition to discussing part of the text, they also had to choose a cultural text that would answer the question of when a relationship with another human being becomes a source of happiness. It turns out that many of them chose the popular epic for books on the topic of male-female relationships.

“Today, I pleaded for 365 days of high school exams. I hope there will be an examiner who is comfortable and will accept the argument, because if not, it will be a little bad. I hope Laura and Massimo will convince him.”

High school graduate writes.

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Blanka Lipinska receives letters from high school graduates

High school graduates chose “365 days” as an example of a text that tells about relationships. The series of books and movies talk about relationship, but most of all are erotic themes that focus on BDSM sex fantasies.

The creator of the epic, Blanka Lipinska, reported the fact that they decided to discuss the thesis in Polish secondary school exams with this particular cultural text.

One of the girls tells her that the second part of the trilogy “saved her ass at trial”. We would like to remind you that “365: This Day” was recently released on Netflix. It is not known whether students often refer to Lipinska’s books or films that also made the saga popular among young people.

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The rest of the text is below the video:

“I got my high school diploma in Polish today and referred to your book” – This year’s high school graduates write to the author of “365 Days.” There are also words from proud parents.

Blanco, you can be proud for another reason, which is that your book has become an inspiration to so many high school graduates this year. I know from certain sources” — Blanes writes “Mother of High School 2022” The writer shared screenshots of the news on her profile.

Blanka Lipinska showing messages from high school graduates / Instagram @blanka_lipinska

Photo: Instagram

“I’m sorry for the Polish teachers”

How does the author interact with the messages of high school graduates? Not surprised.

Blanka Lipinska wrote on her Instagram:

“The situation is the same year after year. I apologize to all the Polish teachers, and I keep my fingers crossed for the high school graduates.”

The writer herself is certainly aware that “365 days” as a cultural text on the Polish language exam can be problematic for many examinees. However, it all depends on how the high school graduates referred to the book or movie.

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