Magdalena Lamparska has written a book. He’s planning another one

Magdalena Lamparska is one of the most popular actresses among the younger generation. We know her from films like “Tips for Betrayal” or “365 Days”. The artist is also trying her hand at writing. In 2017, she published All or Nothing. #Like Pola Negri. In “Blegada Life” I spoke more about this literary post. – is a book in a book, the story of a young girl Anna Mazur, an aspiring actress, and a huge fan of Paula Negri. She discovers that there are movie actors only about her. We’ll read what he can do to get there – he says.

Magdalena Lamparska has published a book. “I’ve been writing it for seven years.”

Magdalena Lamparska said the book also contains an autobiographical portion. The actress worked on it for a long time.

“It was my great dream that what I learned about Paula Negri, connecting Poland and the United States, because I have a lot of source material from there, it was very important for me to share it,” she adds.

Lambarska explains why she decided to write a book based on the character of prominent actress Paula Negri.

You can find the video at the top of the page. Here is the full episode of ‘Blegada Live’:

– I didn’t want to get close to Paula Negri regarding the character “Paula Negri was a great actress to repeat”, but I wanted to show her persona spectrum, which has been full of ups and downs, who, paradoxically, is a dramatic character, and that we are often a “monument” to people we know from The movie without knowing what their life was like. In my opinion, she was a pioneer in cinema and achieved something no one else had done before. Her name is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, her hands and feet are imprinted in the courtyard of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, but she was very lonely and sad and had never experienced such personal happiness. – He explains.

– says Magdalena Lamparska.

The actress will not stop at one book. He has already started writing the following article, but reveals that it requires a lot of time and attention.

– I am writing another book and I hope that seven years will not pass, but you cannot do everything at the same time because it will not work. Writing requires a lot of consistency and focus, and dedication to that. I also write screenplay with my Gerlsy Foundation, so this writing is very present in my life – Know.

She adds that her first book received very good reviews.

Magdalena Lamparska reveals the details of the next item.

– It’s definitely not a book based on some important movie characters anymore. It’s just a novel – Says.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Magdalena Lamparska

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