Jennifer Gray recalls her tumultuous relationship with Johnny Depp: ‘He was very jealous and paranoid’

Jennifer Gray’s much-anticipated book has just been released. The ‘Dirty Dancing’ star has made an honest confession about her old relationship with Johnny Depp. Years later, we finally found out why the actress suddenly broke off her engagement to the star.

Jennifer Gray He has been present in the show business for over 40 years. Its popularity reached its peak in the second half of the 80s, when the already familiar “Dirty Dancing” was released in cinemas all over the world. Although the actress has appeared in dozens of productions since then, she unfortunately hasn’t been able to replicate the success of her role as charming Frances “Baby” Houseman. The star is largely blamed for this situation on those who, after the resounding success of “Whirling Sex”, persuaded her to have nose surgery. The end effect of the two treatments the star underwent was, unfortunately, counterproductive. Rather than propel her career forward, a drastic change in appearance caused the actress to lose her identity almost overnight in the eyes of viewers and industry people.

Jennifer Gray talks about her relationship with Johnny Depp

About the scenes of “nosmageddon”, how Jennifer Gray herself jokingly described her transformation after years, you can read in her book, published at the beginning of May, entitled Outside the Corner. However, there are several more interesting threads in the star’s diaries. Among them is the actress’s relationship with her famous colleague in the industry, Johnny Depp.

Excerpts from the book cited by US websites show that her romance with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star began on…a blind date. Interestingly, the meeting was organized by the actress’s agent after Depp admitted that he was a fan of Jennifer.

We ate, chatted, drank Jack Daniels, laughed, and took cigarette breaks between meals. It was very beautiful. And open, funny, quirky, and surprisingly cute – The actress remembers.

After that, everything happened at a fast pace. After only two weeks of dating, Johnny asked her to marry him. She said yes and they adopted a puppy together soon after, Lulu.

She was our “practice” kid and someone made me company when Johnny left town. Then fly back and forth from Vancouver every week – Describe.

However, the couple’s love did not last long. Gray states in his book that Depp soon began to get into more and more problems, from pub fights to skirmishes with cops. The bad mood of the lover also began to affect their relationship.

He started late on flights to Los Angeles because he was asleep And when he came home, he was jealous and crazy about what I was supposed to do when he was away – Describe.

For a while, the artist explained the mood of her fiancé with his frustration at his inability to leave the TV series “21 Jump Street” in which he acts solely for financial reasons. In the end, the measuring cup changed.

The couple’s acting relationship ended in March 1989, just before Jennifer’s 29th birthday. The engagement broke up the day Johnny didn’t come home from a date. She described his behavior at the time as:A series of reckless and self-imposed decisions“.

It’s no secret that Depp found solace in his arms soon afterwards Winoni RyderWho was at that time … the estranged neighbor. In her book, Gray mentions that the fact that her ex-fiancé quickly replaced her with someone else hurt her deeply.

I felt like I wasn’t there at all – We read.

Remember that in later years, Jennifer met President Bill Clinton’s advisor, George Stephanopoulos. However, their relationship also did not stand the test of time. In 2001, the actress married an actor and director Clark Greggwho got divorced last year.

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