Information Society – What is it?

The information society is a new dimension of social reality in the twenty-first century. Information plays a major role in the information society. The transmission and reception of data using new media and technology is changing reality, gradually creating a modern information society. On the Dzień Dobry TVN website, we present what the information society is and how it should be understood.

The information society is the next step in the development of the country as well as the means of communication. With regard to the information society, we can talk about the dominant role of the service sector, especially technology and information technology. Although it is difficult to find a single, universally acceptable definition of what is the information society, its occurrence is indeed a fact!

What is the information society?

We call the new dimension of personal and social relationships in the twenty-first century Information Society. Defining the information society We can find a lot – they differ depending on the model, that is, the adopted perspective. It is the main determinant of the information society Information Its course, formation, spread and the impact of the contemporary role of information on human life.

The first concept that responds to what is the information society was developed by a Japanese researcher Tadao OmesaoWho studied the nature of changes in the contemporary world. The concepts of Umesao and other researchers indicate the following Features of the information society:

  • widespread use of information systems by society;
  • The spread and use of new forms of communication, including the so-called new media
  • Economics and technological development are based on modern knowledge.
  • Information is valuable capital, but it is also currency;
  • In the information society, people working in the service and information processing sector predominate over other sectors (such as industrial and agricultural);
  • The culture of mass society is largely a virtual one (the Internet, television, cinema, devices that reproduce the so-called virtual reality, etc.);
  • Advanced research and development structures – government and private -. Other terms for the information society include: technological society, telepathy, networked society or “orientated”.

Information society in Poland and in the world

What do we mean by information society? The information society is primarily the dominance of the service sector and the occurrence and spread of the use of new forms of virtual reality. As strange as it may sound, it worries us every day when using the Internet (e-mail, social networking, entertainment services, multiplayer games), but also when walking around the city, where we are flooded with information in the form of billboards, banners and other forms of communication . The information society in numbers is characterized by the popularity of services related to new technologies.

Periodic research is carried out on the information society in Poland. Their findings can be found in reports published every few years titled “Information Society in Poland. The periodical contains statistical analyzes in the field of economics and, above all, the sector Information and Communication Technology : Information and Communication Technology (M. Information and Communication Technology). According to the data, of course One can already talk about the information society in Poland, although not to the same extent as in the case of the United States or Western European countries. This is due to the fact that the Polish export product is still, to a large extent, cheaper labor than modern technologies. However, statistics show that this is changing very quickly.

Information Society – Development Problems

The modern information society is certainly the next stage in the development of the state and social reality. It is characterized by a faster pace of life and an increasing role of new technologies in human life. However, it is also worth noting, when talking about the information society, Development problems and determinants of information development. In order for countries to develop at a rapid pace in the field of ICT, it is necessary to meet several factors, including:

  • access of the general public to high-quality education;
  • Modern technologies and high research funding for the development of the ICT sector.
  • An innovation-friendly and business-friendly environment;
  • Emphasis on quality, not quantity;
  • The gradual enrichment of society (measured, for example, in the purchasing power of money).

In the case of the information society, development problems arise when none of the above factors are adequately implemented. Regardless of whether we like the concept of the information society, its further development depends more on technological development and the direction of development of the state than on the individual decisions of the individual.

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