Garwolin – Garwolin Athletic Club Centenary: History of the Wolny Style Wrestling Division – Part 4


We continue to introduce the Garwolin Sports Club wrestling division players. We’re still in the 60’s, and there are other players to be introduced, such as Janusz Bajic, Michislav Kenig, Zygmunt Uchniewicz and Tadeusz Mikulski.

This is one of the first group photos of players from the wrestling division of LZS Wilga Garwolin, where we can get acquainted with, among others: Z. Wojtasiewicz, Z. Ochniewicz, W. Kozicki, S. Bogusz. Please help us get to know other players.

Janusz Pająk is a graduate of the department who achieved the best results in the sport as a senior. In 1968, he represented our country at the Olympic Games in Mexico. He also won the Polish champion title several times. Below, his short biographical note.

Janusz Bagak
He was born in 1944 in Garwolin. High school graduate. Head coach of Siła Mysłowice club. Then he left for Germany. Contestant: LZS Wilga Garwolin, GKS Tychy, Skra Warszawa, Grunwald Pozna and Górnik Wesoła.
coaches: Władysław Maksymiuk, Mirosław Żywczyk, Józef Wojtasiak
Achievements: Polish representative of the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968. In the lightweight, place 9-10 (won two fights with A. Dastagira Afghanistan and F. Aguilara Panama, lost two matches: I. Horiuchii Japan and W. Wells USA).
Four-time Polish lightweight champion – 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970.

Mieczyslaw Kenig Born 1947 in Garwolin. WSR graduate in Wroclaw – major in geodesy. A competitor to the LZS Wilga Garwolin in the years 1961-1966.
Achievements: Spartakia County for the 20th Anniversary of LZS Płock – 1st place.
Mieczysław Kenig ended his wrestling career by going to university in Wrocław. During his studies, he remained faithful to martial arts and began training judo. At the Polish academic championship, he took 4th place.

Zygmunt Ochniewicz He was born in 1947 in Garolin. A competitor to the LZS Wilga Garwolin
Coaches: Tadeusz Trojanovsky, Leszek Dzijaczkowski
Achievements: 2nd place – Polish Youth Championship in Rzeszow 2nd place. 4th Wrestling Championship Run Maksymiak 1966, 2nd place in Spartakada County Spółdzielczości 1966.

Tadeusz Mikulski
– Born in 1949, the Higher Officers School of the Communications Forces, military rank – Lieutenant-Colonel. Mayor of Garolin City from 1994-1998 and 2000-2018.
LZS wrestling division competitor Wilga Garwolin in 1963-1968.
coaches: Tadeusz Trojanovsky, Leszek Dzyachkovsky
Competitions: I Kroc Warsaw Aura Guardia. Polish Championships Łańcut, Krakow, Racibórz, ód, 4th place, Kłodzko, Poland Junior Junior Championships.
National and foreign championships: Championship Władysław Maksymowicz Warsaw – 3rd place, Baltic Blue Ribbon Świnoujście 4th place, Poland – Germany (GDR) won the fight (it was the only fight the Pole won). Participation in the matches: Poland – Finland, Poland – Czechoslovakia, Poland – Bulgaria.

Tadeusz Mikulski’s wrestling adventure in the LZS Wilga Garwolin division lasted for over four years. As a player, he has also had successful performances in powerlifting at the county level. I invite you to shorten the memories of the former mayor from that period.

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Many thanks to Ms. Halina Mikulska for finding and sharing her husband’s lost sports memorabilia, and to Maja’s daughter for helping record her memories.

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