French women’s sports shoes. Do such shoes exist? What sports models are suitable for French elegance?

Do you want to wear French clothes and have doubts about sneakers? So they made an exception for them. However, French women’s sneakers are not random models. The most important in their case is the color scheme.

In recent years, we’ve been appreciating comfortable clothing and accessories like never before. For this reason, tracksuits have become a permanent feature of many closets, right next to the sneakers. But it turns out that such a revolution was not a global trend. French women, regardless of the situation, are faithful to their own style, which, it seems, no longer needs any refinement. This means that most of them still do not care about sportswear and accessories. If they choose them, he will be at home only or for physical activity.

However, there is Sportswear they can make an exception. It’s about sneakers. Despite the fact that sneakers are only an alternative to what is most valued by them ballerinasAnd loafer And loafers, that doesn’t mean there’s no reason why they’d be willing to wear a pair of sneakers. For us, inspiration can be not only specific models, but also the way they are done French women’s sports shoes It is worn in design.

French women may not be the queens of minimalism like the Scandinavian women, but their style also relies on restrained cuts and safe colours. They use the same key for different clothing and accessories, and sneakers are no exception. So what patterns can be seen most often French women’s hairdressing? What selected pairs of sneakers have in common are colours. There would be no surprise here, as this is just a neutral. white sneakers She is number one on the French women’s election list. Beige, gray and black are also not uncommon. There are also others, but they have a rarity in color. As a result, each form can be used at any time. It goes well with everything and is unobtrusive.

If styles based on French chic allow for sneakers, we are not surprised that only such universal sneakers are available. However, the shopping dilemmas do not end there. A new pair of sports shoes It’s more than just a colour. The cut itself is also important. Fortunately, there is a great deal of freedom here. On the one hand, we can see their distinct models adidas superstarAnd nike dunk or Reebok Club. On the other hand, it is also easy to find old-fashioned sneakers with a thick irregular sole, which have been a success for several seasons. Models BalenciagaAnd villa And other brands quite acceptable option for French women.

French women’s style is a constant source of inspiration for people from all over the world. We can analyze their style as a whole or focus on specific details. This time we will see what the sneakers look like in their collections. It turns out that French street fashion starsAlthough they are loyal to their own style, they sometimes follow current trends. Before that can happen, one condition must be met. These should actually match their individual approach to fashion. Recently, such an example is a constantly frequent duo. Wide pants and sneakers It’s now an all-too-familiar sight on the sidewalks of Paris and beyond. Baggy pants, usually in shades of beige, gray, olive or brown, perfectly harmonize with the tips of the sneakers protruding from the lower legs. Even if it is a new idea, the French cannot be accused of anything, because their clothing included in this trend has everything they have so far.

The duo’s popularity in sneakers and baggy pants doesn’t mean they’re the only ones French women’s design with sports shoes. Most of them may not pay attention to the new trend at all. Instead of experimenting, they’ll wear it as usual. What does this mean in practice? Jeans are on the list of favorite clothes of French women. Therefore, we have no doubts that models with straight legs, tubes, bells and other pieces made of blue denim can be a frequent partner of sneakers. French women are also happy to wear dresses and skirts. In these cases, they eagerly arrive at the less sporty models, but duals like these aren’t quite out of the question. The key is to be honest with yourself. If the French are good at it, it will pay off for you, too. Additional hints await in our gallery.

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