Eurovision 2022: Christian Uchmann on his demons. What is its purpose?

Although the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin will take place only on Sunday, May 8, and there is only one week left until the first semi-final, rehearsals for all artists continued in the Balla Albitur for several days.

On Tuesday, the Poland representative was able to rehearse for the first time Christian Ochmann. The 22-year-old confirmed in an interview with Interia that almost everything is pressed down to the last button, but only when he stands on stage and feels his vibe, will he know if it is as it should be.

This year, the first rehearsals are not available to the press – we can only see excerpts from the performances that the organizers posted on social media. Ochman sang “River” with commitment and calm. He was accompanied on stage by dancers dancers Agustin Igurola. The test, as well as the technical team, was monitored by the Polish delegation, which will now have a few days to make corrections and possibly change the camera footage. Another attempt by the Polish representative on May 6.

“Ochman wears a very elegant black suit. He is on stage with four dancers in black costumes and masks. They are like ghosts. They make a strong impression, especially in terms of the visual effects, play of lights and powerful vocals of Ochman” – so the official Eurovision portal.

Check the lyrics of the song “River” on Tekś!

Unfortunately, the Pole will not be able to use all the possibilities of the theater, because – as the Italians reported – some of its elements failed. It is the LED arcs forming the “Sun”, which was to rotate and on which the visualizations would be projected. The European Broadcasting Union has issued a letter reading that failures cannot be removed before live concerts, so national teams must rearrange their performances. However, the Polish delegation did not plan to use this element, so the visual elements of the performance would not need to be changed.

After the rehearsal, Krystian Ochman participated in the first press conference. When asked about the meaning of his performance, he said it would be “minimalistic but with a message”.

“Dancers represent demons, bad thoughts, stress and anger that prevent us from achieving inner peace. On the stage I will fight them somehow” – summed up the winner “Voice of Poland”. The entire performance is kept in a dramatic and theatrical atmosphere.

“Stress is my personal demon,” Ochman added. “I hope everything is fine.”

He repeated again that he did not feel the pressure of the favorite: – I want to focus on my performance, my voice and my presentation. I hope people will like it, but I wouldn’t wonder what would happen.

When Christian Ochmann was asked about his career gaining momentum after moving from the United States to Poland, she replied that it was a good decision.

“I came to Poland because I wanted to be a better singer, to feel more confident on the stage, to learn singing techniques. I want to be the best in it, because I plan to sing for the rest of my life” – he added. Teacher Christian Uchmann Professor Jan Ballarin From the Academy of Music in Katowice. His grandfather, a famous opera singer, had a great influence on his singing career. Wieslaw Ochman.

Christian Ochmann will perform in the second half of the competition’s second semi-finals on May 12th. He will compete with No. 14. Among others, with artists from Finland, Israel, Serbia, Romania, Belgium and Australia.

In the Grand Final (14 May), artists from 25 countries will face each other – except for those who will qualify from the semi-finals, and also from the so-called Big Five, i.e. those who pay the highest membership fees in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU): Germany and Great Britain Spain, France and Italy.

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