Clara Lewandowska celebrates her fifth birthday! Parents shared birth photos with fans

The birth of Clara changed the lives of Anna and Robert Lewandowski. Proud athletes confirmed in interviews that their daughter taught them a lot, opened them to the world and people, and showed the most hidden feelings. Parenting became their most important role. Two years ago, Clara had a younger sister, Laura, who will celebrate her birthday on May 6. Today, the eldest child of Anna and Robert Lewandowski celebrates their fifth birthday! On this occasion, the parents exchanged unique photos with the observers. In one of the moving columns, the coach recalls the day she first saw her daughter.

Clara Lewandowska celebrates her fifth birthday

The day Clara was born was one of the happiest and most beautiful moments of their lives. “Klara taught me patience, more humility, the fact that it is impossible to plan everything, and you have to slow down,” Anna Lewandowska said at VIVIE 2019 In an interview with Katarzyna Sielicka.

Parents instill in Clara and her younger sister a love of sports. They spend every moment with them and collect memories. The couple posts charming pictures with their kids on social media. From the start, they constantly avoid showing girls’ faces and protect their privacy.

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For the birthday of their eldest child, Anya and Robert Lewandowski made an exception and shared beautiful photos with fans. The coach posted a photo of her daughter’s birth on Instagram. “We’ll never forget the first time we held you in our arms. You were so young. Happy 5th birthday. We love you! Little bell,” autographed photo by Anna Lewandowska.

A similar shot appeared in the player’s profile. This scene touches the lovers of the couple. In InstaStories, Anna Lewandowska showed how they celebrate Clara’s birthday. There was also a balloon and a cake in which we could see the character Elsa from the fairy tale “Frozen”.

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Anna Lewandowska on the birth and birth of Clara

Anna Lewandowska stated several times that her first birth was difficult, there were complications, and she emphasized that thanks to physical activity and the way she worked on her figure, she managed to survive. Those events changed her approach to dealing with many issues and taught her to enjoy every moment.

“I was also born very difficult, a little longer, and I could leave this world. It also showed me that I am strong, that nothing is impossible and that you should enjoy every moment,” she stated in 2019 at VIVA. In an interview with Paulina Krupińska, she added that she had heard from doctors that thanks to her good physical condition she was able to get through childbirth. “Thank you for your preparations, I congratulate you, because it was a reference to a caesarean section, but you managed. You are a great role model, because activity is very important and this is an example that helped me get through this birth,” added Dzień Dobry TVN in 2020 .

Robert Lewandowski also spoke about that day. Nor did he realize that the situation was so dangerous. “It took about thirty hours. The birth was very difficult, Anya lost a lot of blood, then the doctor said that she was about to end much worse … When I fought, I carried Clara in my arms. I was very tense, stiff with nerves, I could not Lift the towel off the floor. At the time, I didn’t realize the threat was so great, so even today I remember that happiness when I saw our daughter,” he told Fakt in 2019.

Fortunately, it all ended well!

We wish Clara and the whole family the best! Let her dreams come true.

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