Calling musicians from all over the world. War and Art. A paradox that needs an urgent solution

2022-04-29 20:20

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A special appeal from musicians around the world in the context of the war in Ukraine was made by philosopher and publisher Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori and writer and publisher Luca Crippa from Italy. They suggested that some artists compose a simple but expressive theme “7 Notes of Peace”, which musicians from all over Europe could play in Dołhobyczów, Poland, near the border with Ukraine.

This is the content of this unusual call:

Man-made war. The human provides justifications, objectives, slogans, organization, logistics, tactics and strategy. The key element is the technology with which you can build a lethal weapon that is a blatant example of the perversion of intelligence. Weapons to kill more and more. Then man puts into war willpower, perseverance, courage and an incredible spirit of sacrifice, even at a conscious risk of death. However, the art of war has been around for centuries. Art in the sense of art, a human effort, a work of genius.

Art is also the work of man. Man places in him the creation of beauty that fascinates, disturbs, interrogates, disturbs, opens perspectives, suggests visions… Art is also a response to a deeply rooted and unrestrained desire: we wage war out of anger, we create art. of love.

Is there a relationship between these two human worlds? No, unless we make it up. Unless we want it to be energy, maybe with a hint of madness. On the other hand, if yes, then people will definitely react by surprise.

The Milan-based Fondazione Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti (House of Spirit and Arts Foundation) ( is stubbornly trying to organize an artistic event of “planetary” significance that could put an end to the war. An artistic and popular event.

This is the idea. A famous musician could compose “7 Notes for Peace”: a simple but expressive musical theme that is easy for many to perform.

Who could this musician be?

You must be an artist with a passion for beauty: someone who has taken endless credit from a sensitive humanity, thirsting for beauty in every latitude and beyond. Can we give you some examples? Arvo Pärt – for the skill, passion, creativity and spiritual intensity of his music. Peter Gabriel – To open up to the voices and traditions of all nations. Brian Eno – The inspiration behind the musicians who have written themselves into the hearts of many people. Nicola Beovani – an attentive narrator of feelings, also associated with unforgettable stories …

We can proceed like this (how nice to suggest it to Ennio Morricone…): I hope someone will answer!

“7 Notes for Peace” can be played by a group of musicians near the Polish-Ukrainian border, on the day of a large gathering of artists held specially for this purpose.

What would be the point of all this? The answer is very specific: it is hidden in the words “people” and “artists”.

We all feed on the mournful thoughts of all the victims of war; Desire for reasons of peace to prevail over those arising from politicized politics, from opposing interests, from calculations. They would stubbornly prefer union to division, as the Pope obstinately insists…

The logic of “war” is the “logic” of a world that falls victim to its conflicting interests. When the causes, motives and interests of the world go crazy and fall into each other, an innocent war breaks out.

What can we do to make the innate pacifism of millions of men and women an effective and unarmed vision? We can oppose the weapons of death with the weapons of life and creativity. We can insert the most powerful force of beauty universally loved between the innocent man and the evils of the world.

Here is the idea, to be exact:

– Dołhobyczów, Poland, then to the very close border with Ukraine;

– musicians from all over Europe, famous and not only;

Very simple music composition.

The psalmist says: “It is not a language, and these are not unheard words.” And someone must know, among the mighty of this world, but also among us, that there is a sectional, universal, naive, and powerful “peace consensus,” which in the end, instead of being limited to raising doubts on the talk show, decided to give himself a voice.

with art. And with people.

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