A walk with a family guide to discover the interesting places and secrets of Gdynia

Family outings around Gdynia with guides are a great idea to entertain and spend time together.

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Where is the lake in Kak? Where in the past did Gdynia deal with official matters? What is this place from which Santa looks at the city? We will find answers to these and many other questions during the series “Family walks in Gdynia”, which you can continue with your children. The parades are led by famous and famous guides: Danuta Ślipy from Frajda on the seashore, Michał Miegoń from other roads and Arkadiusz Brzęczek. Walking starts at 11:00 from different places designated by the organizer. The next rally is on May 7.

Check out the kid-friendly places in Gdynia

Walking around the city “from the sea and dreaming about it” The long Gdynia traditionHowever, this time it has been extended with an outing show specifically targeting families with children.

– For years, we have been inviting residents to learn about the secrets of the modernist architecture of our city. This time we created a series dedicated to children and their parents. We encourage you to walk together and find the mysteries hidden in our city. Take your friends with you and spend time together – invite the mayor of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek.
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Famous and popular guides

The tour is conducted by famous and popular guides. Each prepared something different and each outing is a completely different route, as well as different places and city secrets to know.

We invited great guides who created amazing ways to walk. It’s a great idea to entertain and spend time together. You can invite family and friends and – most importantly – learn more about the city. During our tours, we not only reveal various secrets and little-known facts about city life, but also always raise the issue of environmental education – says Byata NorukaHead of the Family Policy Department of the Gdynia City Municipality.
The walk will lead us: Danuta Oliby – author of the coastal blog Frajda nad – a licensed guide in Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and Luau and mother of three girls, a family sightseeing specialist, has been active for years in environmental transport and trolleybus enthusiasts; Michel Miego z other ways – musician, producer, lover of Gdynia, youngest member of the Old Gdynia Society, great lover of truly great secrets, loves to search for unusual stories and build narratives of his tours around them; And Arkadiusz Brzęczek – an enthusiast of history, a man all his life is Gdynia, who knows more about the dwellings of Gdynia and its former inhabitants, recently published the fourth part of “Secrets of the dwellings of Gdynia”, in which he discovered new, little-known stories about the city. On the occasion of the walk, he will prepare stories that will interest the youngest visitors.

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Go to the star from the sky

As the guide confirms Danuta OlibyStar Expedition consists of nine rides along the highest hills in Gdynia. It is a proposal for a family walk among the beautiful nature with the possibility of climbing high for … a star from the sky.

Gdynia is one of the most mountainous cities in Poland. It is because of the recent glaciation of Poland. You can hike here and at least feel like you are in the mountains. Our city has beautiful nature. Forests, moraine hills, sea, beaches, cliffs. Among the proposed routes, there is a road in the heart of the city. Others are located at each end of the city, because there are plenty of curiosities and secrets to discover in its outskirts. These are Kolibki, Orłowo, Oksywie, Mount Donas, Marszewo and Chylonia. Using the map of the family and its heroes: Bianka and Tofik, you can discover the Marysieka Grotto, one of two funicular freight trains in northern Poland, enter the gazebo of the 70-meter-high watchtower, go along the Roots Trail and Alicja Trail in the Enchanted Forest and visit St. Nicholas – adds Danuta Oliby.
The Star Expedition map can be downloaded from the Gdynia Rodzinna website or from its headquarters: Świętojańska 1.

Gdynia as a miniature full of legends

Michel Miego will take us to the outskirts of the city. Together we will go to places like Wielki Kack, Orłowo, Bernadowo, Chylonia and Leszczynki.

– With less visible roads, driving through city suburbs or neighborhoods that at first glance were blocks of apartments, I try to save from oblivion and tell stories going back to the times when city neighborhoods were villages and small settlements, but also to disillusion them as suburbs – View Gdynia as a kind of small world, often with very different parts. It also educates about the myths that shaped the identity of the Gdynia people – the sacred mountain, located at the junction of Leszczynek and Chyloń, has been an important pilgrimage point for centuries (the road to Wejherowo Calvary), Bernadowo is a fascinating history of interwar, non-existent glider, and Orłowo Not just a pier and villas – this is the former colony of Kolibki, with mysterious orchids and orchards in the middle of the woods – says the guide.
And did you know that Wilkie Kak and its spatial arrangement refer to the times of the ancient Kashubian settlement that was located next to it The Great Lake – the so-called Khaki SeaBecause that’s what people call a water tank. It hides legends about wandering lights and unusual objects sunken there.

– The ecological site “Lake Kaki” is currently one of the most beautiful natural nooks and crannies in the developing region of Gdynia. Immediately next to it, behind the hills, is the source of the Suilina stream, the border river between Gdynia and Sopot. It is connected with a beautiful and romantic story about a former Pomeranian princess, but also the character of the forester Bernard, who hid in the backwoods and led to the settlement of Bernado, which is still found in the middle of the forest. The Swelina stream is also a place … Wypławek Alpejski – a unique creature that occurs in the Gdynia stream, and then … in the Tatras and the Alps! As you walk, we will learn about all these amazing stories and more. We will also reach the top of the sacred mountain and find Chylońska Polana Vossa – a place to play, but also the reflections of the inhabitants hundreds of years ago – providing Michel Miego.

These are just some of the attractions that await us while walking. You will learn more as you go. All walks start from 11:00 am From the place indicated on the poster and at www.gdyniawodinna.pl. Each walk takes approximately two hours. Take a backpack with a drink and a small snack, and wear comfortable shoes. At this address you will find more ideas for joint walks around Gdynia and downloadable maps.

We set out for a walk from the agreed meeting point at 11:00 am. Walking schedule as follows:

May 7 – Danuta Ślipy “Star Expedition – Kolibki, Orłowo” / Meeting point: Stajnia in Kolibki;
May 21 – Michał Miegoń “Where is the lake in Kack? – A walk around the Big Kack” / Meeting point: ZKM Source of Maria 01, the corner of Chwaszczyńska and Marii Springs;
June 4 – Arkadiusz Brzęczek “Gdynia Cisowa and its splendid history surrounding Chylońska Street” / meeting point: Dworzec in Chyloń;
June 18 – Danuta Ślipy “Gwiezdna Wyprawa – Oksywie” / Meeting point: Bus stop at the Bitwy pod Oliwa roundabout;
July 2 – Arkadiusz Brzęczek “A walk around the summer resort, or in the footsteps of the First Polish Sea Bathing Society in Kamienna Góra” / meeting point: InfoBox;
July 16 – Michał Miegoń “In the Footsteps of Princess Soelina and Bernard’s Thief – A Walk around Gdynia Orłowo and Bernadowo” / meeting point: ul. Bernardowska 7;
July 30 – Danuta Ślipy “Gwiezdna Wyprawa – Góra Donas” / Meeting point: Bus stop on Miętowa Street;
August 13 – Arkadiusz Brzęczek “Where a resident of our city used to handle in the past” / meeting point: InfoBox;
August 27 – Michał Miegoń “Where Saint Nicholas looks at Gdynia – A walk around Chylonia and Leszczynki” / meeting point: ul. Morska opposite elementary school No. 10.

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