8 gift ideas for a newborn baby

A good gift for a newborn baby should contain many elements. Ideally, it should be something the child’s parents should buy anyway. These practical gifts are especially fun. Especially since the arrival of a new man makes his parents face a long list of expenses. So even the slightest lightening of the burden placed upon them in this task would be greatly appreciated. When considering a gift for a newborn, it is worth to be guided not only by practical considerations but also by aesthetic ones. Of course, tastes are not discussed and the intention is not to force something on the parents. So if we know that the whole apartment is decorated in pastel colors, and we want to buy, for example, a rocking chair, let’s try to match its color with the other items in their house.

When thinking about colors, it is also good to consider the fact that many baby items come in two colors – pink and blue, in theory for girls and boys, but parents may not necessarily want to raise their children in such a dichotomy. There are so many things to consider when searching for the perfect gift for a newborn? And that’s not all.

The truth is that although we buy a gift for a newborn, we mainly buy it for his parents. So it is a good idea, especially when we are close to them, to ask only what they need. In this way, we will avoid the situation in which we buy something that they do not want, is not useful to them or they have already bought it. Many parents decide to create a gift list, similar to the one that is also sometimes created in connection with the wedding. A list like this makes it a lot easier, but we can’t always count on something like this. The question is what then?

What if there is no gift list for the baby? And what if we can’t count on any hints from the child’s parents? Then we recommend that you consult our list of newborn gift ideas – for specific tips or general inspiration. Perhaps in our list you will find exactly what can be useful for the parents of the child. Something you’ll think “Wow, that is!” It may also be one of our ideas to lead you to a different gift for newborn that will be perfect for your loved ones. Either way, we hope that this text will help you make the right choice, and the gift you choose will please the recipients.

Newborn gift – photo of the baby and me in Germany at Unsplash / Unsplash.com

Regular themed items such as shorts, towels, bathrobes, bibs or bottles are always a cute and original gift that most parents enjoy. In addition to the pillar, we can also think of personal decorations for the child’s room, for example the letters in which you can arrange the name of the child on the wall. Whether it’s a frame or an album with the baby’s name in the first photos.

Especially if the parents of the child are not particularly known to us, we do not know what their apartment looks like, what their tastes and needs are – it is worth betting on a very universal and practical gift for a newborn. These gifts will be diapers, baby wipes, reusable and eco-friendly nappies (eg gauze), pacifier, blanket (eg made from bamboo all year round), sleeping bag, towel with cover, baby monitor with camera or silicone teether or clink. Such things will always be at hand. Like a carousel above the crib, wooden picture cards.

Although the newborn mainly eats and sleeps, its growth continues from the first days. This is why there are many items on the market that help support this development at different levels. A good example is the foam puzzle mats on which the baby can crawl first and then crawl. Educational mats with rattles hanging above the baby are also worth considering as a gift for a newborn baby.

Sensory gifts are items that help your child develop the integration of sensory experiences. These items are usually made of materials of completely different textures that stimulate children’s senses. It can be pillows, sensory books, blankets, amulets that penetrate and affect the sense of hearing. Interesting sensory toys are also teeth, crushes, balls with rattles, various marks, diving suits, and even the most ordinary sensory bags.

A good idea for a newborn baby gift is a piece of furniture or another item that can be placed in the baby’s room, such as a bedside lamp or wall stickers. Hammocks, balls, various houses and tents, multifunctional pillows, benches and rugs are also worth recommending.

gift for new born babyNewborn gift – Photography by Nathan Dumlau / Unsplash.com

Teddy bears, amulets, trains and other toys for children who play, but also help develop imagination and focus on exercises, are always great ideas. Especially if we bought it soon after the baby was born, when his room wasn’t full of hundreds of stuffed animals, and the collection of toys is just emerging and you don’t need to ask yourself if another doll makes sense. The first one has it. And if we are talking in addition to a doll or other interactive toy The idea of ​​buying it and giving it as a gift for a newborn is really cool.

Although the newborn is not yet interested in literature to any degree, it is worth introducing him to the presence of books from the first weeks of his life. Of course we are talking about books adapted to the age of the child. The former should be made of thick cardboard or other durable material such as plastic or fabrics (such as corduroy). Illustrations in books for the newborn should be in black and white, that is, very contrasting, because only such drawings can be read.

If we are very close to the parents of the child, we know what they like, what they are afraid of and what they need most, we can choose a gift according to their needs. For example, if parents love to travel and if we know that their fear is whether the child will sometimes make them stop traveling, we can use our gift to reduce those fears. In such a situation, a good gift for a newborn can be, for example, a travel cot, a stroller, a wrapping cycle, a foldable baby stroller, which would be ideal when traveling by plane, or a car seat. Parents can also be given something intangible, such as a “day off”, when we will take care of the baby and they will be able to rest. A day at the spa or a massage can also be a good gift for a tired mother. And if we know that she feels neglected and dreams of time for her beauty – go to a manicure or a hairdressing salon.

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