What do you watch in the cinema? “X”, “Lucifer”, “Family Body Swap”

The massacre of farmers with pornography in the background? T West Consists of “X” A homage to the bloody atrocities of the ’70s, but it’s not a typical subjective like Quentin Tarantino at “Grindhouse” from this type. His movie is a classic, very horrible, good narrative with an interesting female plot and allusion to it “psychosis”.

A group of budding filmmakers travel to a remote home in Texas to shoot a porn production there in anticipation of the upcoming VHS revolution. Older and eccentric hosts who rent their mansions quickly begin to take an interest in their guests, and soon their suspicious curiosity takes a drastic turn. Young, beautiful and talented in the main roles Gina Ortega And Mia Goth.

You will not be closer to God – this is the mantra he promotes “The devil” Peter Brunner. It is an artistic horror film inspired by the true history of exorcism, produced by Ulrich Seidl. Johannes (Franz Rogowski) lives in the wilderness in a small hut in the Alps with his mother eagle and pious. In a secluded world, daily life is governed by nature, prayer and ritual. The mother has completely taken over Johannes, who identifies the world as composed of evil forces and the forces of God. What if fanaticism suddenly collides with freedom? What is the capacity of humans? How is evil born?

One morning it was the Morel family – the main characters of French comedies “Family Body Swap” He discovers in horror that their bodies and souls have been completely mixed up. The six-year-old daughter is now in her father’s body. He is now in the body of a teenage son. Who is now in the body of the older sister. Who is now in her mother’s body… who is now in the body of six-year-old Chacha. Do you understand any of this? Take it easy – and they don’t – not at all! But the real problem wasn’t even Muriel. As a mean boss calls at work, we announce an audition at school, and his high school sweetheart knocks on the door. And how do you live here now and not go crazy for the rest?

Can a mouse and a fox be friends? Animation answers this question “Even mice go to heaven”. When the stubborn Czmyszka and the fearful Rudeus go to heaven, there is no sign of it. In the new world, they have to let go of their instincts and face a wonderful adventure. Where will this extraordinary journey take them? Little Czmyszka is trying hard to prove her courage to everyone. To do this, he will risk meeting a predator! However, her daring attempt ends in an unexpected way. The Mouse ends up in an unusual land, where on his way he meets the timid fox Rhodeus. Will such different heroes be able to get along? It’s so easy to get into trouble in a new place! Despite their initial reluctance, they decide to discover together the secrets of an unreleased and amazing underworld. Will they deal with new challenges and extraordinary adventures?

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