What did the students do for the teachers?

This class is the dream of most teachers. However, reality is rarely so rosy.

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We publish memories of the day 30-40 years old for all those who like to say that “once young people are different”, and in school no one even allowed themselves to make fun of teachers, we publish memories of today 30- and 40-year-olds. Imagine the dumbest thing you could do in school – they just did worse.

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The trash can on the head is not an idea of ​​young people from the time of movies that can be recorded on the phone and uploaded to TikTok. Today’s adults – sometimes with humor, sometimes shyly – remember the numbers they called their teachers. Sometimes it was just silly, harmless words, remembered today as funny.

Like a short story from elementary school in Zaspa, which you remember Mikhail.

– If you write this number one for me, I will burn this magazine for you! – He threatened me half jokingly and half seriously my friend who is now … a professional firefighter.

“We are poor, that’s why I don’t have books”

In high school, students often thought they were smarter than teachers. But most of the time it turns out that only they thought so.

When my geography teacher asked me why I was not prepared again and had no books, I replied that I was poor and could not afford the books. My mum was called to school and told that the school didn’t know about our bad condition, so they would stop working so I wouldn’t feel any worse. My mom was very surprised, and so was the teacher who found out that our situation wasn’t bad at all. Well, and then you know: shame, shame and promise improvement – the master recalls. WojciechCurrently working as a graphic artist on the computer.
Another story: the lesson continues, and he knocks on the door. A boy enters a parallel class.

– Good morning Ms. Music (remember the name) asks lookBecause he has something unstructured there.
The teacher agrees, Łukasz leaves. The students begin to smile slightly as the teacher notes. After a while, I realized that the music was only in the first grade, so the lady of music did not want anything from him. So she leaves the class in search of ukasz. I found him in the school bar with three friends from a parallel class. They lost one to the bridge, so they went for a fourth. It ends with a reprimand, an invitation to the parents, and a ban to leave the house for two weeks. At that time, it was a severe punishment, because young people spend their time outside the house, and not in front of screens.

Alcohol and bridge during lessons

Conradinum, 1990. The school is considered one of the best technicians in Tri-City. At that time, its graduates were accepted into some polytechnic colleges without any exams. But they also loved to have fun. The opportunity for this was, for example, lessons in the electrotechnical engineering workshop. They lasted one day for five consecutive hours of instruction. The class was divided into four groups and there were two teachers. So each time two groups were unsupervised. It was possible to connect circuits at that time, and you can …

– Bring wine from the parents’ cellar and drink the bottle quickly for four people. To this day, I wonder how the teacher didn’t feel that and noticed it later. Maybe he wasn’t expecting such rudeness, or maybe he knew it was a one-time jump and no point in reporting it, because they would inevitably kick us out of school because of it – he recalls peetoday an entrepreneur, in the nineties of the last century one of the leaders of school abuse.

There was laughter, today there is shame

After a few years, they remember their behavior with shame. And they wished they had the opportunity to apologize for them.

– 1990. The first high school class No. 1 in Sopot. At that time, it was a secondary school, since it was called paratroopers, that is, students who did not attend better secondary schools. In my class there were a lot of goons, a few skinheads, anarchists, metallurgists, villains, and ordinary students. We got a Polish teacher, a recent college graduate, who made her first appearance at school. Redhead, in glasses, politely braided braid, suit and eyes staring at the floor… When she was saying something, you could hardly hear her. We have taken control of it completely and subjected it to ourselves. Since we were not models of virtue, various things happened, such as reading out loud “Fanny Hill’s Diary”, smoking cigarettes from the open window or taking the journal openly from the teacher’s table and adding the grades…the teacher’s desk. This was the first time she cried and left us with all her nerves, leaving us alone until the end of the lesson – says the master. YacoubHe currently manages a team of twelve or so people in a company.
The behavior of his teacher eventually changed his class.

The apocalypse happened after six months of grading – during one of the first lessons in the second half of the year, our matte friend put a trash can on the teacher’s head. This was the second time he had run out of tears. The second and last. she resigned. Instead, he gave us the biggest scythe among teachers, Professor Mieczysław Łukasiak. And as we trembled in fear of him at first, yes He turned out to be a strict teacher, but very wise, and inspiring. Thanks to him, it turns out that many of us are human. Unfortunately, Professor Łukasiak died prematurely, and we did not have the opportunity to apologize to the young Polish teacher for our stupid behavior. We never met her again – Mr. Jacob finished.
And what stories do you remember from the school benches?

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