The World’s Best Movie Returns to Netflix – Huge VOD Library Update

Netflix This time it was a nice surprise, because the news on the podium is really good. Of course, many of them are called revenue, or nicknames Re-add it on Netflix, but it does not change the fact that we are talking here about exceptional productions. And one of them can be considered one of the best and most interesting in history, although, of course, it is a matter of relativity. Which doesn’t change the fact that it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the list of novelties that have appeared on Netflix in recent days, which we do too.

Best Movie on Netflix – Big Lebowski is back on the platform, and that’s not the end of the news

A slew of good and even very good news has arrived in the Netflix library in the past few days. Among them are those that can already be watched on the platform, but they are good in this particular case, because Netflix has really great movies. And the most important of them is “Big Lebowski”, a comedy/drama from 1998. If you haven’t watched this miracle movie yet, it’s time to make it up. They are responsible for the script here Joel and Ethan CoenAnd the first brother took over directing. Reliable in the main role, and in this case even outstanding Jeff BridgesAnd we’ll see more on screen John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore. It is worth noting that he also plays in “Big Lebowski” fleaBassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So, as you can see, the cast is really, really good, and the whole thing is one of the best movies thought of. Full of references to the modern world that did not become obsolete even after many years. And of course he’s also really funny, and The Dude is already a cult figure. In other words, “Big Lebowski” is a must-see movie! Now let’s check what has been added to Netflix recently.

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News and Returns on Netflix – Added Movies and Series List

  • blue hole in the sky [+ napisy]
  • Allemaal . family [+ napisy]
  • erb [5 odcinków]
  • big lipowski [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Tai Chi Man [+ audio, + napisy]
  • I do well [+ napisy]
  • twenty five and twenty one [2 odcinki] [+ napisy]
  • wild river [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Mobile Killing Units – Death Squads [+ napisy]
  • Elizabeth [+ audio, + napisy]
  • game for two [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Grace and Frankie [12 odcinków][+ audio, + napisy]
  • Half life in Fukushima [+ napisy]
  • Ivana Sia Groznica [+ napisy]
  • donkeys 2.5 [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Freaks goofs at work [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Donkey: Shameless Grandpa 0.5 [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Jarhead: Navy [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Jarhead 2: Into the Field of Fire [+ audio, + napisy]
  • tomorrow [2 odcinki] [+ napisy]
  • The scoundrel clan is back [+ audio, + napisy]
  • I love you, miss you, wish to see you before I die [+ napisy]
  • space match [+ audio, + napisy]
  • love of cooking [+ napisy]
  • Lawrence of Arabia [+ audio, + napisy]
  • lego friends [7 odcinków] [+ audio, + napisy]
  • It could not be better [+ audio, + napisy]
  • manu [+ napisy]
  • Mero [+ audio, + napisy]
  • phobia [+ napisy]
  • Musicians for Life [+ napisy]
  • Think like a man [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Share [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Attendance 2 [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Ocean 8 [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Show business [2 odcinki] [+ napisy]
  • Octonauts: Adventures on Earth [13 odcinków] [+ audio, + napisy]
  • On air [+ napisy]
  • Just Elaine [+ napisy]
  • stranger from home [S06E08] [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Journey to the mysterious island [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Cleveland Monster [+ audio, + napisy]
  • goodbye to your oar [+ napisy]
  • real trip [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Law of the jungle [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Eichmann trial [+ napisy]
  • Weather forecast and love [2 odcinki] [+ napisy]
  • Friend to the end of the world [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Quarter Life [+ napisy]
  • Riverdale [S06E12] [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Robert and the playmaker [+ napisy]
  • Addams family [+ audio, + napisy]
  • family revolutions [+ audio, + napisy]
  • sisters [+ audio, + napisy]
  • letter [+ napisy]
  • favorite resort [+ napisy]
  • Straight from Compton [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Keeper of tradition [+ napisy]
  • theory of everything [+ audio, + napisy]
  • big dream [+ napisy]
  • only you [+ audio, + napisy]
  • vento [+ napisy]
  • Wild [+ napisy]
  • derailed [+ audio, + napisy]
  • Looks good with death [+ audio, + napisy]

Lots of classics on Netflix, old and good

A lot of European cinema has recently appeared on Netflix, and among the films added, for example, “Robert and the Dollmaker”. This is a horror film set in Germany in 1941, where the Nazis are caught up in the book of magic that allows things, in this case play, to unfold. We don’t recommend it, but if someone likes curiosity, let them judge for themselves whether it’s worth watching. Recently, the last episodes of “Ozark” appeared on Netflix, but also “Grace and Frankie”It is a hilarious story about two big ladies making a new life for themselves. However, from the above list, the old products that have made a comeback on Netflix are the most interesting. And “Big Lebowski” is just one of them. Among the classics, it is worth noting, for example “The Addams Family”, a black comedy about an extraordinary family of…monsters. Although you shouldn’t look at Adams that way, of course. Also appeared on Netflix “Space Match”One of the biggest hit songs of the ’90s. Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny – Want to add more?

Two more horror movie sequels appeared on Netflix “Share”So if someone likes to be scared, they already know what to turn on in the evening. Fans of unusual humor should be delighted with this series Donkey Any movies that show things that should definitely not be repeated at home. Jackass has been one of the most watched shows on TV over the years and has led to many people being hospitalized afterwards. So it is better to keep watching. It is worth checking or remembering ‘Death suits her’, a comedy movie starring Bruce Willis, but in a very unusual role for him. It is also one of the classics you must see.

Source: Netflix / Upflix

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