The war against the Nazi Jewish invasion of Russia

This is another turn of the propaganda. There is no longer any “operation” of powerful Russia in pathetic Ukraine, there is no heroic struggle between a Russian soldier and a hateful enemy, and there is no vicious attack from the West on Russia. It is only good for evil.

At the same time, good and evil are defined according to the darkest superstitious ideas around the world. With the blessing of the Church and perhaps the Church.

The West still does not believe that Russia was historically right to attack Ukraine. From the deep display of the head of the State Department, the anti-Semitic intervention was only picked up by the media dealing with him two days ago.

According to the propaganda, only Pope Francis understands Russia. and Patriarch Cyril.

Cyril declared on Tuesday that Russia “has not attacked anyone, only defends its borders.” The Patriarch added that the Church today asks the saints buried in the Cathedral of Archangel Michael in the Kremlin to pray that the “holy borders” of Russia remain impregnable, and that the Russians have enough “wisdom, strength and honor, if necessary, to defend.” The sacred borders of the homeland.

Dress up in a ceremonial rite
Patriarch Kirill declares from the altar that Russia has not attacked anyone, but is defending itself. “Wiesti” screen, May 3, 2022

Attack on Holy Russia

The propagandist appreciates the voice of Pope Francis, who seems to agree with Cyril: “Maybe NATO’s barking near the borders of Russia provoked the Kremlin’s reaction. Anger, I don’t know if it was provoked, but it probably contributed “- TASS and RIA Nowsti widely report On Francis’ interview with Corriere della Sera.

“In any international situation, dialogue with the Pope is important for Moscow,” Russian Ambassador to the Vatican Alexander Avdeev said on Tuesday.

“One cannot think that one free country can wage war in another free country,” the Pope said, referring to his thesis on “The Third World War in Phases.” I simply say the truth: there is war after war in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Africa. Behind them are all international interests.”

The pope said the conflict in Ukraine was part of that.

A similar argument to the Italian media was made the day before by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Unfortunately, the Western media focused on the anti-Semitic thread, and the rest probably only heard Francesc (and we swear GOWORIT MOSCOW).

Lavrov hinted that Hitler was an anti-Semite but had Jewish roots. It turned into an international brawl.

Russia strengthens anti-Semitic threads in war propaganda

It had to be a deliberate move by Lavrov. Justifying Russia’s invasion of a country with the same culture and language is back-breaking. That’s why propaganda focused on Nazism. Russia is fighting Ukrainian Nazis, not Ukraine, which is actually Russia. Since the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, emphasized his Jewish roots, in order to equate him with Hitler, Hitler must be considered of Jewish origin.

In this way, propaganda gets something that theoretically has no right to exist. She has created a spinning, two-headed monster with which she can hint at a worldwide Jewish or Nazi conspiracy. or both.

The publicist clearly believes that this is something the Russian public will like. Because although Lavrov was interviewed abroad, it should be a mixture for internal use.

The “two-headed monster” will be useful if there is a need to declare a real war with Ukraine, or if this, known as a “special operation”, will last for several months. Or if a truce came.

All this is a deliberate Russian combination and not Lavrov’s blunders, as Lavrov spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says that the Russians were not the initiators of the interview with the head of the Foreign Ministry: “The initiative to conduct the interview did not come from the Russian Foreign Ministry, but from Italian journalists. We received hundreds of requests for interviews. With Sergey Lavrov, representatives of the ministry and embassies. The Italian journalists were persistent, and said that it was very important to show all points of view. “

In other words, we have to believe that Lavrov told the honest Russian truth, because the journalists asked him …

Propaganda: Ukrainians are Jews and Nazis

And so Lavrov ignited a world controversy, which will make his thesis in Russia so full of anti-Semitism that it is likely that evil forces from all over the world have conspired against Holy Russia.

The topic “Jewish Hitler” was not found in yesterday’s intense discussions about Italian intelligence Lavrov for the Russian public. He was quoted by the State Department in a press release today, but not as a quote from the Minister, but as something he was attacked for. This was, of course, wrong, as the State Department demonstrated in another comprehensive statement.

“In Italy, the Minister’s declaration that it is strange to see Rome at the forefront of those adopting anti-Russian sanctions, and also presenting their new ideas, was adopted sharply.” As well as his statement on the Jewish roots of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Adolf Hitler “.

In another statement from the State Department, he described how anti-Semitism and Nazism are cultivated daily and politically in Ukraine. And that was a message to the internal Russian market. Here is just the part: “The Western press is still arguing about whether there are neo-Nazis in Ukraine, citing the Jewish origin of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This argument is not only unsustainable, it is also cunning. Unfortunately, history knows of tragic examples of cooperation between Jews and Nazis..

The Nazis don’t want peace

The Nazi theme is also useful in the war in Ukraine, when Russia celebrates its victory over Nazism 77 years ago. The Nazis, as every child knows, refused to surrender in 1945. They fought, though they were known to have lost.

If the Ukrainians were not Nazis, they would have surrendered.

“The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, does not need a peaceful solution,” says Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council. [były prezydent i premier, bliski współpracownik Putina]. Zelensky does not need a peace treaty. For him, peace is the end.”

That is why Zelensky will continue to beg the West for money and arms, to prove that he is playing, that he is the hope of the liberal world, that he is the last bastion of European democracy, that a bear in a quilted jacket wants to be torn to shreds.

Unlike Zelensky, Putin is ready for peace talks. In a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that despite the contradictions and Kyiv’s unwillingness to work hard, Russia remains open to dialogue.

As we know from Lavrov’s Italian intelligence, peace talks will be successful if Ukraine accepts Russia’s terms.

An old man wearing a T-shirt is a decoration
97-year-old Dmitriy Shtanzenko from Donbass, hero of “Wiesti” on May 3, 2022. He fought against Nazism, “liberated Lublin, Warsaw and conquered Berlin.” “He was persecuted in Ukraine because of his Russian orders,” the family told the reporter. He has now escaped Ukrainian aggression and dreamed of one thing: Russian citizenship. He just got a Russian passport “with a two-headed eagle” – says the reporter (screen)

A global conspiracy to bury Russian football

The international conspiracy against Russia also relates to the banning of Russian football clubs from European competitions in the 2022/23 season. This decision was made on 3 May by the UEFA Executive Committee.

As with sanctions against Russia, military support for Ukraine and football, Russia will:

“There were no European Cups and there was a motive. The Soviet Union had strong football. The motive is the game of honor of your club, your patriotism, which we unfortunately almost forgot. The former FIFA Vice President and Honorary Chairman of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskov said: “The motive should not focus on the West. As much as it focuses on internal resources and needs.”

The West is attacking ordinary Russians

Today, Putin signed a decree on counter-sanctions imposed on the West. On this occasion, TASS reminded of the sanctions imposed on Russia. This letter is struck by a fragment that matches the new account of the invasion of evil forces on Russia described here:

After Russia announced the start of a special military operation to disarm and de-Nazify Ukraine on February 24, the West increased its pressure on sanctions. It is in fact collective and applies to all citizens of the Russian Federation, despite initial assurances from Western countries that the sanctions are aimed only »Force the Russian political system« To end the special operation in Ukraine. According to the sanctions tracking database, approximately 7.4 thousand were imposed on the Russian Federation after the recognition of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the LPR. New restrictions (data from April 29)”.

And besides … the official representatives of the Russian Federation were not invited to the Memorial Day for the liberation of Austria from Nazism.

Since the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we have been following what Russian propaganda has to say about it. What tricks does he use, and what are the arguments? What can be read between the lines? Our GOWORIT MOSCOW course can be found under this tag.

Graphics: Twinkle in the middle (Sauron?) Eye
Russian propaganda: fig. Weronika Syrkowska /
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