The most delicious feast in Sana’a, which is parties with special guests [ZDJĘCIA, RELACJA]

  • A new concert tour has begun in Sana’a “Al-Eid”, where the singer is accompanied by special guests
  • The concerts are divided into four seasons, which correspond not only to the design of the group, but also to the artist’s outfit
  • The singer performs her greatest hits with updated versions and songs from the latest album
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Eid is a completely new chapter in the artist’s career. Instead of radio programs, Sanaa decided to dedicate the entire album to romantic tracks. These are not only artificial sounds, but also live musical instruments that create the atmosphere of the album. Therefore, the accompanying tour to promote the album also focuses on peace and creating an atmosphere of nostalgia. During the show, which lasted about two hours, the singer is accompanied on stage by the Polish Soloists – a small orchestra in which everyone is a soloist, which increases the uniqueness of the musicians’ voice.

“Feast” u sanah – Artur Konopka / Onet

They opened the ceremony with the song “Four Seasons: Winter” by Antonio Vivaldi. The daring performance is perfectly combined with the blizzard falling from the stage and the creation of Sanah. The song cleverly and subtly combines with the first song, “Pora roku zła”, which officially opens the party. The lukewarm and dark part of the event is filled with good morsels in the form of “miss me”, “champagne”, “without words, and also filled with a stringy premise and ending with “Irinka”.

The second part of the concert begins again with the music of Vivaldi, but this time it is clearly “spring”. The climate seems to be better all at once. Sana appears on stage in an embellished coat, and takes the audience to a dance with the song “Ale Jazz!”. The real fun begins when the audience sings parts of Vito Bambino.

Then, after the singer is almost in a cheerful mood, she invites her special guest to the stage. Dawid Podsiadło opened “The Feast” in Gdansk with a joint performance of “The Last Hope”. However, the musicians did not stop there. Since they had a great time on stage, they gave two more meals to the audience in the form of “Małiejseczkowy” and “Latest Segment”. “It is a great honor for me to be able to perform with you. I am so glad you do what you do” – thanked the lead singer on stage.

“Feast” u sanah – Artur Konopka / Onet

It was no different during the second leg of ‘Eid’, when the gentlemen of the Meetha duo appeared on stage next to Sanah to sing racy ‘Odi’ and ‘Wino’. “Thank you very much for inviting us, you are great” – they addressed the audience after a successful performance. Specials for special guests are of course a unique treat for fans, making the latest party series a very unique one.

Vivaldi’s “Latto”, Sana’s sunny yellow coat and audience favorite songs. The next part of the party starts with the song “Ten Stan” which was sung by a crowd of fans of the 24-year-old. “And I like you very much, which is why I am already thinking about marriage” – cried an audience of several thousand people, which sounds really good. The surprise was the Latin version of “Lace” and the very romantic “Sir”. Summer madness is underlined by the songs “Gray World” and “Baczyński (Write me letters)”, which, despite its solo performance, sounded really great. Where Senna couldn’t, the audience there helped her.

“Feast” u sanah – Artur Konopka / Onet

The last paragraph of “The Feast” begins with another series section of “Autumn” by Vivaldi. Then the artist captivates fans with a new, more romantic version of the song “Kolońska i szlugi”. “Seen” is a nice surprise and an absolute novelty that fans only hear at parties. “I wrote the melodies of the poem. I would like to play you a piece of the song that was composed for Adam Mickiewicz’s script” – revealed Sana from the stage. The moody song calmed the raging crowd forever. It’s just a moment of rest before the live ending in the form of “etc (at the disco)” and “El Dorado”. The point of the whole “feast” is the piano “Dream in a dream”, which the artist performs by dancing in rain strips.

Behind us are two stops on the “Eid”, and the artist will perform ten more concerts, during which many distinguished guests will appear. Fans can look forward to joint performances with Daria Zawiao, Vito Bambino, Gabonese Flower, Grzegorz Tornau, Anya Dibrovska or Igor Herbut. In every city someone else. Concert tickets have long sold out like hot cakes, but maybe you’ll still get them somehow? Those who now have an entrance card to the Sanah feast in their hands can feel really special.

Artur Konopka / Onet
Artur Konopka / Onet

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