The best realistic movies

This time, we are taking movies based on facts as background. Netflix has collected world-class products in its library that are really worth getting to know.

Circumstances are not conducive to spending time in a larger group. However, the rich offer of streaming services comes to the rescue. We have listed the best movies on facts on Netflix Biographical, war, documentary, romantic, family, dramatic and musical titles – You will definitely find something for yourself.

The best real-life movies on Netflix

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theory of everything

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What is life like with a genius? He knows the answer to this question Jane Hawking – first wife Stephen Hawking (played by Eddie Redmayne).

The theory of everything is impressive A movie based on facts about lovewhich lasted nearly 30 years; A love that bows to even the greatest minds of this world.

The feeling of bringing the two together became a real challenge. Genius does not give a discount for other aspects of life. This, in turn, tested Stephen in a special way. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – That was his diagnosis.

With successive years of marriage, it became a real test for the continuity of their feelings. result of this A movie based on real events Explains the next stages The dramatic breakdown of the relationship.


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‘fixed’ is another suggestion in the category: Fact-based war movies Netflix. Louis Zamperini (played by Jack O’Connell) was Fantastic runnerBefore that the door was open to a great career. His fan club included Hitler himself – the same person who later thwarted his ambitious plans for the future.

With the outbreak of war, Louis replaced the Olympic stadiums “Bird’s coffin” A unit of the US Air Force. You’ll soon discover that it’s called that for a reason. As a result, events turned Because our hero was captured by the Japanese. “Island of Execution” It is now to be his new “home”. The one who will experience it is closer to the house of fear.

This is amazing Biographical film based on facts It is the story of a man stripped of his dignity. Warning from past war experiences. Sure too Cinema for those with strong nerves.

inside the job

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Inside Job is an example of what it should look like Good cinematographywho took care of himself Charles Ferguson. It will certainly appeal to all parties involved The mechanisms that govern modern economies – And no, you don’t need a degree in economics to find yourself in screen reality.

In “Inside Job” we find out Behind the scenes of the 2008 global economic crisis. This is an opportunity to look at capitalism without a filter – along with all its distortions and threats.

In the world There was an adjustment in the forces – It’s not a strong army, but Capital rules the world. As long as they generate more profits, all scams seem unnoticeable. by the time…

last family

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also Polish films based on facts They deserve their place in this ranking. Create Zdzisław Beksiński She passed on to the classics of the Polish cultural heritage. The anxiety dissolved in it is derived from the artist’s personal experience, which reflects the painfully honest “Last Family”. However, this is not a story about the fate of a single hero.

movie show 28 years in the life of the Beksiński . family – More precisely, from the Warsaw period of their history. This dictates Prose and everyday demons persecute the family. Let’s add that demons appear in a mysterious way, because they are on the verge of tragedy and black comedy. Matuszyński perfectly balances this novel, making his image credible, poignant, and worthy of the viewer’s attention.

The Chicago Seven Trial

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Our menu also includes dramatic ones Movies. Evidence-based lawsuits Their place is in the World Cinema Library. Anatomy of a Murder, Dark Waters, or July 22nd are great examples of this. In 2020, they are joined by the Chicago Trial Seven, Shows one of the highest trials that have ever taken place.

It was about a case Chicago sevenAnti-Vietnam War groupswho were brought into the courtroom for conspiracy and incitement to riot at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention. This title illustrates the dangers inherent in politicizing the judiciaryAnd he does it in a really amazing way.


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based on facts romantic films It occupies a special place in the hearts of the public, especially when it is not a “candy” image of reality. She was definitely not one of those Frida Kahlo love story A Mexican painter, sad in love with her husband and master.

“unique” With Salma Hayek in the lead role It is an award-winning story about pain, which is the creative driving force of the main character. Ha Selfie Everyone knows. However, not everyone could see the history behind them anymore. If only for this reason, then it is worth getting acquainted with this address.

two popes

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It is a story inspired by true events about the relationship between two heads of the Catholic Church – Benedict XVI (played by Anthony Hopkins) and Francis (Jonathan Pryce). Although the events presented in the film are fictional, the basis for creating the script were the theological accomplishments of these two.

This is amazing With a heavy dose of humor, a great story, though, don’t shy away from tough questions and controversial events. The focus of the work is characterized by successive meetings of the popes, with which interrelationships develop before the viewer.

About a boy tamed by the wind

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Our list of fact-based movies couldn’t be without this poignant title. About the boy who tamed the wind An informative and inspiring story that proves that dreaming is worth it.

William Kamkwamba (played by Maxwell Simba) Malawi is 14 years old and passionate about physicsWhich he desires to explore even through adversity. Subconsciously, he feels that only in this way will he be able to shape a better future.

with advent fatal dehydration The time will come to apply the abilities he has acquired. Will he be able to save his village?

The art of love. The story of Michelina Wisuka

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The art of loving has turned into a revolution on paper. Maria Sadowska decided to revive this image by creating Biographical film based on facts its authors – Michelina Wisuka. This was an unusual character.

Physician, gynecologist, sexologist, doctor of medical sciences, author, wife and mother – And this is not all the addresses by which it can be defined. Real Wisłocka Renaissance woman, leading women to methodical barricades.

However, the film version of this story shows it in all its fragility. in the first place A story about a man about a womanWant to get to know better?

bohemian rhapsody

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Bohemian Rhapsody closes its fact-based movie rankings on Netflix A legendary movie about a true legend.

Years go by and Queen’s album is still second to none. This fact-based biography reveals what it looks like The Road to the Top of the Squad Leader – Freddie Mercury. Most important of all A story about his journey to identify himself.

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