Sports adventures of a prominent actor. An honorary citizen came to his native village

Little Hino used to look out of the window of his grandmother’s house in Cosi, wondering where all these wagons go, since there is only one road in the village. Years later, the adult Henrik, who was already famous through his “TV window”, officially received official documents in his hometown, confirming that he had received the honorary citizenship of the Kose commune.

It happened last Sunday, May 1st, at the local cultural center. In the crowded room appeared a large number of residents of the “small homeland” of director Henrik Talar – an outstanding theater and film actor who is undoubtedly one of the most famous cousians in the modern world. The concert with his participation was organized for epidemiological reasons only now, nearly two years after the decision of the Commune Council in June 2020 to honor the artist with the title of honor.

It should be noted that Henrik Tallar, born on June 25, 1945, is famous not only for his brilliant theatrical, television, film and dubbing roles, but also for his artistic direction of theaters in Czestochowa (1994-1997) and Bielsko-Biała ( 1997-1999). He performed, inter alia, with great success on the dramatic stages in Szczecin, Kalisz and Warsaw.

Some of his film and television roles have passed – without the slightest exaggeration – into the history of Polish cinematography. He is best known for his unusual roles in: Kazimirz Kotz’s “Salt of the Black Earth” (1969), the series “Polish Roads” by Janusz Morgenstern (1976-1977), and the timeless comedy “Kuchage or Rzwi” (the third part of the history of the Kargul and Pawlak rural families of 1977) and in the films “Primate – Three Years” by Teresa Kotlarczyk (2000), “Kler” by Wojciech Smarzowski (2018) and “The Loop” by Patrick Vega (2020). Recently, he also starred in the interesting series “Leśniczówka” (on moral issues) and “Archivist” (criminal mysteries).

Henrik Tallar came to Koz from Comoro, the Mazovian village where he currently lives. One of the nice touches at the May celebration was the occasional handing of some documents and flowers by local government officials – mayor Jacek Kalinsky and the head of the commune council, Muse Zelek. Representatives of the local artistic community also expressed touching words of appreciation to the honorary citizen of the goat.

The on-screen TV movie, which contains an interesting interview by film director Marta Percho-Borzynska, aroused great interest in the meeting. In a warm and kind press conference, she managed to extract very sincere artistic confessions from the actor. Subsequently, Talar’s conversation with the audience was of a similar nature.

An important part of it was the artist’s personal story about his student years at the Mechanical and Electrical Technical School in Bielsko-Biała. The parents of young Thaler saw him in a completely different life role – a specialist in the field of machinery. So they sent their son to an educational institution with a strict technical profile.

Fortunately, it was at this particular school that Talar met an unconventional math teacher, Tadeusz Lobowski, the father of the undersigned. It was a major influence on the later life of his student, who eventually became an actor, not a mechanical technician specializing in machines.

– Sometimes I had to escape from school lessons to recite poems at the Włókniarzy Cultural Center in the city center. During one of the events in this institution, I saw our master of mathematics among the audience with horror. The program of that event included the recitation of Gałczyński’s poems. I knew there would be a math class at school the next day. At home, I said nothing of my horror, only understanding that we might have to change school. But there was no such radical decision. I ended up making a new poem by Gałczyński for each math lesson, because the professor loved his work. I let him look at his math flaws with his fingers. To the surprised, but also amused Kozien audience, Talar said that my subsequent decision to take entrance exams at the Theater Academy in Krakow was a natural consequence of the actions of a wonderful mathematics teacher.

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