Specimens that gained a second life. Strikes are built on them

Samples mainly accompany us in hip-hop, but there will also be a few artists of other genres who use this art. Some of the songs became international hits. Here are a few of them

sample, something of something

The subject of sampling is a very complex matter. While creating a new song on the basis of an existing song has undoubted advantages, there are also disadvantages in the form of accusations of lack of originality. Sometimes it happens that samples from the peel of the past get a new life, becoming the basis of modern successes. Here are some examples.

Mia – Kites

Kites It’s a British rapper song MIA She wrote for her second studio album – calla. Piece co-produced Diplo. The song appeared in the movie Slumdog. Millionaire from the streetThis also affected its popularity. Kites Nominated for the award Grammy in category year record. The song was triple platinum in the United States. It also reached the fourth place in the popular ranking Billboard Hot 100.

Samples used: The Clash – straight to hell

The hallmark it was built on KitesThese are samples of a song by a British rock punk band clashstraight to hell. The piece of the record fighting rock It was published in 1982. The themes of both works largely coincide, for example, they dealt with immigration issues.

MC Hummer – you can not touch this

An absolute legend from the 90s, which probably reverberated throughout the entire decade at every Polish dance party. a path you can not touch thisknown as Five cookies It’s the biggest hit MC Hummer. The piece won two awards in 1991 Grammy (Best R&B Song And Best Rap Solo PerformanceIt was the first rap song nominated in this category year record. MC Hummer It was cool because the song wasn’t released as a single. So the audience had to buy an album Please Hammer, don’t hurt EmThanks to him, the album sold nearly twenty million copies.

Samples used: Rick James – super whim

But you can not touch this He wouldn’t have been so creative, and would not have achieved such success, had it not been for samples of a piece so special today Rick Jamessuper whim. The featured intro comes from the album Street songs Released in 1981. super whim It is one of the most popular songs mosques And it was even before we heard samples in the song MC Hummer. The artist received an award nomination Grammy in category Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

Madonna – hang up in my face

The years 2005-2006 are absolute domination Madonna Whether on radio stations or on the dance floor. hang up in my faceFrom the artist’s tenth album, Confessions on the dance floorconquered charts in twenty-nine countries. Madonna Album Award Grammy in category Best Electronic/Dance Album. The album itself has been covered platinum or even diamond in many countries and is considered one of the best albums on record. Madonna.

Samples used: ABBA – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (man after midnight)

It can be said that this is rather obvious, because most of us probably know it daddy. sample of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (man after midnight) used in hang up in my face This is only the second time that a Swedish group has allowed their work to be used by other artists (the group had previously done so Fujis). So we have an interesting case here, because it’s a piece ABBY It was also a huge hit and, moreover, one of the greatest songs in Swedish discography.

Lil Nas X – Old City Road

We are entering a slightly newer atmosphere. success Old City Road It’s huge, you have to admit. More than that because Lil Nas X I paid for the thing Young Kyu An astonishing thirty dollars. And what did those thirty dollars bring to the rapper? Worldwide fame, three nominations and two awards Grammy (in the catheter Best Pop Duo / Group Performance for remix Billy Ray Cyrus And Best video clip), a record of nineteen consecutive weeks spent at the top of the list Billboard Hot 100a record sixteen times platinum for a single copy in the United States, and finally more than eighteen million copies were sold in total worldwide.

Samples used: Nine Inch Nails – 34 Ghosts IV

I know that father. Old City Road I think it’s all been said, but as a fan Nine inch nails I can’t help but put this example here. The more samples come from the song 34 Ghosts IVwhich was included in a fully functional album Nine inch nailsGhosts I to IV. Single Trent Reznor Furthermore, he appreciated and praised the final effect of the piece Q And Lil Nas X. The card below comes from a special channel on the site Youtube.

Drake – hotline bling

In this case, a little surprise. I recently discovered it myself, and in principle, it can be said that this is what it is drake so is hotline bling It inspired me to create such a text. We remember how popular this piece was. Combined with this iconic music video that inspired creators of memes, remixes and parodies, it’s easy to see that the folk instrument was pushing itself. In addition drake harvest for hotline bling two prizes Grammythe sprite opinionson which the piece was placed, has been certified platinum six times in the United States and Canada.

Samples used: Timmy Thomas – Why can’t we live together

As I mentioned, I was quite amazed that the musical class hotline bling I sampled another song. More specifically, using Why can’t we live together American R&B singer Timmy Thomas. The piece was originally released in 1972 on the album of the same title. Fun fact: Officially, this is the first album in history, where the live beat has been replaced by an automatic on every track.

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