Russian politicians are furious with anger. This decision also affects Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin Years ago, he made sports one of the tools of the advertising machine. So far, just in time war in ukraineDo not miss the opportunity to meet the athletes and warm up with them in the spotlight. Recently Hosted several medals from Beijing in the Kremlin. He repeated with them the clichés about a powerful Russia.

He and the rest of the Russian politicians pretend that Sanctions imposed by the West They are not very painful. But the facts and angry statements contradict that. UEFA upheld its decision to exclude Russian clubs and the national football team of the competitions organized under its auspices. This was met with frustration by the Russians. They plead not to combine politics with sports. Here is one of the many paradoxes. Because … Duma deputies intervene in this matter.

The former footballer of Spartak is sharply concerned about the decisions of UEFA and FIFA. The dawn of Poland and the Czech Republic

I spoke Svetlana Zorova, a speed skater and former Olympic champion, and a current member of the United Russia party. Repeatedly a woman closely associated with politics Fixed song about the separation between politics and sports. She is upset that so many people are turning away from her country. However, he does not seem to allow himself to believe that the main reason for such a situation is aggression against Ukraine and brutality towards Ukrainians. in her opinion Everything is to blame … “stress”.

In turn, the First Deputy Speaker of the State Duma and Honorary Chairman of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Alexander ZhukovHe convinces himself and Russian society that it may not be hopeless after all. He wants Russia to appeal the UEFA decision. “We have to go to CASto defend our rights “- says on

The Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Physical Education and Sports spoke in the same context, Dmitriy Swichov. so threatened The position of the Football Association will be challenged by Russia. Moreover, the delusion is that the Russians will stop investing money in European sports. “We need to stop sponsoring European football clubs and leagues Any way because these people think we have no place in the European football family.”

The Russian media responded to another handicap from UEFA. ‘We are in a dire situation’

One of the members of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports in the State Duma came up with a strange idea, Roman Terioscu. First, he declared, “There is no need to live under illusions of returning to the big sport.” Then suggest it Russia has created its own international sports federations. unacceptable The concept of appearing under the auspices of the Asian confederation He outlined his absurd plan.

He wants Russia to lead a union made up of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Belarus and the so-called Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. “Many countries will join this movement. It must be doneReality enchants.

Russian journalist rebellion. He talks about propaganda and the use of nuclear weapons

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