“Proactive with Book” – a project for children, teens, adults and seniors

Famous book authors: Tomasz Samojlik, Boguś Janiszewski, Joanna Krzyżanek, Marta Fox, as well as psychologist Jarek Żyliński and health educator Marzena Żurek will present educational classes, literary and culinary workshops, game (using mechanisms known from games to other areas), psychological Participation in author meetings.
The events will take place at the Książnica Podlaska headquarters in Białystok on Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 14A, in several selected municipal branches and libraries of the Podlaskie Voivodeship in: Suraż, Poświętne, Czyże, Perlejewo, Suwałki, Mońki and Nowkainka.

Design “Proactive with a book” It will be implemented thanks to a grant within the framework of the program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage “Partnership for Books 2022”. It is intended for children, adolescents and adults, especially those over 60 years of age.

The project will begin on May 5 with interviews with Joanna Krzynk, author of children’s fairy tales and poems, including a series about Ignas Zyocco, Cora Adela and Kosi Babla.

At 9:30, the organizers invite you to filii No. 3 from Książnica Podlaska at 15 Ciepła Street in Biaystok Classes Friday Good manners with the Wafelek family, and at 11:30 am to the library in Poświętne for literary and culinary workshops with Cecylka Knedelek and Ignas Ziółek.

Design “Proactive with a book” It includes the following events:

  • To save Mother Earth – Meet Thomas Samoglick based on the original comic book “To Save the Mother of Earth”, which lightly shows a serious problem faced by all of humanity – protecting nature and climate
  • Good advice on waste – Meeting with Bogusław Janiszewski along with a multidisciplinary workshop for children based on the book “Trash. What adults don’t tell you. Because they often can’t see for themselves.” Younger readers will learn about issues of environmental pollution and proper segregation of waste.
  • climate. What adults don’t tell you – Workshop meeting for young people with Bogusław Janiszewski inspired by the book “Climate. What adults do not tell you. Because they often do not know themselves. Workshop participants will participate in a team business game prepared by the author, which aims to sensitize beneficiaries to the human impact on degradation Environmental, including climate change.
  • Reading is a cure for everything – how to improve your quality of life? – Marzina Churek, author of The Diet for an Adult, Nutritional Consultant and Educator, During a meeting with the elderly, she will talk about the principles of a healthy lifestyle, the proper composition of healthy meals, and health promotion values ​​of literature.
  • Cooking with Cecylka Knedelek and Ignas Ziółek Literary and culinary workshops for children led by Joanna Krzynk. During their stay, the youngest will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the world of flavors and imaginative recipes for delicious dishes.
  • Good manners with the Wafelek family Classes with Joanna Krzynk for children will revolve around the themes of know-how, life and behavior in different situations. During them, the author will present her two books: “The Wafelkov Family. Advice on children’s matters and the good manners of children. The Willik family.”
  • Intergenerational Communication – Hassle-Free Conversations – A workshop with a psychologist on communication and mutual understanding between young people and the elderly in the family and the workplace.
  • addictive free Workshops with lecture elements targeting young people.

Thanks to the Marta Fox Heroes Books, participants will learn about the performance of a person addicted to different substances and behaviors.

  • Young people face daily challenges – An interview with Marta Fox directed to young people on the problems that young people face on a daily basis.
  • The latest literature for young people facing contemporary challenges – what does it say about adolescents? How does literature reach young people? – Interview with Dr. Anna Cherno – Researcher in Children and Youth Literature – Addressed to: Parents, the elderly, librarians, teachers, animators and students.

Project events “Proactive with a book” It will run until October 5th.

Detailed information about the meetings will be available soon on the website www.ksiaznicapodlaska.pl and on the profile of Książnica Podlaska on Facebook.

main regulator: Podlasie im. Łukasz Górnicki in Białystok
co-organizerPodlasie District of the Polish Librarians Association

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund

Source: Książnica Podlaska im. Łukasz Górnicki in Białystok
Compiled by Anita Corsa

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