Polish Radio Top 357. Selzen 1st place. It also turned out to be a novelty

This year’s edition of Polish radio 357 Top gathered a record number of participants – 12,791 people cast more than 700,000 votes. This is 1,200 more voters than the previous year. Let’s also add that, unlike the first top, when the audience chose their favorites by postcards, this time the selection was online – only radio-goers were eligible to participate in the survey.

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The year 2020 was a breakthrough for Polish radio stations. and decisive for “Trójka”

Polish top Radio 357. On the platform Citizen GC, but there are cabinet reshuffles

The poll participants decided that the piece was again on top of the Polish Top 357 Radio “Don’t ask about Poland” Obywatela GC is composed by Grzegorz Ciechowski and he recorded it with the band in 1988. Let us remind you that this special erotica, in which the performer sings about his feelings for his homeland, almost immediately found himself on the list of Radio 3 and spent 21 weeks there – he took first place for a month.

It was undeniable that the excessive tone in the top ten was very patriotic. The song took second place on the latest Polish Top “war” Lao Che’s group jumped there from the 7th position. Under the circumstances, that was not surprising. He came in third place Krakowski’s spleen Ma’anem team. Then the songs were laid out: “Dziwny jest ten świat”, “Arahja”, “I live in Poland”, “Autobiography”, “I love freedom”, “Letter to M.”. Andrzej Zaucha closed the top ten and “You’re the heartbeat.”

– We listen to the music track of our lives – Katarzyna Borowiecka said during the broadcast and emphasized that after all, each song presented at Polish Top is associated with different memories of listeners. Of course, the list includes various iron items, but there is also a lot of interesting news. It would be useful to write a song here, for example “cry dear” Artur Rojic is in 79th place, “Stranger” Dawid Podsiadło is ranked 75th and “cherry” Kaśka Sochacka, one point higher. This singer can brag about it too “The sky was pink” Ascended to position 42.

A song has also been added to the list “Crew G” Hurt (71st place), as well as a new and charming piece arrangement “Down with everything bad” Zbigniew Wodecki, registered with the Mitch & Mitch Orchestra and Choir. Let’s add that Paktofonika and a really classic piece are placed at 51 “I am a god.” In contrast, Fisz Emade Tworzywa can brag about the 17th place for a very new song, because it was published in 2021, the song “Well, Boomer! “.

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The novelties also included the man’s playing hymns: at number 30. “beginning” Performed by Krzysztof Zalowski, David Podsiadlo, Cortez, and even the top spot – 21st – went on to the latest piece “And you too, a lot”Sung together by Daria Zawiao, David Podsiado and Vito Bambino. Daria Zhaoyao also climbed to number 33 on her own with the author’s interpretation of the piece “We’re still playing green.”

Polish Radio Top 357. On the podium, Obiwatel GC, Ma’Anem and Colt

Let’s confirm that the piece is placed at number 39 “Your pain is better than me” Kazik Staszewski – The song jumped very high in the rankings, last year it was 61. This song was so special that it started the scandal around the canceled list in 1998. Three Hits List. As we remember, the song criticizing Yaroslav Kaczynski for his visit to the cemetery, when not all other citizens can go there due to epidemiological restrictions, won the three-point ranking. After Marek Nidovitsky and his team were accused of falsifying the results of the vote, there was a huge wave of turn away from the radio. Later, the former employees of the three founded Radio Nowy Świat and Radio 357.

Another edition of the aid work for Ukraine, “Patroni na Topie”, took place during the broadcast. The radio operators will provide the Polish Medical Mission with the equivalent of one month of support from each person who decides to become a Radio 357 sponsor during the Polish Summit. Two hours before the end of the poll, the Patronite counter indicated that subscription gains for that day were about 4,500 new beneficiaries.

2nd edition of Radio 357 Top Polish – Complete List

  1. “Don’t ask about Poland” – Citizen GC
  2. “War” – Lao Chi
  3. Krakowski’s spleen – meanings
  4. “This world is strange” – Akwarele and Czesław Niemen
  5. “Arahja” – Colt
  6. “I live in Poland” – Colt
  7. “Biography” – excellent
  8. “I love freedom” – Chłopcy z Placu Broni
  9. “Letter to M.” – jam
  10. “I was a heartbeat” – Andrei Zaucha
  11. “The Length of the Voice of Unity” – Mislovitz
  12. “The Tower of Joy, the Tower of Unity” – Wild Asia
  13. “Days We Don’t Know” – Marek Grishota and Annawa
  14. “Before the Day Brings” (from “The Law and the Fist”) – Edmund Fetting
  15. “White Flag” – Republic
  16. “12 Cents” – Kazik
  17. “Okay, Boomer!” – Phys Emad article
  18. “I’d love to go back to where I was” – Zbigniew Wodecki
  19. “Leather” – Aya RL
  20. “In My Garden” – Play
  21. “And you too, a lot” – Meskie to play Orkiestra 2021
  22. “Jolka, Jolka, you remember” – Budka Soufflera
  23. “Prayer” – hack
  24. “My Hope” – A Hey & Edyta Bartosiewicz
  25. “Hydropiekłowresja” – Lao Chi
  26. “I love you like Ireland” – Copranuka
  27. “A Dream About Warsaw” – Czeslaw Nemen
  28. “It’s hard not to believe in anything” – one, two, three
  29. “There is no free love in concrete houses” – Martina Jakubowicz
  30. Bidaya – Men’s Orchestra 2018
  31. “Do Annie” – Colt
  32. Texas – Hello
  33. “We still play green” – Daria Zawiao
  34. “Time teaches us the weather” – Grażyna Łobaszewska
  35. “What you feel is what you know.” – Major General Krezes
  36. “Try it for yourself” – Lombard
  37. “Time Machine” – jam
  38. “My Bieszczady” – King Saud University
  39. “Your pain is better than your pain” – Kazek
  40. “You are the cure for all evil.” – Kristina Prochko
  41. “You’ll still be beautiful” – tilt
  42. “The sky was pink” – Kaśka Sochacka
  43. “51” – TSA
  44. “Love, love” – ​​Krzysztof Zalewski
  45. “There can be nothing” – apple flower
  46. “Take care of me” – reserve
  47. “Big Kids” – Turbo
  48. “Going Away” – Republic
  49. “Zegarmistrz light” – Tadeusz Woźniak
  50. “No one has said so beautifully that they are afraid of love.” – Pidżama Porno
  51. “I am a god” – baktophonica
  52. “There is only such a home” – Budka Soufflera
  53. “I love you baby” – Monem
  54. “Braca” – Grzegorz Turnau
  55. Before I go – happy
  56. “Jedab” – Roses of Europe and Edita Bartosevich
  57. “Leave it all so bad” – Zbigniew Wodecki with Mitch & Mitch Orchestra and Choir
  58. “To the cradle” – jam
  59. “The Last” – Edita Bartosevich
  60. “Walls” – Kaczmarski, Gintrowski, Łapiński
  61. “Tolerance (for God’s sake)” – Stanislaw Suica
  62. “Yeah, yeah… that’s me” – Citizen GC
  63. “Dream about Victoria” – JAM
  64. “Warsaw” – T love
  65. Jealousy – oh
  66. “Chasing” – Jacek Kachmarski
  67. “Our Class” – Jacek Kaczmarski
  68. “Jesus, I am happy” – Klaus Mitfuch
  69. “King Bruce Lee’s Karate Master” – Frank Kimono
  70. “C’est la vie – Paris from a postcard” – Andrzej Zaucha
  71. “Crew J” – Injured
  72. “LAMP” – COLT
  73. “If you knew what I wanted to say” – Katarzyna Nosowska
  74. “Cherry” – Kaśka Sochacka
  75. “Stranger” – Daoud Podsiado
  76. “Really ‘Nothing Happens'” – Grzegorz Turnau
  77. “A Psalmist Standing in Line” – Kristina Prochko
  78. “Pixa” – Artur Rojic
  79. “When I tell myself enough” – she
  80. “Meluzina” – Małgorzata Ostrowska
  81. “Cień wielkiej góry” – Budka Soufflera
  82. “To a simple man” – just right
  83. “The Black Sweater at 4 AM” – SDM
  84. “Fate, onions and crocodile tears” – coma
  85. “When I was a little kid” – Breakout
  86. “Before it was as if nothing had happened” – Voo Voo
  87. “Nothing can last forever” – Anna Jantar
  88. “Everyone Can Sing” – Jersey Store
  89. “Krakow” – Myslovitz and Marek Grechota
  90. “King” – T love
  91. “Autism” – Luxtorpeda
  92. “Undefeated” – Excellent
  93. “Bieszczadzkie Angels” – SDM
  94. “Where have you always been” – Mrs. Punk
  95. “Na zakręcie” – Christina Ganda
  96. Moon Song by Varius Manx
  97. “I’m falling” – zombie
  98. “Start with Bach” – Zbigniew Wodecki
  99. “What will you give me, Lord?” – Pajim
  100. “Don’t Cry Iuka” – Excellent

Former Troika Journalists Station

Radio 357 is a station founded by former journalists of Polish Radio 3, which has been broadcasting since the beginning of 2021. Currently the team consists of more than 100 writers, journalists and individuals who organize the work of the radio. The programs are prepared, among others, by Marek Nidovitsky, Pyotr Kaczkowski, Kopa Strchikowski, Marcin Schukowski, Christian Hanke, Mikai Olzinski, Ernst Zuzu, Patriciusz Wiga, Katarzyna Borovica, Marta Malinovska and Pyotr Stelmach.

In December 2021, Radio 357 was awarded the prestigious Grand Press Digital Award for “an innovative approach to the use of modern technologies in journalistic work”. Press editors selected the nominees along with 21 digital media professionals and representatives from broadcasters, research firms, start-ups and interactive agencies.

Radio 357 can be listened to for free via the app (Android and iOS), website, and internet station aggregators (including OpenFM, WP Pilot, Patronite Audio, TuneIn, Replaio, MyTuner, MediaU, and PlayNow). The station is also increasing its range through the increased availability of cable television.

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