Poezji Silesius Festival 2022. Program, meetings, books

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Festival Introduction – Starts May 8

Although the Silesian Festival will officially run from Tuesday 10 to Sunday 15 May, the organizers, the Wroclaw House of Literature, have prepared a runway for Sunday 8 May. 17.00 in the Prose Club in Przejście Garncarskie, a meeting with an important title “Import / Export” dedicated to the relationship between young Polish poetry and other poetic scenes in Europe. Marta Koronkiewicz, Zofia Badeja, Wakasz Kraj, Alexandra Gtacek, Janusz Radunsky and Bawek Kachmarski will participate.

Also at 7 p.m. on Prose, Wrocaw’s review of youth hair. We will listen to the poems of Cesare Cezak, Inga Chmorzynska, Victor Wisenersky, Camille Vegas, Marcin Jaric, Alija Regevich, Dominica Skotarik and Brother Kat. The musical setting will be provided by double bassist Mikowaj Noiki.

Wrocław Silesius Prize for Poetry – Nominations

And on the first day of the festival, on Tuesday, May 10, at 5.00 pm, nominations for the Silesius Wroclaw Prize for Poetry in the categories – First of the Year (63 eligible volumes) and Book of the Year (186 eligible volumes) will be announced.

Half an hour later, at 17.30, the jury will present the Silesius winner for a lifetime achievement. Last year, the laurel was awarded to Ryszard Krenicki (meeting with the poet on Saturday 14 May at 15:30). The awarding of this prestigious award will be followed by a discussion with the participation of the members of the Celsius Chapter (Monica Gloswitz, Bowie Makevich, and Bowie Proschniak) and Pyotr Shlinsky.

Meetings with the nominated poets are scheduled for October, as well as meetings with the nominees for the Angelus Central European Literary Prize, where both glories will be presented again during a joint ceremony.

Guest of honor at the Celsius Festival – Germany

Who is the voice of our western neighbors’ poetry today? We will find out in a few interviews (in prose) with the most valuable German poets.

  • Doris Gronbein (poet, prose writer, translator), Thursday, May 12, noon at 5 p.m. Literary scholar Andrei Kubaki speaks
  • Jan Wagner (poet, prose writer, translator) and Levin Westerman (poet and essayist), Saturday 14.05 hrs. 17.00, Tomasz Ososinski talks

Ukrainian and Slovak poets

There will certainly be a strong tone in the evening with Ukrainian poetry (Wednesday, May 11, 8:00 pm), which will be read in prose by the Angelus Central European Literary Prize winners – Yuri Andrukhovich and Katerina Babkina, as well as Natalia Belzenko and Olena Stepanenko. Małgorzata Lebda, Jacek Podsiadło and Hanna Janczak will provide Polish translations of Ukrainian poems, and poet Jacob Kornhauser will take care of everything.

Saturday May 14th at 6.30pm Marcin Jaskovsky, Anita Kaminska, and Bohdan Zadora discuss translation of Ukrainian literature. The meeting will be hosted by Robert Maciej.

But this is not the end, because we will also welcome neighbors from the southwest (Slovakia) to the Wroclaw House of Literature, and on Sunday 15 May at 2:30 pm, poets Veronika Deaniškova and Maria Virinohova and their translator, Zofia Bałdyga (responsible for translating the interesting volume “Neighbours. 10 Slovak Women Poets” in Lay Layers Publishing House). The meeting will be chaired by the women’s group Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało.

Poetry for the first time at the Celsius Festival

The meetings also include those on new volumes of poetry—those published by Lay Layer Publishing and Papierwdole Publishing, J. To “Snow” by Robert Maciej, “Przy się” by Aldona Kopkiewicz, “Musical Exercises” by Piotr Janicki and ” 112″ Emilia Konowerska.


  • With Maciej Robert (Thursday, May 12th at 6.30pm)
  • With Aldona Kopkiewicz (Friday, May 13th at 6.45pm)
  • With Piotr Janicki and Emilia Konwerska (Saturday 14th May at 2pm)

Sign language poems, poets under a cloud

The entire last day of the festival, Sunday 15 May, will be devoted to accessible culture, incl. for the deaf. Already at 1 pm a special presentation of Poetry in Polish Sign Language. This is a unique opportunity to listen to the poems of people who usually do not have such an opportunity during evenings of traditional poetry.

And the day before, on Saturday, May 14, at 11.00 am in Słowacki Park, the poetry ball games will begin. The tournament will be held with the participation of poets, poets and others under the supervision of the Betanka Sports Club Wroclaw. It is worth cheering.

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