Norway as a guest of honor at the Book Fair in Warsaw

The Norway Show is organized at the Book Fair in Warsaw in close cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway. While waiting for event details, we present five names of the most famous Norwegian authors in Poland. The exhibition will take place from May 26-29 in the Black Devils and at the Palace of Culture and Science.

According to the organizers of the Norwegian Show, “Poland is an important market where Norwegian literature is very popular, ranging from criminal fiction, through Nordic to children’s books and fairy tales. Polish literature is also well accepted in Norway – it ranks fifth, when it comes to translations from Foreign languages ​​”- we read in the information provided by the Book Institute.

Quoted on the institute’s website, Margit Walles, Director of NORLA, said: “We are very happy to be able to be the honorary guest of the book fair in Warsaw. It is a great opportunity to present Norwegian literature and its authors once again on the international market, this time in Poland. Over the past five years. , Polish entered the top ten languages ​​of the NORLA Translation Grant Program. The work of several Norwegian authors is now available in Polish translation, so we will present the literary program that will show all aspects of contemporary Norwegian literature.”

While waiting for event details, we present five names of the most famous Norwegian authors in Poland.

Maja Lunde – It is worth noting, first of all, the name of a talented Oslo novelist, especially since she is not one of the masters of Scandinavian criminology. For years, I majored in psychology, literature, and film academically. She devoted a lot of work to young recipients, incl. As a script author for children’s programmes. Her debut literary debut “Over Grensen” was also directed at younger audiences. The author created a story based on the true fate of Norwegian Jews during World War II. She made her debut as an author of adult novels at the age of forty. Historia bee (2015) was critically acclaimed, won many prestigious awards, and has been translated into many languages, as well as Polish. On a fictional level, it is an intricately designed story that takes place on three time levels. Its protagonists, scattered around the world, have one thing in common – the possibility of an ecological catastrophe that will lead to the extinction of bees in the world. Lunde has announced the release of a new trilogy dedicated to environmental threats. In 2017, “The Blue”, the second part of the Trinity book, was released.

Karl Ove Knausgård – Named the Scandinavian Proust, because his six-volume series also sought to write the author’s autobiography through carefully selected detail. The series, published in 2009-2011, became a world bestseller. The stories, broken down by the key chosen by the writer, unfold slowly and slowly towards the end, knocking on the road the most intimate confessions from the lives of Knausgaard, his family and loved ones. The novel “Moja Walka”, which he was said to have written, heatedly, sold 450,000 copies. Copy, to become a global phenomenon. The only controversy was the title – why did Knausgård decide to give his series a title closely related to that of Hitler’s book banned in so many countries? What did he mean exactly? It is worth noting that the writer already promised before the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century that he would be a person about whom the world would hear more than once. His debut in 1998, In the World (Ute av verden) earned him the Norwegian Critics’ Prize for Literature as the debut in its history. The second novel from Norwegian directors, “En tid for alt” (“There is a time for everything”) was appreciated in Scandinavia and beyond – it was nominated for the Nordic Literary Prize and the Dublin Literary Prize.

Jo Nesbø – an author whose name does not require many readers, and many fans probably quietly hope that Nesbø will be among the guests of this year’s book fair in Warsaw. Technically, it is – in the literal sense of the word – a human orchestra. As a child, he dreamed of a career as a footballer and had it not been for a serious injury he sustained at a very young age, he would have been known today in a completely different field. The author of dozens of bestselling crime novels, he has shown his ambitions to be colossal. His 2004 novel “The Red Throat” was recognized as the literary crime novel of all time. Joe Nesbo also writes books for children, and is a pop rock musician, singer, and songwriter. If readers weren’t surprised enough by the Norwegian writer’s range of skills, it’s worth noting that he’s an economist by training.

Herbjørg Wassmo – A prominent writer born in 1942 in Vesterålen, Norway, is best known for her most famous novel – in two parts – “Our Book”, illustrated by Danish Ole Bornedal in 2002. It is a story full of a mysterious and dark aura, set in the second half of the century nineteenth. It tells about the upbringing of the emotionally rejected girl who, having become a woman, discovers her strength, independence and the possibility of gaining power over men. In the film, Swedish actress Maria Bonivi played the wild, independent and dangerous Dina. Wassmo first appeared as a poet. She is laureate among others the prestigious Nordic Council Literary Prize; She also created a second of two books dedicated to the female heroine – the Torah.

Margit Sandemo – A passionate literary journey at the end. During the period of political transition, popular literature began to be sent to Poland en masse, often sold in multi-ring courses. Issued on poor-quality paper, they were sold at kiosks next to copies of newspapers and packs of cigarettes, but the Poles were eager to release new publications from Western countries eagerly and heavily in their home book collections. Soon the number of volumes began to require redesign and supplementing the previously stable shelves with additional shelves. The love affairs of the Harlequin series were as memorable as the episodes of “The Dynasty” – everyone knew about it, even if they admitted it with some embarrassment. Also featured on the wave at that time was the multi-episode “Saga of Ice People” by Norwegian writer Margit Sandemo. The author wrote novels at an enviable pace. Her books bring elements of thriller, horror, Norse mythology and fantasy. Sandemo has written nearly 180 titles, with a total circulation of 30 million copies.

The book fair will be held from May 26-29 in the Black Devils and at the Palace of Culture and Science.

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