Nicola Peltz made a mistake in her wedding with Brooklyn Beckham! Fans advise: “Cut it out of the pictures”

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham are showing off more wedding photos on the web! While the bride’s dress was really fun, fans are skeptical about the shoe: “It just doesn’t fit at all.”

The wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz was a significant event in the world of trade shows. The eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham presented himself very elegantly and his future wife, model Nicola Peltz, introduced the essence of timeless wedding style. The dress, designed by the same creative director, Valentino Pierpaolo Piccioli, delighted the world’s media! However, Nikola abandoned the classics for just one accessory. They were Versace shoes you either love or hate.. Fans have the most negative feelings towards them.. Is that true?

Nicola Peltz Had A Slip In Carrying Controversial Boots? Fans have no doubts

Nicola Peltz has been preparing for her wedding for a long time, and already a year ago she applied for a unique dress in the Valentino fashion house. The ceremony had to be refined in all respects, and the image of the model should be consistent with the whole style of the celebrity wedding. Nicole somehow followed current trends, paying tribute to the ’90s and her timeless style with her style. Pierpaolo Piccioli took care of every detail of the dress: beautiful, shiny material, wide straps that delight at first sight the exquisite design. The dress beautifully extends to the floor and the presence of a train and lace perfectly reflects the atmosphere of those years. Model Claudia Schiffer’s make-up and hairstyle beautifully emphasize the beauty of Nicola and her accessories…

Well, while a pretty train or lace-up gloves are a timeless wedding classic, Nicolas’ shoes are suspicious among fans. They’re white, but they have nothing to do with traditional wedding costumes! Nicole Peltz chose ultra-modern shoes from Versace, the Medusa Evitas model, which is loved by celebrities all over the world. Modern and very heavy-looking shoes, according to fans, do not fit into Nicole’s delicate dress.

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Some netizens are so critical of this model that they advise Nikola to cut the shoes from the wedding photos! There have been a lot of harsh comments on social media:

– They look very cool, but these shoes …

I love her dress, but these shoes don’t fit at all

“Better cut it out of every picture, horror!”

– Nicole Beetz, cut it out from the pictures, pretty blob!

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However, not all of this view. Versace Medusa Aevitas shoes are inspired by the ’90s and platform fashion of the time. Nicola Peltz wanted to add more edgy and unobtrusive elegance to her style. Platform shoes are very popular right now. In Poland, the stars love them too! Małgorzata Rozenek in shoes on a high platform has pleased fans more than once, and Anna Lewandowska loves the brave platform!

Netizens note that Versace Medusa Aevitas added modernity to the entire design of Nicole Peltz and are proof that beloved Brooklyn Beckham knows current trends all too well! On the manufacturer’s website you will find photos of these unique shoes in all their glory and in different shades, but it is practically impossible to get white in Europe. It seems that Nicole received them by special order. The cost of such shoes is about 6000 PLN.

mat.prasowe /

Although the shoes look very original and heavy, for many fans Versace shoes are the bull’s-eye for Nicolas’ wedding design:

Very cool and fashionable shoes

– Without these shoes, the design would be very boring, but I know this model is controversial.

– Bravo Nicole! Models should not be afraid of such accessories! – Praise the fans.

And in your opinion, heavy Versace shoes match Nicolas’ dress?

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