New Books Recommended by Editors – Premiered April 2022.

We invite you to the traditional review of the premiere of books – this time from April 2022. As usual, we have selected almost two dozen proposals of various genres: fantasy, thriller, criminal fiction, moral and teenage novels, as well as non-fiction. This month also released a heavy dose of intriguing horror and weird fantasy.

Here are some of our book’s premieres as of April 2022:

Anna Kitosz – Autumn of the forgotten

kryminał / 1960s / epilogue of the trilogy

October 1966. Kristina Wojcievska studies law without much conviction. Three years ago, her brother Roman disappeared in the Tatras under mysterious circumstances. The family lives in limbo, refusing to accept that something has changed forever.
Meanwhile, in Second Szopienice in Katowice, young Carol Wiesel, a childhood acquaintance of Christina, kills his own life. After the funeral, it turns out that this isn’t the first such death in the area, and what’s more, Romick was interested in earlier events shortly before his disappearance. Hoping that the two cases might be connected, Christina helps a local journalist reach the families of the deceased. The ominous shadow of Vampire from Basin, a serial killer and elusive women, swirls around this pair’s fall investigation, united by pure chance…
Anna Couch skillfully weaves questions about the incredible capabilities of the human psyche into a complex criminal plot. To what extent can we justify, forgive, forget, and ultimately simply refuse to live? Where is the limit beyond which this becomes impossible? What does it take to stop being a “good boy”?
The last and darkest volume of the trilogy.

Forgotten Autumn - CoverSource: Margins

Mick Heron – real tigers

Part of a series / spy novel / film adapted

You just keep being a spy because you’re already out of the game.
Catherine Standish knows that spies don’t meet by chance. He’s been in counterintelligence long enough. She has already figured out what betrayal, duplicity, and the knife in her back is.
However, she has no idea what purpose someone might be targeting her – a rehab alcoholic, who in the kingdom of Jackson Lamb, along with the rest of the losers, shuffles the cards from one pile to another.
Whoever is holding Catherine hostage is certainly not for personal reasons. He means Slough House. And most likely about Jackson Lamb himself.
Lamb… There is a lot to be said about him, but he certainly couldn’t leave his man out in the cold. Indeed, in this regard, you can absolutely trust him …

real tigers - coverSource: Insignis

Isaac Asimov – The stars are like dust

Sci-Fi / Classics / Beginning of the course

Byron Farrell, a naive student at Earth University, finds himself in the middle of a cosmic conspiracy. His father, a respected agent of Widemos from the planet Nefelos, is imprisoned and murdered, and an unknown perpetrator plants a radioactive bomb in Birona’s bedroom. Are these two events related? Why should the host die? Desperate and determined, Peron decides to explain everything. He leaves Earth and travels to deep space, where he gets caught up in a web of spy plots and where he will have to face the tyrants of the planet Tyrann. The bet in the game is not only the life of Biron, but the freedom of the entire galaxy.

The stars are like a dust coverSource: Rebis

Anita Jadowska – A relationship to the lynx dozen

Urban Imagination / Polska Otorka / Thornverse

There are beautiful cities. There are also those who have fangs and claws, such as wars and sawas. Perfect for the woman who hunts monsters.
Nikita, who until recently was a member of the Order of Shadows, is trying to rearrange her life and find her place in the fabric of the city that she considers her own. The action is taking off slowly – more people are looking for a killer than a newly discovered mercenary.
The new agent doesn’t want her to kill… well, maybe just those who kidnapped his father and uncles.
Lynx Micha, a neighbor of six-year-old Nikita, considers her the most wonderful person in the world and believes that she will be able to find his missing family. And Nikita is willing to look into Wars and Sawa, as long as he doesn’t see the disappointment in Michaś’s eyes.
Spring is coming with a magical hiccup, the desperate air witch – the wife of a missing one – shakes the whole city, and the kidnapped mutant has less and less time … Nikita and Robin go to work.
What did the Roddicky family get into?
How much do we really know about our neighbors?
And what demons will come to awaken Nikita so as not to disappoint the little lynx?
Evil has never crept so close to home.

Case for Dozens Lynx - CoverSource: Initium

Artur Churek – Return from Wroclaw

kryminał / Polish author / Secret

With his back to the exit, a broad-shouldered man sat motionless in a wheelchair.
“Sir,” she whispered, for some reason.
He did not react. She circled the wheelchair and stood in front of the patient. At first she saw dead and wide eyes. Then a blood streak across my throat. Blood still spurted from her on the man’s shirt. Finally I looked at the red puddle on the ground. She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t quite speak. I felt dizzy. She sat on the floor and vomited.”
In the middle of the night, Anna Geyer learns of the suicide of her disabled brother. When she returns to her family home, she is dealt another blow – her parents pledge a villa in Wroclaw Krzycki to fund the care of her sick son for life, and the new owner knocks on the door, demanding his property. Anna tries to explain Mark’s mysterious death and protect her parents from fraud and homelessness. She is assisted by a high school friend who hasn’t been for a quarter of a century, who suddenly comes back to his life as a wealthy businesswoman from Dubai.
But aren’t friends enemies and blameless victims? Is not good good evil and crime is not justice? Why is the mysterious benefactor so eager to take over the nursing home, and what is the connection between all these tragedies and the gratuitous beatings during the 1982 Solidarity Demonstration?
A criminal intrigue, current social problems, and above all a story of choosing between happiness and necessity, honesty and loyalty, love and greed. Sudden plot twists and extraordinary heroes struggle with the burden of past experiences and current choices. How will the conflict between the drama of the present and the curses of the past end?

Return from Wroclaw - OkladkaSource: Initium

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