First reactions to the movie DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSUM OF Madness. “Marvel made horror!”

On Friday, another MCU movie titled Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. Yesterday, the first official presentation was held, after which the first reactions from viewers spread on the network.

I mention it in the continuation of the 2016 movie (as well as Spider Mana: There is no escape from homeStrange will measure the consequences of intervening in the multiverse. On his way, he will meet, among others, his ex-boyfriend, Baron Mordo, and Wanda Maximov – the Scarlet Witch. Michael Waldron and Jed Haley Bartlett, who also worked on the production script, are responsible for the production script luchem. Strange’s new adventures will be linked to this particular series, as well WandaVision mentioned Spider-Man: There is no way home. We can expect an interesting guest appearance in the film, although it is kept secret.

Reports from journalists show that although it is new strange Embedded into the MCU, it also stands on its own, and Sam Raimi has retained his style (the creator, among others, owns the trilogy The dead evil), making the show “weird” and “terrifying”. Delight goes to Elizabeth Olsen and debuts in MCU Xochitl Gomez; The two actresses steal the film for themselves (in one opinion we read that the Scarlet Witch should be the main character of the production). There are comments that the show is full of great performances and that Raimi presents an extraordinary visual spectacle that has its own identity. Collider’s Perri Nemiroff wrote that “Marvel made horror!” He describes Al-Rimi’s work as strange and frightening and worthy of the title The multiverse of madness. He also adds that it’s impossible to imagine an MCU movie capturing Raimi’s style anymore.

Eric Davis also confirms in his opinion that he is new strange It is the scariest and most bizarre Marvel movie. The journalist claims that the mysterious and strange tone of the film is perfectly emphasized by the music of Danny Elfman.

There is also a fee; In one report we read that the movie is going at a very crazy pace, In another case, subsequent post-offers have no weight, and you remove the content of the offer.

new Dr. Gharib The show will start on May 6, 2022. The show will last 126 minutes.

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