Ewa Sranishka: A Stormy Life, a Tragic Death. Biography, career and romance

Ewa Sranishka She came from an artistic family. Her mother, Barbara Sarachka, was a famous television and film director. Since childhood, Ewa showed an interest in art. In high school, she was passionate about theater and cinema. After graduating from high school, she intended to apply to the Academy of Fine Arts. Her goal was fashion design. At the last moment, she changed her mind and decided to take part in the PWST auditions.

In an interview a few months after the actress’s death, Ewa Sranishka’s mother recalled: “I found out a secret from my grandmother that she submitted her papers to the Lodz Film School for the acting department. The first time, she didn’t. Try again.”

However, Sarówka was accepted on the first attempt. During her studies, she was distinguished by her beauty and style of dress. Her friend from those years, Majorzata Potuka, said: “She has always been incredibly beautiful and incredibly graceful, she made an impression on everyone. She is the most beautiful girl in film school.”

“Eve was a woman to remember. Everywhere in the world she would be the front star to wear in her arms. But she never fought for herself. She had no one to fight for in professional matters, and she was too sensitive to do this alone – added Potocka.

At the university, Sranishka also met her husband, who was still a junior manager at that time, Krzysztof Krauze. Before martial law, they both decided to go abroad. The first stop on their trip was Vienna. S Pałacka played there for two years in the famous Volkstheather. In 1983, they both moved to Paris. However, it soon became clear that immigration was not good for their career or marriage.

S Pałacka worked as a model, while Krzysztof Krauze was involved in the construction work. It was he who decided to return to Poland after the end of martial law. The young couple did not stand the test of time. The couple separated at the end of 1983.

The actress returned to the country a few months after her divorce. In the mid-1980s, she worked in a small theater in Radom. It was there that his potential was noticed. The end of the 80s was perhaps the best period of her career.

She did not refuse when the directors approached her with an offer to guest participate in their productions. She loved the episodes. She would say that playing her gives her satisfaction and does not make her bored with the role. It was the small role of Space Katarzyna Lysiak in the comedy “Oh, Carol” (1985) that made her so popular.

after two years Marek Bistrack He gave her the title role in the famous painting “The Curse of the Valley of the Serpent”.

In 1989, she played one of her most memorable roles. We’re talking about the movie Jacek Bromsky “The Art of Love”. The director himself recalls working with the actress: “She was notable for her beauty and personal charm. And with this role, not of such magnitude, she did something that everyone remembers.”

She loved soap operas and was always eager to accept offers to participate in them. She coped with every role, even the smallest, with great commitment and enthusiasm. She usually played a beautiful, elegant and slightly extravagant woman with personality and charisma.

This is what Elwira Kozioł was in “Tigrysy Europa”, director of “Class on Heels” and reporter on “Dziki 2”. Ewa did not refuse when the creators of the series asked her to participate in their productions as a guest. She sang, inter alia, in “The Good and the Bad”, “The Tenants”, “5 Days in the Life of a Pensioner” and “07 Come In”.

In terms of acting, the ’90s were less successful for S Pałacka. Instead, she started working on TV. For several years, together with Agata Młynarska, she produced and hosted the show “Animals” broadcast on TVP2. In this work, Sarówka managed to combine two passions: a love of animals and work on television. Together with Młynarska, she has conducted an information campaign on animal protection and assistance in shelters.

Few people are aware of the fact that Ewa Saruka stole Barbara Brylska’s husband, the whole gossip was raised in the capital. Ludwik Kosmal forcibly deceived his wife, but was loyal to Moment, who was 16 years younger than her…

One day Kosmal (their son was only two years old at the time) packed his belongings and moved home to S Pałacka. Barbara Brylska learned that her husband was living with another woman after returning from a business trip to Egypt, and she went with Jerzy Hoffman at the beginning of 1986.

“Ludwick (…) was taken over by a well-known lady from television, who had a divorced daughter. The challenger to the role of Ludwik’s partner was also an actress, much younger than his wife and more extravagant. Even the dogs were watching the fact that her lover is the father of two minor children did not bother her in some way What ”- this is how the author of “Barbara Brylska in the most difficult role” described Ewa Sashka.

Ludwik Kosmal met with children regularly. He explained to them his absence from home, and above all to his son, that he had lost his way, but that one day he would surely find him. In fact. Ludwik Kosmal decides to return to the bosom of his family after two years of living in symbiosis with Ewa Sałacka.

After a turbulent – and undoubtedly stressful – period in her life, Saruka has decided to settle down. The chosen one was the dentist Kirsten Witold. The couple voluntarily appeared in public, attended film premieres and industry banquets. Their affection was sealed by a wedding in 1994. In the same year, Sarówka gave birth to a daughter – Matilda (today the girl is 28 years old and she will be married soon).

The star had many plans, both professional and private. However, her life was interrupted due to a tragic accident. On July 23, 2006, during a family dinner on a plot of land in Arciechów near Warsaw, the actress suddenly began to suffocate. It turned out that while drinking juice, she accidentally swallowed a wasp. The poison caused a severe allergic reaction, and soon her respiratory system began to fail. Despite her husband’s intensive resuscitation, Iwa Saraika died shortly after the ambulance arrived.

The sudden death of a 49-year-old actress shocked the country. Ewa Sakaka is buried at the Boزكيski Cemetery in Warsaw. The last time we saw her on the screen was Ursula Pabroca, a ward nurse in the series “First Love”.

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