Eurovision 2022: Uchmann after the first attempts! This is what his performance looks like

opening ceremony The 66th Eurovision Song Contest in Turin It will be held on Sunday 8 May.

On May 10 and 12, two semi-finals will be held, of which the top 10 songs will qualify for the finals.

represent Poland Christian Ochmann With the song “River” he will fight for promotion with sixteen other artists, incl. From Finland (also a popular group on the Vistula River Rasmus), Israel, Cyprus, Romania, Belgium, Sweden and Australia. According to recent bookmaker quotes, he should have no problem getting promoted.

In the Grand Final on May 14, artists from 25 countries will face each other – except for those who will qualify from the semi-finals, and also from the so-called Big Five, i.e. those who pay the highest membership fees in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU): Germany, Great Britain and Spain France and Italy.

According to the portal, Christian Uchmann is after his first attempt! In general, the singers participating in the competition have the opportunity to present their compositions on stage three times to get acquainted with them.

Each exercise is also an opportunity for the artistic team to perfect the performance – of course, we are talking about the voice or the dancers. Although there have been previous reports of minor problems during workouts, Maja Fribes said it may have been avoided.

According to the portal’s description, during the rehearsal, Ochman was dressed in an elegant black suit, and on stage he was accompanied by four dancers from the Egurrola Dance Studio – all dressed in black costumes with fringe, with masks on their faces. Besides the strobe lights, it’s meant to be a reference to the song’s music video, where you can see the “ghosts” surrounding Christian.

When will Christian Uchmann test the stage again? The next attempt at the pole is scheduled for May 6 (Friday) at 1.30 pm. Until then, the singer will prepare for the semi-finals, and – like the rest of the participants – will give interviews. On Sunday, May 8, the Polish delegation will appear on the turquoise carpet for the official opening of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

Three days later, on May 11, public training for the semi-finals of Eurovision 2022, in which Christian Auchmann will participate, will begin. This gives a total of three matches before the most important one, the semi-finals. The second semi-final match of the competition with the participation of the Polish representative will be held on May 12 (Thursday) at 21:00.

A moment before leaving, he gave an interview to Interia, in which he admitted that he was going to Turin with a team that strongly supported him.

– I take my parents, my brother and my sister, as well as a group of my friends. I want to focus on my workshop and what I will be showing, and let’s hope that people will like it – said Christian Ochmann in an interview with Interia before leaving for Turin.

I should immediately feel the scene, each one reflecting a different tone and a different atmosphere. Agustin is very open to my suggestions, and cooperation is seamless. We’ll better arrange all of these when we’re in Turin – added the 22-year-old singer.

Check the lyrics of the song “River” on Tekś!

mentioned Agustin Igurola He is responsible for the choreography.

We want Christian’s performance to be original. We subjugated our vision of this song, and of course his personality as well. It would be racist, by and large. I think we have to wait with great anticipation for what will happen on stage. The dancers are a complement to this exceptional atmosphere, dance is not an absolute dominant element in this performance. The choreography only makes a beautiful backdrop this year – as Agustin Egurrola says of the pole’s performance.

Ochmann stresses that in Italy he will try to represent Poland as best as possible, but he tries not to think about the pressure and the fact that he is among the favorites in the competition.

The country that wins the grand prize will get the right to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023.

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the oldest and largest live music competition broadcast in dozens of countries around the world. Every year hundreds of millions of viewers watch it. For the first time in history, the event was not held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The event went to Italy after the rock band won last year manskin.

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