Ela Zapendowska sharply about Rafał Brzozowski! “I hate this”

Elibeta Zabindowska The audience is accustomed to her sharp tongue. ex juror “Idol” I have repeatedly risked expressing too frank words, which are often very unpleasant to their addressee. This time in an interview with Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierski You told what you think about the Polish actor last year at Eurovision, Rafai Brzozowski.

“Rafai Brzozowski is my favourite. Candy. When I saw him, I saw such a chasm, a chasm that there is a shortage … No cell phones to go crazy. It’s tacky. I hate it” – admitted Zapendowska.

Until recently, she spoke of Brzozowski’s performance at Eurovision: “” Rafa Brzozowski is a singing boy, who pleases crowds of women. This is a diva, a little plastic, a little cute, candy. He’s a singer and someone might like him, but he’s not an artist.”

The recognized expert collaborated with many artists of the younger and older generation. After persuading the interrupts, I told her, who did not like to hear her business on the radio.

“I used to say that about what was presented to the court. What is her name? Andrzejewicz. Gosia Andrzejewicz. But Gosia Andrzejewicz is no longer on the air” – she recalled the very famous old case. Later, she also said that the radio songs are too secondary. “It’s ‘copy and paste’, ‘copy and paste’. It’s only different sometimes. Sometimes when someone looks worse or looks better. To me it’s indistinguishable today…” – she said

It turns out that Zapendowska closely follows the Polish rap scene – her favorites include, among others mat And Jean Raboani. “I listen to hip-hop and I’m really pleased with some of the songs. First, it carries an idea and a message. (…) Mata is cheerful and above all smart. (…) Jean Raboani – a great, great boy. There are a lot of these guys. Not The matter is that only fools remain. There is a wonderful group of people who think, and they have something wise to say, “- she said.

Piotr Kędzierski Zapendowska asked which artist – they will addif Edita Gorniak – You want to go to a desert island. The acoustic emission specialist had no doubts and chose Duda.

“I like Dodę. I do not agree with her, but I like her. She has a bad mouth, but she is 100% convinced of what she says. She is sensitive in her own way and smart. (…) She is honest., saucy and prefers his opinion “- she said.

According to Zapendowska, there is one element that connects Doda and Górniak. It is … the lack of original ammunition. The expert believes that the artists themselves lose.

“They don’t compose, but let’s agree – there aren’t many composers in Poland who would write a good piece for Edyta, a piece like Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. She feels best in such pieces, and she chooses to dance “- Zapendowska argues.

“I have a grudge against Edita, because she really is a great vocal talent, and one with intuition. (…) But she was more fortunate than Dorota, because she had [Wiktora] Cuban [menedżera – red.]Who was a completely unusual person, thanks to which certain things could happen. He treated her like a real young starlet – he drove her around the world, explained a few things to her. He had enormous financial and personal opportunities. (…) But she could not stand it ”- recalls the beginnings of Edita Gornyak’s career.

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