Eight perennials perfect for your garden

Perennials grow in almost every garden. These are plants that grow for more than two years – they can be perennials (herbaceous plants), as well as shrubs and trees. Unlike one-year-old and two-year-old plants, perennials stay much longer in our garden.

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Colorful perennials are a beautiful garden decoration and delight the eyes. How do you choose the best for a plot of land or garden among the many? advise.

Peony is a beautiful plant that comes from Asia. It has large, pink, white, red, sometimes yellow flowers. Its dark green leaves contrast perfectly with the color of the flowers. Among the Chinese peonies, there are those with single flowers, full, Japanese and anemone. Peonies bloom in late May and early June.

Daylilies are another perennial that will be a real decoration of our garden or plot. It can grow for up to 30 years in one place. They used to decorate gardens in the countryside above all, but they do well in gardens of different styles. Daylilies grow on their own and form large clumps. It thrives best and thrives in fertile soil with sufficient moisture.

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The sedum plant is another beautiful yellow perennial. It is used for Polish climatic conditions, because it is a domestic species. Citrus sedums are perennial herbaceous plants, reaching a height of 5-10 cm. Its distinguishing feature is that its leaf buds are less than the flower buds. The leaves are thick, small and oval in shape. Flowers appear from June to July. They are yellow in color and form small stars. The sedum plant has no special requirements and is therefore suitable for those who are just starting out in the gardening business.

Thyme is very popular. It occurs naturally in Europe and Asia. It is a short plant about 5 cm tall. Thyme has numerous small, numerous purple flowers. In large quantities, they can create a beautiful carpet in the garden or on the plot. From June to September!

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Yarrow grows in the temperate zone – in Poland it can be found in meadows and along roads. The plant reaches a height of about 70 cm. The yarrow plant has large, feathery leaves embedded in the stem. Its flowers are white or pink, arranged in flat spacers. It blooms from June to October.

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Are you looking for plants that find themselves in a shady place? Bet on funky! Garden funkia will certainly find itself in such conditions and will be a real garden decoration. It comes in different varieties and types. Funkia Fortunego from Japan and China can grow up to 70-80 cm in height. Especially when its cultivation takes into account all the recommendations. The plant has light purple flowers in clusters that appear from June to July. It is also designed with broad, heart-shaped leaves that are light green.

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Another perennial plant is geranium. It comes in different types and varieties. It is worth “taking a closer look” at the root tuber. It is found naturally in the mountains of southern Europe and reaches a height of 30-40 cm. It has a dense aroma, bushy habits, and woody stems. The leaves are 7-lobed and slightly pubescent. The red flowers that appear from May to June are attractive.

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Imperial chessboard and dice board – these are two very common types. The imperial chessboard is definitely more attractive. This perennial plant is native to southern Asia. In Poland, it is the only cultivated plant, used for cultivation on lawns or as a cut flower. Imperial chess boards can be up to one meter high. Their flowers are bell-shaped and arranged in umbels at the top of the stem. It is usually dark yellow in color. However, there are different types of red and orange flowers. The plant blooms from April to May.


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