Additional EU funds for demolition and construction of the bridge over the Bystrzyka River /

The Lubelskie Voivodeship Board of Directors will increase the amount of EU funding in the project called construction and modernization of breakpoints and transport nodes integrated with other types of transport for LOF purposes. The local government has allocated an additional 16 million PLN from the European Union, which will allow the demolition and construction of the bridge over Bystrzyka along with the expansion of ul. Żeglarska near the Zemborzycki reservoir. Today (April 28), Lublin District Marshal, Jaroslav Stoyarsky, and Lublin City Mayor, Krzysztof Dock, officially signed an appendix to the current contract. The total value of the project is currently more than 103 million PLN.

About the project

The actions of the District Council, that is, the reallocation of funds within the framework of the Regional Operational Program of the Lubelskie Voivodeship for the period 2014-2020, as well as exchange rate differences, made it possible to increase the amount of co-financing in the project that makes up the integrated project. Regional investment. Originally, the value of the project amounted to more than 63 million PLN, of which the EU funding was about 36 million PLN. The voivodeship this time increased EU funding by PLN 16 million – which currently amounts to more than PLN 77 million in EU funding into the project. The total value of the project is currently more than 103 million PLN. The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year.

The needs of the population are most important to us. Increased funding that will allow the demolition and construction of a new bridge will allow for safer movement of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in this area. We all want Lublin to meet the expectations of its residents and this project contributes to them. The entire project will also contribute to the promotion of ecological transportation in Lublin. This will allow to improve the network of pedestrian and bicycle communications and integration with public transport – he says Yaroslav Stoyarsky, Marshal of Lublin District.

Access and ease of use of public transportation is a priority for any well-functioning city. That’s why we’ve focused for years on developing and improving Lublin’s communications system. Obtaining additional funding for the EU project will allow the implementation of an important urban investment, long awaited by residents, which is the construction of a bridge along ul. Żeglarska. We will use the new infrastructure this year. The new facility will complement the functionality of the ul. Żeglarska, which integrates various forms of transport – she says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.

Mass transportation per person

The municipality of Lublin has been implementing the project since 2017, and its goal is to develop and improve the communication system in the Lublin Functional Area (LOF). It is about achieving the advantage of mass transit over individual transportation, thanks to the improvement of the network of pedestrian and bicycle connections, and its integration with public transportation. The project consists of building/reconstructing/extending breakpoints and diversions combined with other types of transport for LOF purposes. The project also includes rebuilding/expansion of the Mujahideen. Żeglarska with the bridge, as well as ul. Franczak “Lalka” in the construction of a pier and bicycle path. So far, it has already been possible to implement:

  • construction or reconstruction of a group of transport stations on the following streets: Związek, Mickiewicza, Turystyczna and at the PKP railway station, in Rondo Dmowskiego and at Poczekajka,
  • Construction of transport intersections at: ul. Abramoica, May. Józefa Franczak “Lalka”, ul. Żeglarska, ul. Zbożowa, al. Kraśnicka, ul. Granitowa and at ul. Osmolicka.
  • Rebuilding the Mujahideen. comfortable,

There is still work, among other things building a car park in the ul. Grenadierów and construction of a pier and bike path along with lighting along ul. Józefa Franczak “Lalka”, as well as rebuilding / extension of the ul. Żeglarska with the bridge over the river Bystrzyca.

Everyone will benefit from this investment

The undertaking is considered one of the most important investments in the field of municipal infrastructure and improving the conditions of use of public transport. It is also one of the largest strategic investments made as part of the integrated regional investments. The tasks in the project are important not only for the residents of the city, but for the entire Lublin Functional District (LOF). It is estimated that more than 24,000 vehicles a year will use the parking spaces in built “park and ride” facilities, and nearly 5,000. The newly built “Bike & Ride” parking space will be used by cyclists annually. The project also uses solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the effects of climate change and the resilience of infrastructure to the effects of climate change.

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