15 books on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the Literary Prize

Books nominated for the Literary Prize of the Capital of Warsaw from Warsaw. | Author: J. Nadziejko

From more than 700 applications, the jury selected 15 titles that were nominated for the Warsaw Capital Literary Prize. for 2021. For the first time, graphic novels and graphic novels will be awarded.

The Literary Prize of the Capital Warsaw was awarded this year for the fifteenth time. As in previous years, books were presented by readers and representatives of publishing houses, bookstores and libraries.

The jury made up of: Justyna Sobolewska, Maciej Jakubowiak, Eliza Kącka, Jarosław Klejnocki, Anna Kramek-Klicka, Agnieszka Sowińska and Karolina Szymaniak chose the last 15 from which the winning titles will be selected. During the jubilee ceremony on June 18, the jury will announce the best publications in the following categories: prose, poetry, children’s literature (texts and illustrations), a book on Warsaw themes and – for the first time – a comic book and graphic novel.

Nominated in the Prose category

The first candidate in the prose category is Postcard from Mokum. 21 Stories about the Netherlands by Piotr Oczka. As the jury justified: “If someone is looking for texts that in our literary and human world are evidence and fruit of love for a particular culture and place, he cannot ignore< البطاقات البريدية من موكوم >>”.

The second candidate is the chariot Andrzej Stasiuk. It is a novel that shows how additional national pride is born. It also turned out that Stasiuk could write differently than before, create a historical narrative and portray – in a very successful way – women ”- persuading the jury.

The category ends with a Gollum book nomination for Massej Bazi. Its author, according to the jury, “is able to perfectly apply literary methods and capture the growing fear – almost as in horror literature – when the specter of massacre spreads over the city. And all this to revive the legend.”

Nominated in the Hair Category

The first candidate in the poetry category – Tomasz Bąk with the publication O, Here I am – according to the jury, in his poems, he builds “a tired and finite world – us and himself”. The second nominated volume – A Gift from Podlasie by Justyna Kulikowska – is “an example of literature which, according to Witold Gombrowicz’s teachings, is supposed to be annoying in order to drive us out of our comfort zone.” Another featured book is Where Are My Children? Ilona Witkowska, who “offers us an excellent, poetic, cold light of prophecy”, but is also a kind of consolation, because “If you sit in silence for a long time, other animals will come to you.”

Nominated in the Children’s Literature category

Beskid bez kitu was nominated in the Children’s Literature category. The Winter of Maria Strelica, which the jury describes as follows: “The heritage of the other can be a fortune, and the story about the land and the people can be both educational and entertaining at the same time.”

The second book she’s nominated is Bajka i Her Gang, written and illustrated by Marcin Podolec. As the jurors justify, this is “a rare case of a children’s book that values ​​highly the intelligence of its readers and readers.”

The final book in this category is Cloud Weaver, in which “the illustrations of Mariana Stima and the words of Katarzina Jakoska-Enemo are intertwined in a complex double-twisted tapestry, moving the soul’s most delicate threads.”

Nominated in the Book category about Warsaw

The first title nominated in the book for the Warsaw subject category is Back. History of Warsaw until the beginning of Błażej Brzostek. The jury describes it as: “Is it possible to write the history of the city by mixing a purely historical novel with plot, dialogues, crime-inducing plots, historical report, moral imagery, and whatever else you want.” (…) Maybe!”.

Another nickname is Krahelska. Krahelskie by Olga Gitkiewicz, where “the author reconstructs three interlocking biographies, establishes facts, deconstructs myths and redistributes dialects, and creates a colorful story about three of the Krahelski family.”

This category ends with “Essay Written for Three Voices on Vision and Special Exercise in Warsaw Sight”, i.e. The Warsaw Triangle of the Holocaust by Artur Shmeyevsky, Zofia, Elika-Miewska and Jacek Leuchak.

Nominated in the graphic novels and graphic novels categories

The list of nominations in the New Graphic Novel and Comedy category begins with Wanda Hagedorn’s Face, Belly, Head, by Ola Szmida. “The strength of this story is outrage, but also self-irony and remoteness, allowing the author to ask questions about her position and to consider critically, but not without tenderness, her neuroticism, commitment, and social roles.”

The next nominated title is O, Disease based on a text by Boguś Janiszewski with illustrations by Max Skorwider. Justifying the selection, the jury wrote: “Is the book with pictures and speech bubbles appropriate to talk about the cancer of a teenage girl? Boguś Janiszewski and Max Skorwider prove that it is difficult to find a better medium for this challenge.”

The last candidate was Jacob Topor Dziadrzini. As the jurors write, “It’s rock musicnA story about growing up and finding your place and your closest circle of friends.”

From May 26 to 29, during the Book Fair in Warsaw, the events accompanying the Literary Prize of the capital Warsaw will be held. El-Warzawy – Workshops and meetings with authors. Nominated titles will also be available for purchase.

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