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Youth films, books and series to relax before graduation. These titles will help you fight stress

Matura 2022 is behind the belt but the last moments before the exam should be spent relaxing. A day or two before the final exams, and certainly the evening before, leave reading the papers and rest. We have prepared a collection of movies, books and series that will relax you and put you in a good mood. Take a look at our cheat sheet and choose the best offer for you.

Pre-graduation stress, which affects both high school graduates and parents, is worth relieving by having access to the best youth films, series, and books that will get you in the mood. You can watch it on your own, with friends or just with your family. When it comes to the best teen movies to watch with parents, the Harry Potter adventure series comes out on top. There may be few who haven’t seen all the movies yet, many times, but in the world of magic you can always discover something new. Plus, the whole series is safe to watch with your family – there are no moments where you look away from the person blushing because of embarrassing situations. If you know all the Potter parts by heart, you can access newer, but still same-world productions – “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” and the last part, still available in cinemas – “Fantastic Beasts : Dumbledore’s Secrets.” By the way, if not the movies, then the books – “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling is a book for everyone who loves the wizarding world. In addition, the entire series is written in such a way that you can draw a handful of them, also during the matura exam in Polish.

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Do you suffer from pre-school stress? Summon Superheroes

Another movie idea, showcasing a de-stress before graduation might be something from the stables of Marvel or DC—that is, the illustrated world of comics. Depending on whether you prefer bloated cinema or appreciate fast movement and humor, choose such repertoire. The new “Batman” is now available on HBO Max — which by definition looks more like a noir thriller than a typical superhero movie, but can effectively distract you from the exam ahead. If you prefer a lighter look, you have almost the entire Marvel universe at your disposal. Complete series of ‘Spider-Man’ with Tom Holland, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘Doctor Strange’ (May 6 premiere of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’), ‘Deadpool’ and finally ‘Avengers.’ Still cinemas Show “Morbius” but as long as you don’t sigh for Jared Leto, skip this show. Lest it’s all too serious in DC (“Superman”, “Wonder Woman”), you can also take a look at “Birds of Prey (and the cool liberation of Harley Quinn)” – Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn Saves It All. If you can’t sleep before graduation, the best medicine might be Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The whole process takes 4 hours, but a smile of pity only takes a few moments, then you can easily cuddle Morpheus. That, if you like to read – comics would be perfect for relaxing preschoolers. And instead of repeating reading romance or Polish youth, try reaching for the story of comic book opponents – “Mordobisi. Superhero War. Marvel vs. DC.” Red Tucker tells the story of the behind-the-scenes rivalry between two giants.

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Youth series to relax before graduation

When it comes to teen TV series, it pays to have access to “Sex Education” on Netlfiks. She is entertaining, moving and educating. A production that stole the hearts of not only young people but adults as well. The main character is Otis, who knows a lot about sex, at least in his opinion and mainly in theory. Trying to imitate her mother – a sexologist – with her friend, she decides to help her school students understand sex. There are three seasons available on the platform, so unless you watch it all in one day and run the night (before exams, you’d better not do that), the episodes will be enough for your entire high school graduation marathon. On HBO Max, “Gossip Girl” is available, both new productions depicting the fate of contemporary teens from the Upper East Side, and all seasons of the cult version of “Gossip Girl” from several years ago. Plus, the titles worthy of attention are Stranger Things – which will actually take you to another world of the fight between good and evil. “The Crown” – thanks to which you not only enjoy but also learn – the story of a main character of Great Britain – Elizabeth II is presented in such a way that she does not want to yawn, but on the contrary wonders (even though you may have learned from history), what will happen in the episode coming. It is also worth including “The Kissing Booth” – the most beautiful girl in school and the boy who turns her world upside down. By the way, it is also useful to have access to the book of the same title written by Beth Rickles. This is one of those youthful romances that lingers in the memory for a long time and effectively distracts from the question of whether Pan Tadeus, Lalka, or the Homeless will be in high school graduation.

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