Wroclaw: 76 institutions will participate in the Museum Night. You must sign up for a free tour for the selected ones

Museums Night is very popular. When the initiative was born, 7 Wroclaw museums and 1 gallery participated in it. This year, 76 stores will open their doors to visitors on the night of May 14-15. In addition to the traditional museums, this evening you will also be able to visit other inaccessible places, such as the State Archives, Radio Luz studio or art schools.

Of course, there will also be the most famous places in Wroclaw from previous years, namely the Hydropolis, Zajezdni, the National Museum, the Pan Tadeusz Museum or the observation deck at the top of the Sky Tower.

All participants in the Museums Night 2022 in Wroclaw

  1. Hydropolis Environmental Education Center

  2. Warehouse History Center

  3. Tętno . Art Gallery

  4. Museum of Princes Lubomirsky – Ossoliński . National Institute

  5. Sky Tower – Observation Deck

  6. Collectors’ Association in Wroclaw

  7. 66P Self Foundation of Culture

  8. College of Fine Arts Eugeniusz Geppert, Art Book Studio

  9. Radio LUZ Academic


  11. State Archives in Wroclaw

  12. Mieszczański . brewery

  13. Agora Cultural Center

  14. WRO Center for the Arts

  15. University of Lower Silesia

  16. Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe / Millennium Docs Against Gravity

  17. Edit house sten

  18. Arttrakt . Gallery

  19. BB . Gallery

  20. Design Gallery BWA Wrocław

  21. Entropy exhibition

  22. exit gallery

  23. Photo Gallery

  24. ZPAF Photo Gallery

  25. Gibart Gallery

  26. ArtBrut Gallery and Studio

  27. Mosul Exhibition

  28. m . gallery

  29. City fair in Wroclaw

  30. Neon Gallery

  31. Polish Poster Gallery

  32. SIC Gallery! Biwa Wroclaw

  33. BWA Wrocław . studio gallery

  34. KOWALSCY Gallery of Contemporary Art

  35. Platon Gallery of Contemporary Art

  36. Textile exhibition “Na Gatkash”

  37. Century Hall

  38. Jerzy Grotowski Institute

  39. IP . studio

  40. Landmarks of Culture – Creative Education District

  41. Seventh-day Adventist Church

  42. MIA . Art Gallery

  43. Śródmieście . Youth Culture Center

  44. Youth Culture Center in Wroclaw Krzeki

  45. MovieGate – a movie exhibition of artifacts in the basement of Solny Square

  46. Archaeological Museum and Military Museum

  47. Architecture Museum

  48. Ethnographic Museum, a branch of the National Museum in Wroclaw

  49. Pharmacy Museum of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Wroclaw

  50. Geological Museum Henrika Tessier, University of Wroclaw

  51. Historical Museum and Museum of Metallurgical Art

  52. Metal Museum of the University of Wroclaw Kazimierz Maślankiewicz

  53. Odra Museum, FOMT

  54. Ban Tadeusch Museum

  55. Post and Telecommunications Museum in Wroclaw

  56. Natural History Museum of the University of Wroclaw

  57. Urban Art Museum

  58. Theater Museum Henryk Tomaszowski

  59. University Museum of Wroclaw

  60. Museum of Engineering and Chemical Powers in Wroclaw

  61. Contemporary Museum of Wroclaw

  62. National Music Forum Witold Lutosławski

  63. new horizons cinema

  64. Branch of the Metal Museum of the University of Wroclaw Kazimierz Maślankiewicz

  65. Odra center

  66. Botanical Garden of the University of Wroclaw

  67. Open Cultural Space – WCRS

  68. The Four-Domed Pavilion of the Museum of Contemporary Art, a branch of the National Museum in Wroclaw

  69. Community Military Museum (in the organization) – Fort Wrocław 9

  70. Audra Niemen Association

  71. art in place

  72. live exhibition

  73. WROCŁAW Council of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Societies No

  74. WROCŁAW . Fortification Association

  75. University of the Humanities in Wroclaw

  76. The art school complex in Wroclaw

Additional attractions at Long Night of Museums

On the occasion of Museum Night, a large number of exhibitors will prepare special attractions. The sightseeing itinerary includes, among other things, activities for children prepared by the Geological Museum. A special program for children has also been prepared by: Postal Museum, Contemporary Wroclaw Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Archaeological Museum, Pan-Tadeus Museum, Movie Gate. Workshops and classes for children have been prepared, among others, by the Agora Cultural Centre, Art Book Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts, Complex of Art Schools, MDK Krzyki, Centennial Hall – Visitor Center and NFM Education Center.

This year’s Museum Night in Wroclaw is also aimed at the citizens of Ukraine. Zajezdnia Shopping Center and Contemporary Museum are planning a guided tour of their exhibition in Ukrainian. Tonight, MDK Krzyki will prepare art activities for parents and refugee children. In turn, FOTO-GEN Gallery will present the exhibition “War Diaries” – which showcases the work of artists from Ukraine.

Sign up for Museum Night in Wroclaw

The interest in visiting some institutions is so great that the obligation to register has been introduced. Advance reservations are required in the following establishments:

  • Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Wroclaw, registration until May 9, 2022 (sekretariat@muzeum.wroclaw.pl, tel. 71343 67 65) – only for family workshops

  • Pharmacy Museum, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Wroclaw, Registration for workshops: from May 3 to May 12, from 11.00-14.30 at no. Tel: 71784 04 40

  • Odra-Niemen Association, registration from 25 April to 6 May by email or phone, biuro@odraniemen.org, 02 52 71355

  • Galerie Platon Contemporary Art, registration from 25 April by e-mail and phone, galeria@platon.pl, 533970250, 512 196954;

  • Geological Museum Henryka Teisseyre, University of Wroclaw, entries under no. Phone: 27 93 71375 on May 2-6

  • National Music Forum Witold Lutosławski, registration only for events for children, registration: from 4 to 11 May at the following address: kontakt@ap.wroc.pl

  • Hydropolis Environmental Education Center, registration from May 9 via https://ticketco.events/pl/pl

  • State Archives in Wroclaw, registration: from 4 to 11 May at the following address: kontakt@ap.wroc.pl

  • Centennial Hall, orders from April 20 to May 12 at phone 511146221 | 713475055

  • College of Fine Arts Eugeniusz Geppert, Book Art Studio, email: Pracnia414@wp.pl, from 25 April

  • MIA ART Gallery, by email until May 13th: galeria@miaartgallery.com

  • Jerzego Grotowski Institute Free tickets are available for download from the Grotowski Institute website, www.grotowski-institute.pl

  • Botanical Garden of the University of Wroclaw, form on the website from 25/04/2022 – the number of places is limited, www.ogrodbotaniczny.wroclaw.pl

  • Zajezdnia History Center, from 05/02/2022 Subscriptions to the email address: Wysta@zajezdnia.org

  • Museum of Natural History of the University of Wroclaw, registration for specific hours of admission at: rezerwacje.muz.przyr@uwr.edu.pl from 01.05, 8:00 to 13.05, 24:00. In the email with your booking request, please provide: * Name and surname * Number of people (maximum 5 people/request) * Exact time of entry. The order of orders is decided. Those registered for the tour will receive an email confirming entry.

  • New Horizons Cinema Package Tickets for Movie Shows: May 14 from 10.00 at the movie box office.

  • Edit House of Steen, reservations for each tour and children’s event by e-mail: biuro@edytastein.org.pl, or by SMS at: 573377070

  • Pan Tadeusz Museum, registration via the online form available from 25 April on the website

  • Ban Tadeusz Museum https://muzeumpanatadeusza.ossolineum.pl/

  • Registration at the Contemporary Museum of Wroclaw for Family Workshops, until May 6, via the application form on the website muzeumwspolczesne.pl

  • Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe / Millennium Docs Against Gravity, set tickets for the show on May 14 from 11:00 at the Festival Center on the ground floor of DCF

  • MovieGate – Film exhibition of artifacts in the basement of Solnyi Square, reservations for the event: from 25.04 to 13.05 e-mail: biuro@moviegate.pl

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