Woo York played a DJ in Chernobyl in honor of the victims of the tragedy

Ukrainian duo Woo York joined the celebration of another anniversary of the nuclear reactor disaster in a unique way. Thirty-six years after the tragic accident, musicians played a DJ set to commemorate – as they say – all those who prevented a greater tragedy. The recording of this project is very impressive.

A popular and beloved couple in Poland Woo York They are the main representatives of the Ukrainian electronic scene. Denis Andrianov And Andrew Vanzola They are widely appreciated artists whose productions have been released under famous brand names such as hereafterAnd miserable if soma. From the very beginning of their career, gentlemen are recognized as ambassadors of Ukrainian club culture and more, often trying to point out their homeland and promote artists from it. this time Woo York I decided to focus on the past, and more precisely on an event that wrote a dark page in modern history.

Woo York Live at House on Drina by TIME: CODE

Wu-York remembers the tragedy

Thirty-six years ago, on April 28, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster occurred. The reactor explosion changed the history of Ukraine, Europe and the world forever. Although the years have passed, the memory of the event is still vivid, moreover, its effects are still felt in the affected area.


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To remind you once again of what happened at Chernobyl, wok york I decided to participate in the work that the project opened Chernobyl soundIn which many Ukrainian artists participate. This year, a unique work was done in its framework. Woo York They performed in the so-called Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. You can watch the recording of this event below.

Woo York for Chernobyl sound

Woo York for Chernobyl sound

Everything is breathtaking. We are dealing with the production of a large-scale product that will appear in it Woo York Accompanied by a great video. In the film, we will see musicians and photos from the aforementioned exclusion zone, showing both the Channobel nuclear power plant and its surroundings, which were abandoned as a result of the displacement movement. Pripyat Town and its vicinity is a kind of “ghost town” filled with memories of an event that changed everything.

The video material has been enriched with business Valery Korshunova Ukrainian artist specializing in visual art, particularly in 3D and augmented reality projects. Korshunov He is also the author and producer of the project Chernobyl sound.

Woo-York: One day life will return to normal again

musicians Woo York They indicated their participation in the action in the description of the recording posted on YouTube:

In these trying times, we miss a lot of the things we used to take for granted. Looking back especially, to the pre-war times, when we were happy spending time with family and friends, having fun, playing music, making plans for the future and basically enjoying life under a calm sky. We didn’t know much at the time, but one day our lives will be back to normal again. Until then, we will do everything in our power to support our homeland, Ukraine – a place of tragedy, rebirth, heroism and reflection, where lessons from the past must be learned for the sake of our future.

Join Woo York and donate to help

First offer to register to participate Woo York Accompanied by a charity event. Its purpose is to support the people affected by the Chernobyl disaster and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Help details are available on the Help Chornobyl website.

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