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My husband is a director by profession, as in Barja 2 – Rafai Djbour

Biographical report. In continuation of what was well received by the readers, “like a barge or whoever said it.” After the first book devoted to male actors, Ravi Djbor sheds light on the actresses who appeared in the films of Stanisław Barija. “This man in his life has never said a word of truth” or “Here is a Roach booth, I have meat here!” These are issues that have carried over into comedy classics. Although today journalists quote as eagerly as the authors of memes, few people know who said it on the screen.

Water Chronology – Lydia Yuknavic

Biographical novel. Without fear and inhibitions, Yuknavich guides us through our own experiences, we do not hide existential crises and do not shy away from intellectual considerations. She has many mentors who have allowed her to endure years of uncertainty, addiction, and unimaginable pain – from Joan of Arc to Cathy Aker, and from the Marquis de Sade to Ken Kesey. Yuknavich is not afraid of frankness, describing the human body as a metaphor for what he lived. The writer is touched by her honesty, uncompromising attitude, and the courage to move forward despite adversity. After all, “Water Chronology” is also a voice in opposition to the tyranny of contemporary culture that tries to convince women how to live.

I run like a wild tapir. Bartoszewski in 123 scenes – Marek Zagic

Interview. How do you measure the size of the professor? It would be difficult to list all the honorary titles, honors and awards. He considered himself a friend to every man, regardless of his origin and religion. During the war, he was imprisoned in Auschwitz, belonged to the Fatherland Army and helped the Jews, and after its end he established a Polish-German reconciliation. In 2022, Władysław Bartoszewski would have turned 100. On this occasion, his assistant and famous publicist Marek Zajok supplemented the first edition of the tapir with more vivid tales. This time, the unknown, but no less interesting face of the professor appears from 123 pieces of an unusual puzzle – he could not stop even at round number 100 …

All the Sons of the Maharaja – Joanna Buchalska

a novel. In 1942, a bloody war broke out in the world. In India, near the village of Balachadi, there are white children who are amazed at the fact that they prefer to run barefoot, which no little Englishman will do. They arrived at Anders’ army that was forming in the Soviet Union, hungry and in a state of rags, and thus ended up in India. Maharaja Jam Sahib Digvijay Singh invited young refugees to live in a specially built residential property. Since then, they have had a roof covering their heads, food, clothing, education, and medical care. About a thousand children passed through the estate during the four years of its operation.

Dear Husband – Kimberly Bell

prison. Everyone will know what her husband doesn’t say… Jade and Cam Lasky are happily married. They have two children and a thriving business in the restaurant industry. However, their world is turned upside down when Jade finds a disguised attacker at home. As Cam struggles to collect the ransom money, Jade begins to wonder what other secrets her husband is keeping from her. Cam may be a good father, a celebrity chef, and a perfect husband, but he also has another downside. It is precisely for this reason that his family is in danger.

The Naked Truth – Ryszard Ćwirlej

prison. A dead woman on the bed of a senior official, a sunken car with the body of a family of three, and the mysterious disappearance of a Poznan waitress. What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common? “The Naked Truth” is the next installment in the adventures of Anita Novak, a young and ambitious sub-commissioner from Szamotuły headquarters, who finds herself at home in a male-dominated police reality. Ryszard Ćwirlej, one of Poland’s most respected writers, returns with another excellent crime novel – a complex investigation, brilliantly constructed tension and a heroine with no unsolved issues.

Assistant – Alexandra Andrews

prison. To what extent is a person willing to pursue the life he wants?
Florence Darrow has always wanted to be a famous writer. When you receive a job offer as an assistant to a famous author who lives in complete isolation and is hiding under the pseudonym Maud Dixon, you agree without hesitation. But while they were staying in Morocco, a disastrous car accident occurred. Maud vanished like a stone on the water, while Florence woke up in the hospital knowing she had miraculously survived. Now she can watch everything you’ve worked so hard on until it turns to dust and starts over – or accept that the fame she’s always dreamed of was written for her and it’s time to get there.

Miami 1980 – Nicholas Griffin

Reportage. Miami. The imprint of Florida, a beacon to the victims of Cuban persecution, the unattractive snippet of America. How can it from a city doomed to fail become one of the most important points on the map of the United States and a gateway that connects the orderly North with the despised South? Although problems arose already in the 1970s, in 1980 a wave of its climax swept the city. Thousands of Cuban immigrants, Colombian narcotics to smuggle tons of cocaine through Miami, crooks laundering millions of dollars, rebellious blacks suffering from bitter poverty and relentless police aggression. Domestic scandals, race riots, immigration crisis – in one year Miami experienced a humiliating decline that had to recover without outside help.

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