Widows of Russian soldiers with a pension of 10,000 rubles? There are other women and other money in the pictures

According to publications on the Polish Internet, the allowance for the family of a Russian soldier killed in Ukraine is “10,000 rubles, or 330 Polish zlotys.” The photos in the posts show the alleged widows with their pensions. But they are not widows of Russian soldiers, and the amount of the pension is incorrect.

Ten thousand rubles is a one-time disability pension for the widows of Russian soldiers who died in the war in Ukraine that began on February 24. This information is published by Polish Internet users on Twitter and Facebook. Pension restrictions are accompanied by photographs of women – allegedly widows of Russian soldiers. They represent two $5,000 bills. rubles. They stand in front of a red truck with tinted windows; The letter “Z” (a well-known symbol from Russian military vehicles participating in the invasion of Ukraine) was glued to the glass with red tape, and next to it you can see a faded poster with the image of Joseph Stalin.

“Pension in the Russian Federation once paid to spouses for the death of her husband. 10,000 rubles. About 133 USD. Global power” – wrote an anonymous Twitter user on April 26 (spelling of the original posts). I am attaching four pictures of women demonstrating for money to the post. Some photos have a watermark in the lower left corner: “redmi note 8 pro ai quad camera”; Two screenshots from other posts.

Misleading entries on Twitter and Facebook Photo: Konkret24 / twitter.com, facebook.com

This lady looks so happy.

The “Second World Army” pays the wives of the dead in a special military operation in Ukraine to soldiers (bandits) a one-time pension in the amount of PLN 10,000. rubles ($133 = 600 PLN) and add one pair of shoes. This lady looks so happy. I don’t think there is a stupid nation anymore” – this is another Twitter user, also from April 26. The post includes a photo of a woman with a boy standing against a background perhaps the same truck you can see in photos of other women This woman is holding a box with military boots and a smiling boy carrying in He has two bills of 5,000 rubles.

On the Facebook page “Krakow demands at least Bucharest” a similar entry appeared on April 27: “10,000 rubles, or 330 zlotys, this is a one-time allowance for a family of dead soldiers in Russia.” The attached illustration shows a group of photos of five women posing for money, under which is a caption in Russian: “Ten thousand rubles – this is the price of an occupant’s life. Look at their faces.”

Many Internet users honestly believe the information regarding the amount of disability pensions. “I wonder if a pension is due in the event that a soldier is lost on duty. And if not, then I understand why the Russians leave their bodies in Ukraine”; “Uraaaaaa, women should be proud of their soldiers”; They commented on Twitter and Facebook: “Human life is worth nothing in Russia. She is badly angry with Putin.” Some joked, “With this amount of remnants of the dead, more compensation would be too much on the budget”; “In total, there are uses of more than 10,000 rubles for such a toy at home”; “I don’t know if a man who kills innocent people deserves that much!!!”

Thousands of investigations throughout Ukraine.

Thousands of investigations throughout Ukraine. “We want to identify the personal details of every Russian soldier who came here with a gun.” Video: Facts about TVN

But some denied that the photos showed Russian widows with pensions for soldiers who died in the war. “These are not the wives of the soldiers of the Russian Federation, but the separatist DNR (Novorussian) soldiers. It is too early to call them Russia”; “Not Russia, but Dunbabwe and Luganda, Russia 5 million dead and 3 million wounded”; They explained, “These are popular drops for the residents of the occupied areas since 2014.”

So we checked where they came from and what the photos show.

Money is not from the state, but “thanks to the help of our friends”

With the help of a reverse image search in Google and Yandex browsers, we got a profile on the VK platform (formerly known as VKontakte) called Yevgeni Skripnik. to me Kevin Rothrocka journalist at the Medusa Gate, belongs to “Jerkin’s crew” – it might be Igor jerkin (pseudonym Strelkov), Russian officer and former “Minister of Defense” in the separatist “government” in Donetsk. Posts in this profile show that the account holder is likely to be in the Russian-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic (DRL). From there, there may be pictures of women who may be widows – but not Russian, but female soldiers from the Donbass. In other entries in this profile, we read about donating sleeping bags, flak jackets and other equipment to the Novorossiya Brigades. Novorossiya is the name of the region on the northern coast of the Black Sea, promoted by Russia, from Donbass to Moldova and Romania.

As we checked, VK currently has at least 11 photos of women posing with 5,000 euro banknotes in this profile. Rubles – mostly on the background of the red truck. The first issue was published on April 17, and the latest on April 29. Among them are photos presented in Polish publications on Twitter and Facebook. However, the photo descriptions indicate that the money the women keep comes from a popular group. “With the help of our friends, we were able to donate 10,000 rubles to Maria, the widow of the fallen hero of Novorossiya,” we read in one of the entries. The following differs only in the names.

The photo was posted on VK on April 24, 2022
The photo was posted on VK on April 24, 2022 Photo: Konkret24 / vk.com

It does not appear from these contents that this is money obtained as official appropriations from the Russian state to be paid to the families of deceased Russian soldiers. Many other profile posts also begin with: “Thank you for helping our friends…”.

Allowance for Russia: 5 million rubles for the family of the deceased Russian soldier

And what benefits were granted to the families of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine after February 24? Well, on March 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on additional financial guarantees for military personnel and their family members. The family of a soldier who died in Ukraine, Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), Donetsk People’s Republic (DRL) or in Syria will receive 5 million rubles. The wounded soldier is worth 3 million rubles. This is equivalent to 297 thousand. and 178.2 thousand. PLN (according to the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland on April 27).

This information is available on the Kremlin website, and also published by the Interfax news agency. Polish media wrote about it, including. Businessinsider.com.pl and Gazeta.pl

However, 10 thousand. Rubles were to be given to Donbass refugees who had been evacuated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Russia in February. The evacuation began before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “The president instructed the government to ensure the prompt payment of 10,000 rubles to each refugee coming from the Donbass region,” Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said. This was reported, among other things, by Rp.pl and Gazeta.pl.

author: Gabriella Sischowska

source: Konrket24; Photo: PAP / EPA / Twitter

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