What did the radio stations prepare for the outing

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – these are the three days of May this year, decisive from the point of view of radio stations and antennas, which must convince the listener to turn on the receiver or application. This year, radio broadcasters are doing in two main ways: Organizing attractions in the field Or set up such a show that you can’t stop listening.

He’s using the first choice this year Radio Zeitwhich prepared “Big Majówka” in Masuria, i.e. in an area that is one of the favorite places of Poles who are looking for a place for a short vacation.

ZET Radio invites you to Masuria

The celebration of Zytka began on Saturday, April 30th. Until Tuesday, May 3, he will visit a total of four Masoretic cities, in each of which he plans attractions for the public. The most important event is “Radio ZET BBQ School”. – In a private town, you will not only be able to have a snack, but also watch the chefs at work and get culinary inspiration from the best – said the announcer.

It was planned, inter alia, Music competitions with prizes And a sports activity area. The public will be able to see up close the satellite transmission vehicle and Kamil Nosel, who will be preparing special coverage for the Radio ZET antenna. Radio station call to Szczytno (30.04) and Giżycka (1.05) and Mrągowo (2.05) and Mikołajki (3.05). Cities will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and their attractions are free.

RMF on the topic: Parades and the Constitution

Another way to keep your listener with you this May RMF. The first day of May Marcin Goodrich He invited listeners to the world of the People’s Republic of Poland and propaganda related to the May 1 rallies. From the Sunday programme, we learned, among other things, how communist propaganda worked and how it relates to what we can observe now in Russia. Jędrych also invited the audience to the most mysterious places in Poland.

on Monday, May 2 (national flag day) Bogdan Zalowski Invites you to an online program Radios RMF24Where the audience will get to know what our neighbors – Czechs, Russians, Germans – think of us. a day later (May 3) between 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Krzysztof Urbaniak He will tell about the unknown date of the May 3 constitution. This event is depicted in the famous painting by Jan Matejko: what secrets does this work hide? Thomas Drapasha from the Education Department will talk about the famous artist’s painting royal castle in Warsaw.

Turn, the station RMF Classic On May 1st, I prepared a special edition of “Movie Music Playlist”. Played by: Tytus Hołdys who debuted in this role and Jadwiga Polus. Radio on the same day RMF Max The fifth edition of her summer music tour “Summer #naMAXXXa” has begun. The station will visit Gorlice, Kozienice, Głogów and Wałbrzych, among others. Artists will perform in every city, including Vito Bambino, Kasia Nosowska, Feel, Gromee, Roksana Węgiel or Seluja Grzeszczak.

Radio RNŚ and Radio Poland: Polish music on air

Both Radio Nowy Światand the radio One Prepared weekend in May with Polish music. Public Radio announced at the end of April that only Polish songs would be broadcast on all programs of Program 1 during the weekend in May. From May 4, work on “Muzyczna Jedynka” will continue. During the month of May, and in other broadcasts as well, you will be able to hear songs in Polish a lot. – May of the Polish song is a very important holiday for us broadcasters and only one audience. An opportunity to show more widely the diversity of Polish music, to remember the great achievements of Polish songwriters, but also to come up with new things, songs of very talented Polish beginners – comments Marcin CousyJedynka, director and editor-in-chief.

Radio Nowy Świat Also prepares for Polish music – but only on Tuesday 3rd May. Several guests will appear on the air, incl. Organek, Vito Bambino, Irena Santor, Ula Dudziak, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Grzegorz Turnau, Fisz and their favorite Polish music.

The whole day will be filled with talks and original music selected by the guests invited by the editors of Nowy Świat Radio. From 9:00 to 21:00, you will be able to hear Polish performers representing different musical genres in one-hour meetings. The special guest will be Irina Santor, with whom you will talk in the studio on Ostra Street Michel Nogau. Catarzina Cassia Wojciech will invite Waglewski and Fisz into the studio, and Maria Zamachoska He will meet Maria Peszek and Grzegorz Tornau. Michel Borecki turn, invited Why Janerka; Kuba Badach will also appear in the studio.

Radio 357: Make the Summit, Not the War

On the same day (Tuesday) and at the same hours (9:00 – 21:00) he will present his Polish shirt Radio 357. Lecturers will change every three hours. The order in which they appeared on the air has been revealed: Piotr Stelmach (9-12 AM), Marek Nidovicki (12-15 PM), Katarzyna Borovica (3 PM-6 PM) and Marcin Schukowski (6 PM-9 PM).

During the live broadcast of Garaż 357 he will perform: blenders (9:45 am), Rita Bucks (11:40 am), Natalia Brzebiz (2:40 PM), Barbara and Roeska (5:40 pm) i Fu Fu (20:20). They will all be broadcast live.

Garage 357 was launched a year ago. These are small concerts in our studio. He immediately won the hearts of the audience, for whom a large group of musicians have already played. This year, during the Polish summit, we raise the stakes – announces Piotr StelmachAnd coordinate the work of the music editorial office. – Up to five artists will perform with us in one day. Some of them are at the headquarters of the radio, others – from three different sites, including two outside Warsaw. Everyone lives. We have not yet implemented such a big project.

Polish Radio Top 357 It is being broadcast for the second time. This is a 12-hour program that airs only once a year (May 3). During the event, the most important Polish songs of all time, selected by the sponsors of the broadcasters, are broadcast. This is the second edition of Polish Radio 357 Top, and the first to be chosen in online voting. More than 100 songs with the most votes will be broadcast entirely during the programme.

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