We wear roses on Wednesday! The style of the most important teen films of the 1990s and 2000s.

While Generation Z has its own “euphoria,” I’m thinking back to the silly but overwhelming great teen movies from the turn of the century. And it’s not because of the innocent main characters who will always find a prince in the end and turn into a beautiful swan. The meanest girl in school, walking down the corridor in slow motion, is imprinted in my memory. After all, as the famous Disney cartoons prove – the villains are always the most interesting. In this case, only pink. So I suggest you apply lip gloss to your lips, put colorful hairpins in your hair and remember which of the iconic “mean girls” inspired him two decades ago!

I mean girls – Regina George style

talking about fr. I mean girls Then you have to start with a genre-defining movie. The movie “Mean Girls” appeared in theaters in 2004 and was a perfect summary of the trends of the beginning of the second millennium. It is also difficult to count the iconic sights and memorials that have been quoted to this day. And if anyone still had doubts about the niche of this film, I would like to remind you that it was in this film that Amanda Seyfried first appeared. 2004 was also a golden year for Rachel McAdams, who not only starred in “The Diary”, but in “Mean Girls” she won the role of Queen Bee – Regina George.. The leader of the “plastic”, which ranks first in the school hierarchy, developed an original system of fashion principles. If you don’t follow them, “you can’t sit with us.”

On Monday, sportswear is banned, on Wednesday we wear pink, and on Halloween the only acceptable disguises are animal ears and fluffy underwear “borrowed” from Playboy bunnies. Only Regina is allowed to wear hoop earrings, and every Christmas, besides her plastic, she performs a Santa dance at school wearing red latex. She combines an off-the-shoulder jacket with a bell-neck and a baguette, and a mini skirt with high-heeled slippers (a big hit in 2021). When he sips a shake at a mall and plots against a friend, he wears a T-shirt that says “a little dramatic.” This girl can dress up for the occasion and can handle anything. She wears a blouse cut by revenge on friends with so much confidence that the next day the whole school wears T-shirts with holes in the chest. She looks good in a velor tracksuit, as well as in an orthopedic rack where she has to go to the prom. As the main character played by Lindsay Lohan sums it up, “It’s the Barbie I’ve never had before.”

“School of Seduction” – Kathryn Mertwell style

Kathryn Mertwell

Regina is pure evil, but when it comes to plotting and destroying other people’s lives, the specialist is Kathryn Mertwell, anti-heroine in The School of Seduction (1999) loosely based on the 18th-century novel Dangerous Liaisons. Although the plot full of intrigue begins even before the heroes enter the walls of the school, the social ladder takes its toll. Wealthy Kathryn sits on the high school throne with her half-brother Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe & Sarah Michelle Gellar!) and destroy the friends’ reputations at their summer fun.

In opposition to the duo’s sinister bone marrow, Annette (played by Reese Witherspoon) is Whiter than Snow, whom Sebastian supposedly seduces, drags her to bed, and then spectacularly abandons her. Of course, the cards here are dealt by Katherine, who steals the show as soon as it appears on the screen. He wears a sexy corset under a tight suit, and a wide-brimmed hat in large glasses. They combine high-heeled dresses with delicate high-heeled sandals, sometimes imposing a transparent and airy jacket over a decorative bra. All this neatly cut and in black and muted gray tones, suitable for the glamorous woman of the 90s, the calculated look is completed with smoothly combed hair and eyes shaded with a black pencil. And let’s not forget the necklace with a cocaine-filled cross on it. Let it not be so subtle, accessory from hell.

Sweet Anxiety – Cher Horowitz style

Cher Horowitz may not rank high in the meanness hierarchy, but when it comes to style, the heroine inspired by Jane Austen’s nickname “Emma” definitely ranks first. If you thought that Blair Waldorf was the first to combine cute headbands and knee socks with mischievous disposition, you are wrong. She was played by Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, in 1995. During the 1.5 hours of “Sweet Worries”, this person was not very static but charming in Beverly Hills wearing about 60 costumes. Styles created by fashion designer Mona Mai are simply a total hero and trendsetter here.

From an intense yellow checkered skirt and jacket set, to Ala’s red mini bodycon dress – the most carefree and thoughtful ensembles are impeccable. A passion for combining nets with more nets, Mary Jane shoes, hats, cute hair ties, cardigans, jackets and a white shirt as a universal rule. It can be worn under dresses, shirts and even sports shirts. She may not love Cher PE, but she definitely knows how to wear it. And we must not forget about the soft feathers that adorn here coats, jackets, and even pens. However, despite loving a hint of extravagance, the film remains true to the minimalism of the ’90s and contemporary designers in some places. “Who says it’s a dress?” Cher’s father asks, seeing the girl going to the party in a rough white dress that could be a petticoat. Calvin Klein is the answer.

Confessions of a Young Star – Carla Santini Style

Carla Santini

Megan Fox’s style has been pretty loud lately, but let’s not forget that she was an icon at the turn of the century. Anyone who saw her in Confessions of a Young Star would agree. Here, Lindsay Lohan also plays the main role and, as in the case of “Mean Girls”, looks pale compared to the school ferocious. Fox’s Carla Santini is amazing and unlike the title character, her outfits don’t scream much to get attention. Yet it is difficult to pass by them carelessly.

A leather jacket, a Dior T-shirt, jeans with chains (!) and straight hair, perfect for turning them back with contempt. It would be quite simple and disciplined had it not been for the big “J’ADORE” sign. Carla is “beautiful, lovable, rich, and in the nursery she cuts off the heads of dolls.” Another proof of agreement with the Devil is that he can even design school sportswear by rolling up the sleeves of his cheap polyester shirt. And since we’re in 2004, there must also be a full denim look in a tight-fitting suit, where Carla wears a large chain necklace with a heart. Want more from Y2K? There’s also a yellow velor tracksuit, a Burberry bucket hat (with skirt and purse) and oversized pants.

“All she is” – Taylor Vaughan style

Taylor Vaughan

“All She Has” is the story of Lani (Rachel Lee Cook) – an “ugly duckling” schoolteacher who must take off her glasses and pluck her eyebrows to suddenly become beautiful. But it’s easy to forget Jodi Lyn O’Keefe’s on-screen appearances, all in pink. Taylor Vaughan’s role isn’t the only mean girl in this actress’ career, but it’s definitely one to remember. Taylor is confident enough to prepare the prom queen’s speech in advance and deceptive enough to intentionally pour a drink on her friend. The girl who throws school sweetheart #1 (Freddy Prinze Jr.) to famous reality show star (Matthew Lillard) also deserves the right wardrobe. The overall look of the gum color, sometimes replaced by purple – just so happens – is the currently popular shade of Very Peri. Color-matched eye shadows, beaded necklace, cute hairpins, halter tops – the movie is from 1999 and it shows. You can feel the influences of the ’90s and 2000s in the styles and they seem very familiar to us for some reason. Now, to go back through time, all you have to do is launch Tik Tok.

I freak out when I say my childhood is old. But I’m also excited to notice the return of trends I know so well. After all, in the past 20 years, I’ve had so much time to hate fashion that I first loved it, then worked through the shocking kitsch everywhere, hair that constantly sticks to lip gloss, and hippie jeans. Shall I wear it today? Probably not, but I remember it with nostalgia. Besides, it would be difficult to escape from it. Until recently, silly trends from the turn of the century are now back in salons and taking the wardrobes of modern teens by storm. This is evident in social media or even in “ecstasy”. In terms of wardrobe, Maddie and Cassie are not far from girls who are psychics. The style of Regina George, Taylor Vaughan, and Kathryn Mertwell is alive and well.


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