Vandal Cheaters: How Not to Be Deceived? What do you do when someone deceives us?

“I was scammed at Vinted for 1,500 PLN, admittedly, apart from the scammer, I can only blame myself for the recklessness. After receiving the information to collect payments via the link sent to the email, I logged into the bank afterwards. When Log in again, my account was lost 1500 zlotys. I called the bank and blocked access to the account, and was advised to go to the police ”- one of the Vinted users told her story on one of the Internet groups connecting victims of scams. Almost a hundred comments appeared on the post soon.

“I had the exact same thing a few months ago” – another user wrote. “An amount of 2000 PLN. I reported it to the police, but there was a silence in the case. (…) I understand you, everything seemed certainly legitimate. Unfortunately, it was the same to me. I was a new person at Vinted and it was probably one of my sales The first, so I was caught ”- it is concrete.

It turns out that there are many people who have been robbed and scammed lately. “Every day there are dozens of posts about such tricks” – one Internet user explains in a comment at the bottom of a similar story. Scammers target new users who are just starting to learn the app’s operating patterns, but also send emails to veteran sellers. What’s in the news?

The latest cheat method is to impersonate the Vinted team and automatically imitate the sent messages. In this way, scammers want to get confidential information from users. Often in the content of emails they indicate that confirmation of data is necessary to receive money for the goods sold in the event of future transactions. This is of course not true. The link in the email leads to a specially prepared website.

However, scammers don’t always pretend to be Team Vinted. Many aggrieved persons encountered a slightly different pattern of action. when? After the item is put up for sale, users receive a message from someone claiming to be interested. The fraudster informs the seller that in order to confirm the transfer, the seller must click on the link that was sent earlier. The message is to convince the seller to provide their data (which is allegedly used to make the transfer). As you can easily guess – it’s also a trap.

Due to reports of an increasing number of scam artists, we have decided to contact Vinted’s press office in Poland and ask to speak on the matter.

– Recently, to a similar question asked by another editorial office, I answered with the phrase “success and fame come at a price”, and in the case of Vinted or other platforms that are becoming increasingly popular, security is the price. Popular platforms with a group of millions of users, in the case of Vinted in Poland, more than 5 million users, may arouse more interest in potential scammers – comment on the case of Vinted’s Director of Communications and Public Relations in Poland, Magdalena Szlaz. – She added that Vinted is not idle and does not underestimate the matter, it does its best to protect users from scammers.

The Director of Communications and Public Relations also announced the detailed measures the app has taken to increase the security of its users. She noted that Vinted “remains in touch with the community and tells users how to trade safely.”

– In 2021, we prepared and sent private mail several times, informing about new methods used by scammers, how to identify fake content and what to do to avoid becoming a victim of them – said Magdalena Szlaz. Phishing attacks are one of the most used methods. Scammers usually ask you to enter your email address or phone number in a private message sent on the platform. It added that the information obtained could be used to send a fake email (or other message, including a phone call) to the user, impersonating Vinted.

How to avoid fraud. Vinted’s press office in Poland responds to:

We encourage everyone to report any suspicious behavior and incidents directly to the Customer Service Department. Thanks to this, we can closely investigate the matter and take appropriate steps, for example blocking a specific user – clarifies the representative of the platform’s press office.

We advise our users to ensure that they do not share any personal information (phone number, email address, paypal, credit card details, bank details) with other members and that their passwords are unique and secure. Most importantly, we strongly recommend that all correspondence and communications take place through the Vinted Platform, and transactions within the Platform, not outside. Buying, selling and paying with our platform provides additional security, including but not limited to crypto payments – instantiation.

On the Vinted platform page, you will also find a tab: “How to recognize phishing and deception attempts”. In it, the team reports, among other things, what phishing messages look like and what the original messages sent to its users through the platform look like.

He notes that “the Vinted logo, names and other items you know from our site or app may appear in scam emails. The word ‘Vinted’ may also appear in the website address provided. A scammer may not be easy at first sight.” Thus, it calls for vigilance. and careful analysis of the content of messages. Vinted stresses on the website that “when you place a request for any data, we will ask that it be delivered securely through our Help Center.”

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