Ukraine has a huge technological advantage over Russia

Ukraine has prepared well for war in cyberspace, and thanks to the support of the West, it has an advantage over Russia in this regard. It also uses, to a large extent, the technological handicap of the Russians, for example in the field of communications. Their forces, who have to use Ukraine’s telecommunications networks, cannot destroy and shut them down at the same time.

  • It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian telecommunications networks have been operating without any major problems so far.
  • An increase in issues related to cybersecurity can be observed not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland.
  • The text is based on the discussion “Cybersecurity”, organized as part of the 14th European Economic Conference in Katowice.

– The fact that the telecommunications networks in Ukraine have not collapsed is due to the fact that the Ukrainians have simply prepared for them since 2015 – notes Anna Katarzyna Nytiksa, President of Cloud Community Europe Polska.

– The fact that the Ukrainians did not suffer much is due to the fact that they were threatened for a long time and drew conclusions from it – echoes Damian Karwala, from the law firm CMS.

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Daniel Dunhafner, security services consultant and delivery lead for Central and Eastern Europe at IBM, has a similar view.

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– Ukraine’s preparations were certainly announced, but they were not, says Daniel Dunhafner. – A lot of preparatory programs have been implemented so that Ukraine is ready in the field of cybersecurity.

In turn, Michai Kochimirovsky, head of the State Strategic Reserves Agency, estimates that Ukrainians also enjoy a kind of happiness that results from poor communications of Russian forces.

– The Russians did not want to destroy the cellular network, because they also need it for their communications. He claims that Russia is captivated by the lack of its own standards and its own lack of tools.

However, it must be admitted that Ukraine has learned its lesson and there are currently 300,000 people involved in cybersecurity. people – he adds.

As war intensifies in cyberspace

Cyber ​​attacks are part of a war waged by traditional methods. This is evident in the case of the conflict in Ukraine. It is true that not a single attack has paralyzed critical infrastructure there, but the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in cyberspace has not happened so much for months, but even for years.

War is escalating in cyberspace more and more, but it is not as bad as we feared. The Russians assumed it would be a quick procedure, so at first they used only standard procedures. But now we can see some preparations for more serious attacks that could impair our critical infrastructure and other countries — says Artur Jozewiak, managing director and head of the security team at consultancy Accenture in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

In his opinion, the effectiveness of Russian actions is significantly limited by the country’s technological dependence on Western suppliers.

– For me personally, the biggest discovery has been how much tech addiction means. The actions of Americans were examined by Americans in terms of technology. The war shows what it means to have technological platforms in kinetic activities today. He noted that Ukraine has a significant advantage thanks to technological support from the West.

Just as we buy missile systems, we also have to choose who we rely on technologically, and who will support us in the event of a conflict – adds Artur Josefiak.

However, an increase in cybersecurity issues can be observed not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland. It is true that no one has disclosed any sensitive details in this regard, but scientific and research institutions have recorded a significant increase in spending on this subject.

– I can say that there has already been an increase in traffic when it comes to grant funding to prevent or allow a little bit of control over the various strange things that happen in cyberspace. For example, a lot of money is devoted to the identification of fakes and such things – says Bauwe Shniata, vice president for international cooperation at Poznan University of Technology.

– The market is always generating new research problems and here I can confirm that a lot of things are happening – it sums up.

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