The Pink Floyd Musical Car Collection is worth a fortune. Which is more expensive?

On May 28, 2022, the only concert in Poland will play one of the pillars of one of the most popular bands in the world. One of the founders of the British group home country (Listen!)At the same time, she is the only one who has performed all her albums and concerts. Nick Mason You will be playing in ód as part of the new round echo tour.

Nick Mason is a true legend of psychedelic and progressive rock. In 1965, he was one of the founders of Pink Floyd. The group has recorded fifteen albums, which have sold nearly 300 million copies. Pink Floyd remains a source of inspiration for many young bands to this day, and the group’s systematically re-released albums enjoy unremitting popularity.

The artist will come to Poland as part of the tour “Nick Mason’s Secrets Full of Secrets”. He will be accompanied by valuable musicians: Gary Kemp (guitar and vocals, Spandau Ballet), Lee Harris (guitar, blockheads), Jay Pratt (Bass, Pink Floyd) and bacon house (keyboard). During the concert we will hear songs from Pink Floyd’s first albums. The organizer declares, however, that there will be no shortage of surprises. The latest tickets are still available on and on the event website.

The 78-year-old musician loves speed, and even more luxury cars. About 300 vehicles have already passed through his collection, and only a few have been honored to stay in the drummer’s garage longer.

And as he admitted in the book My Memories, he inherited his love of four wheels from his father. “I grew up on the smell of car exhaust, on taking apart an Aston 7, fiddling with tools in the garage and watching it [ojca – przyp. red.] Racing in a vintage Bentley. How do you not love him? “No wonder I fell in love with her,” Mason said.

It was his first car Austin Seven “Shumi”Made in 1930. This was the car he wanted to borrow from him while he was still studying Roger Waters, later a fellow Pink Floyd. Then Mason showed assertiveness and did not give his friend the keys. At that time, he might have earned the respect of a quite special student.

The oldest vehicle in his garage could be a manufactured vehicle at 1901 French Panther. The charming car may not look like the more popular current models, but it still has the spirit of the old classics. Its modest five-liter four-cylinder engine allows it to reach speeds of 40-45 km / h.

This is not a very impressive result, but for those times it was a real technical leap. It is also fast enough for Nick Mason to take part in the 54 km “veteran car race”, in which he appears almost every year since 1985. The car is worth more than 2.5 million pounds (about 14 million zlotys).

Many Aston Martin Associated with elegant classic Bond machines. One of my favorite Mason cars comes from the stable of Aston Martin, but it doesn’t look like these elegant machines at all. Ulster model It was founded before World War II. Built as a racing car, it might not be very comfortable, but it was very popular and appreciated – the model participated in all important races, from Le Mans to Mille Miglia.

The most famous models are those of the LM series, and Nick Mason’s three! Models proudly appear in his garage LM17, LM18, LM21. Interestingly, you can still see Mason racing these models from time to time – since 1973. One such car is worth about 1-2 million pounds (about 5.5-11 million zlotys).

Among the four wheel enthusiasts, there is no one who would not dream of driving this iconic car for a moment. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO It is truly one of the most legendary machines in history. Nick Mason bought this amazing car in the 70’s for £37,000. Today it is worth about 40-45 million pounds (about 220-230 million zlotys). It is one of the most valuable and rarest treasures in his collection. Only 36 units of this car were built.

Mason is aware of the uniqueness of his car, but that doesn’t stop him from renting a racing car (Goodwood Festival of Speed), or driving alone on the local track.

Only one car from the musician’s group has been named “The World’s Greatest Racing Car” – it’s about 1957 Maserati 250F Iconic Formula 1 drivers, such as Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss, were behind the wheel of this model. Only 26 units of this vehicle were built, and the ultra-light vehicle is the work of a classic school of design, making it a very successful model. His Maserati is worth about 4-5 million pounds sterling (about 20-25 million PLN).

Sleek and bold in design Jaguar D-Type It was called by Mason “one of the most beautiful sports racing cars ever”. Founded in 1955, it perfectly reflects the spirit of those creative times. This model has won Le Mans three times, although some were skeptical of the round and unusual structure. However, it was so aerodynamic that it was successful on the track without any problems.

Mason certainly does not plan to sell one of his favorite cars, but if he wanted to, the buyer would have to spend at least 10 million pounds (about 55 million zlotys) right away.

It’s just a nice car. Bugatti Type 35B It was founded in 1927. Shortly after production, the brand boasted of creating “the most successful racing cars in the world”. Although it was created almost 100 years ago, it has already managed to reach speeds of more than 140 km / h. Then the car triumphed in important events, incl. Targa Florio of 1928 or Monaco Grand Prix of 1930. Currently, this classic is worth 2-2.5 million pounds (about 10-12 million zlotys).

One of the most valuable cars in his collection is also a relatively small car – 1996 McLaren F1 GTR. It came into Mason’s hands thanks to … an exchange with the former boss of McLaren, Ron Dennis. In exchange for this car, Mason said goodbye to the IndyCar he parked at his house.

During a test drive at the 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, Mason crashed his extremely rare and luxurious car to the side of the track. Fortunately, nothing dangerous happened to him and to the ultra-light car. Last year, this model appeared at auction and was worth nearly 16 million pounds (about 90 million zlotys).

“It is a great honor and I am pleased that Nick Mason would like to accept the invitation for the second time. After the last concert, which was excellent and was well received by Pink Floyd fans and not only,” said Kamel Kubica, event organizer. Mason and company’s recent concert in Poland took third place among the top events of 2019.

Mason, apart from the 2019 tour, which culminated in the release of a live album, has not performed since 2005. He then appeared with other members of Pink Floyd at the Live 8 concert. During this year’s tour, the musicians will visit, among others, Zagreb, Moscow, Budapest or Vienna. It is noteworthy that the drummer is one of the famous composers of the songs of Pink Floyd – “Echoes” and “Time”. His hobby is car racing.

The concert will be held May 28, 2022 (Saturday) At the Wytwórnia Club in ód. The organizer is Summer Fog Festival and Kamil Kubica Management.

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