The lowest Polish and foreign representatives: Braciak, Barcis, Dinklage, DeVito

lower actors They have proven for years that the most important Skills and talents. It turns out that you do not need to be 180 cm tall to attract women’s eyes and play the main roles in blockbuster films. here Ranking of the lowest actors Inside and out, which is what higher people can do I envy your successes and wish you good luck.

The American actor opens our rating for the lowest stars. The most famous of them is from the series “Game of Thrones” Peter DinklageAnd recently from the starring role in the movie “Cyrano”He had dreamed of playing since he was a child. Dinklage has 135 cm in length. It is due to a genetic disease stunting (also known as dwarfism, short stature), the main symptom of which is a developmental disorder. However, this does not bother the actor Winning the hearts of viewers around the world.

Danny DeVito He is an actor best known for roles in films such as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Rose’s War”, “Love, Emerald and the Crocodile”, “Get Baby”, “Los Angeles Secrets”, “Batman Returns” or in the series “Taxi” “. Can be admired for 50 years, a Started as a hairdresser. Before becoming an actor, he worked in his sister’s beauty salon. Short stature and lack of beauty are his advantage. How tall is Danny DeVito? The star measures He is 147 cm tall.

Canadian actor Michael J Fox Everyone who has watched a series of films at least once knows it “Back to the future”. This is a story about a teen traveling back in time who – in order to be able to go back to reality – must make sure that his future parents, now the parents of the teens, get to know each other and fall in love with each other. Michael J Fox is one of the least popular actorsWhose beauty often forced them to choose the roles of immature men entering adulthood. Michael J Fox is 163 cm tall.

Jacek Brassack He is a talented Polish actor. Winner of Three Eagles – Polish Film Awards – he played roles in such famous productions as “Kler”, “Róża”, “Wołyń”, “Edi”, “The Coach’s Daughter”, “My Wonderful Life”. Although fate did not give Braciak much growth, the Polish actor does a great job and skillfully uses his acting talent. What is Jacek Braciak’s height? Braciak is exactly the same height as Michael J. Fox, that is procedures 163 cm.

at Ranking of the lowest male stars There is also a British actor Daniel Radcliffe. The star, known to everyone from the Harry Potter series, will turn 33 this year. He took his first acting steps at school, at the age of eight he went to his first cast, and two years later he made his screen debut in the film “David Copperfield”. In 2001, he starred with Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Lee Curtis in “The Tailor of Panama”. To get the role of Harry Potter, he defeated more than two thousand candidates. Daniel Radcliffe is 165 cm tall.

Polish actor Artur Parsis He is primarily known for his role as Tadeusz Norek in the cult series “honey years”. Both viewers and critics appreciated him for his distinguished supporting film roles. You can admire it, among others in Kieślowski’s Dekalog, “Escape from the Wolno Cinema” or “Pułkownik Kwiatkowski”. He often appears in theatrical productions. Barcis is one of the lowest Polish representatives – He is 169 cm tall.

Although it’s hard to believe Only 170 cm, measured by Tom Cruise. The same increase is expected Al Pacino. It’s not much longer than that Robert Downey Jr.Which Size 173 cm. The actors are among the world’s leading movie theaters, but they are all average height.

lower actorsWhich gained popularity thanks to the Polish productions, among other things, well-known from the series “m like love” Kacper Kuszewski. Marek your level series He is 171 cm tall. Only a centimeter more than the scales known even from the series “Time of Honor”And Jan Wieczorkowski. It’s not much longer than that Przemyslav Sibriansky. An actor can be associated with appearances in such series as “m like love” if “do not care about me”And He is 175 cm tall.

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