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This year, the Middle Kingdom will host the largest industrial competition in the world, in which the best young representatives from every industry will participate. The Polish national team will present itself in 20 competitions, including for the first time in such a prestigious competition, we will present a competitor in the Hotel Guest Service competition.

It’s a big challenge for the young skilled in the art of hotel making from Tri-City, but before the competition starts in October, it is waiting David Myotka Several months of training under the supervision of the best professionals in the industry.

The WorldSkills, known as the Olympic Games for industry competitions, is the world’s largest competition for youth up to the age of 23. Over the four days of the competition, more than 1,600 competitors from 85 countries will present themselves in 63 competitions. The scope of the competition is divided into 6 occupational areas: information and communication technology, manufacturing and engineering, construction technology, transportation and logistics, social and personal services, arts and fashion. The WorldSkills competition will be accompanied by various presentations, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, industry seminars, opening and closing ceremonies with a parade of nations.

Although the WorldSkills initiative is more than 70 years old, and Poland is one of its youngest members, the Polish team can already boast of its first successes. We debuted in 2018 in Budapest at the EuroSkills competition and won a medal for culinary excellence (the EuroSkills competition is equivalent to the WorldSkills competition, which takes place in Europe and alternates every two years with WorldSkills), then in 2019 at Kazan at WorldSkills we won a silver medal in this same competition. In 2021 in Graz at the EuroSkills, our players won 3 bronze medals in flower making, cooking and welding. Now before us is the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 competition, which will be held from October 12-17. One of Poland’s representatives for this event is david myotk From the complex of schools of hotel and culinary arts in Gdynia, who will represent us in the hotel guest service competition.

Photo: WorldSkills Press Material

David and the other team’s adventure began in Shanghai last year. The first stage was their victory in the National SkillsPoland 2021 competition. The competition took place at the end of November in Gdansk. More than 70 competitors took part in it, and in addition to the medal standings, there were also participants from other European countries. The competition was held in Gdansk in 9 competitions ranging from furniture, carpentry and milling to hairdressing and hotel guest services.

The winners are given the opportunity to represent the country in the WorldSkills Shanghai International 2022 competition and have begun a semi-annual cycle of competition preparations, which, apart from a dedicated industry skills training course, includes: English language learning (the competition is entirely in English) or meetings with personal trainers or a dietitian Or a psychologist, soft skills training, or employee training camp. Thanks to the support of his existing partners, Dawid has the opportunity to participate in many interesting trainings and courses, but we know that this contribution is definitely not 100% enough to enable him to fight on an equal footing for medals, so we invite you and actively search for medals all the time. For cooperation and support of the young representative of Poland.

In the near future we will have a lot of emotions, in October we will closely watch David’s actions in China, then in November we have another edition of the national competition for the most talented youth, the second edition of SkillsPoland, this year we are planning for up to 20 competitions, including At that again the hotel guest service.

Photo: WorldSkills Press Material

The players selected during SkillsPoland 2022 will become members of the Polish squad for the EuroSkills 2023 competition, which will be organized for the first time in Poland.
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