Small living room? Optically enlarge it with 3D Photo Wallpapers

The proposal that will be in the center of our attention will be 3D wall decorations, or more precisely, photo wallpapers with the effect of depth. This is a very clever trick worth taking a closer look at. The advantage of this solution is not only simple assembly and a wide selection of patterns, but above all, the fact that correctly selected representations will visually enlarge a small room.

However, we will look at the issue more broadly. The best results will be achieved when you combine functional interior design with 3D wall paintings.

What is the most important thing when faced with the challenge of arranging a small living room? It is definitely important to arrange the space correctly. The idea is to cleverly use every square meter and abandon all unnecessary. This practical simplicity will be an attraction when you have an intimate space.

However, arranging a small room does not mean that the decor will be boring and completely devoid of expressive touches. The rule that must be adhered to here is “quality, not quantity” – it is better to choose less equipment, but pleasant and personal. The same goes for ornaments. Instead of trinkets that take up precious space, it is better to use wall decorations that will not only decorate the area, but also visually expand it. Where are the best places to look for it? On the website of the Myloview online store:

Colors are also important. In a small living room, a bright color palette with pastel additions or one accent element will be best.

It is worth answering the question of how 3D photo wallpapers work. It seems inconceivable that two-dimensional wall decoration can visually enlarge a small living room. It’s not magic, just a simple optical illusion. The spatial pattern is presented in a way that imitates depth, although it is actually a flat print.
In this way, you can turn the wall into a wide and unlimited width, radically changing the perception of real space. This solution is worth using for both horizontal and vertical wall. It is better to choose the one that is least obscured by furniture and appliances. In this way, the 3D effect will have a better effect on our sense of sight.

We already know what to do to visually enlarge a small living room – we need 3D murals for this. Now we will check the patterns we choose so that the transformation will achieve the best results. The most important advice is to match the theme of the representation with the style of the interior design.
If you are looking for the most interesting inspiration, we advise you to look here:

Landscape stretching to the horizon is a great way to visually enlarge a small living room. There are many landscapes to choose from, from all over the world, so you can choose the best ones that soothe our senses or evoke pleasant memories. The sea coast, the tropical jungle, the mountains, the mysterious forest seen from a bird’s eye view, or perhaps a field meadow with flowers or the now-familiar pampas grass? Each option will look beautiful, giving us the opportunity to connect with nature.

Glass skyscrapers reaching into the clouds from famous megalopolis, or perhaps charming red-tiled homes from Italian cities? The vast panorama of the city will introduce the illusion of depth to your living room, no matter which alternative you choose. However, it should be noted that the image shown in the morning can achieve better results, because the sunrise will brighten the decor.

Although city panorama is also an architectural topic, here we mean a slightly different approach to this topic. Tunnels and bridges are a good example of this, because both structures are very spatial in character, connecting two points far from each other. A mural with the Brooklyn Bridge or Tower Bridge is a great idea for a modern arrangement.

The last suggestion is different types of patterns in spatial form. A solution that deserves special attention is the 3D mosaic, which does not form a compact plane, but represents a pattern with elements drawn or protruding towards us. Marble is very popular again, so wall decoration with this stone will be the focus of attention.
Arranging a small living room presents challenges, but they are not insurmountable obstacles. You just need to know the clever tricks that will help you free up an intimate space. Bright color palette, simplicity and spatial frescoes will quickly make you forget about the space of a small room.

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