Retro. You have accepted refugees and need help. There is still a promise of money

At present, 52 people who fled the war in Ukraine live in the Relaks holiday home in Rytro. They are mothers with children. The youngest is two years old. Until the present The owner of the house did not receive a single zloty from government support. He covers all costs out of his own pocket with the help of his family and good people. The guest house hostess and her guests are in need all the time. There is a problem with funding the refugee’s accommodation and food.

Urszula Wiklańska-Brzeska – Owner of holiday home Relaks welcomed refugees on February 27. At first, she allotted them one floor, but as she admits – it softened her heart.

– When the first families came from Ukraine, I saw them, and learned about their history, my heart softened. There were more phone calls with questions about the place and I decided to give them the entire guest house, 17 rooms – The hostess recognizes the guesthouse.

There are mothers with children on the premises, the youngest is two years old, and the rest are preschoolers. Guests get three meals a day. The owner cooks it, although she notes that the Ukrainian ladies help too.

You need products for preparing daily meals: cold cuts, meat, dairy products, vegetables, groats, and for children – something sweet. The guest house also needs a good amount of toilet paper – Our interlocutor is doing the census.

What’s Next?

At the Relaks guest house in Rytro, 59 people initially stayed, after one family left, there were 52 of them. The first guests arrived from the east on February 27. They can stay in the holiday home until May 26. Subsequently, the owner has to vacate the rooms for the march participants. Refugees differ from ordinary hotel guests, among other things, in the fact that their entire current life continues in the guest house, so they also use washing machines and other household appliances. This generates additional costs related to bills, among other things, for electricity.

So far, the owner has not received a single zloty from government support. He only receives phone calls from the municipal office and the police with questions about the number of refugees and their data. He only knows that the government is preparing for March in the amount of PLN 120 per person, and after that – PLN 70.

– When I issue the bills and the financial offices take their bills, I have nothing left. That’s why I’m asking for help. We cannot leave these people unattended. You can’t turn everything into money because they are human. Now my relatives are helping me financially. I treat our guests like my second family. My house is right in front of the guest house. When I came, these kids hugged me – says the owner of the guesthouse, Urszula Wiklańska-Brzeska.

As she points out, the money the government is talking about is virtual money for her, because she hasn’t seen a single zloty yet. Relatives and donors help. The owner is also supported by volunteers: Ewa Bratczyk and Ewa Nowacka, who, among others, handle the procedures for PESEL numbers and Małgorzata Orlita Rams, who teach Polish language guests from Ukraine and provide them with educational materials.

Easter Holiday

The host family wants to sit down with the guests for Easter breakfast. Before that, it will be popular to paint Easter eggs and create festive eggs from polystyrene. Both the owner of the facility and its relatives agree on one thing: it is necessary to make the residents of Ukraine feel safe and at home.

government support

The government promised to support people hosting refugees. For ordinary people – PLN 40 per day per person, for guest houses, hotels, etc. due to the fact that they incur higher costs – PLN 120 in March, and after that, starting from April – PLN 70. However, the funds have not yet been deposited into the accounts.

– Municipalities will receive money for ordinary people who have taken refugees under their roof. The remaining establishments are handled by poviat – Jan Kotarpa, Mayor of Ritra, explains.

He adds, people hosting refugees must first report this fact to the municipality, and then apply for the PLN 40 promised by the government for each person. The municipality will then ask for a certain amount of money and the money will be paid within 30 days.

They have to sign agreements

So far, two municipalities: Krynica-Zdrój and abowa have signed tripartite agreements on the payment of money to people who have accepted refugees from Ukraine.

– After the documents were signed by the mayor/mayor, they were also signed by the star of Nowy Sącz. Only then were the owners of the facilities where refugees from Ukraine were invited to sign tripartite agreements (Starosty burials in Nowy Sącz, Commune / Town and Commune Office, owners of hotels / guest houses). Most of the agreements have already been signed – this applies, for example, to Krynica-Zdrój – explains in an interview with our editorial office spokeswoman for the district office in Nowy Sącz, Maria Olszowska.

He adds that invoices are now sent from entrepreneurs who have accepted refugees to Starostei. On the other hand, the remaining communes sign agreements with entrepreneurs who host guests from Ukraine. In these cases, the county office will receive a collective bill from each municipality rather than multiple bills from the individual owners of the facilities.

The cash amounts will be paid at the rates set at the government level. The funds are secured and are on the account of Nowosądecki county. We are waiting for the bills to be settled. Maria Olsowska points out.

Each of the facility owners will soon be called by an employee of the county crisis management center to inform them of the date of signing the contract.

The Małopolska Voivodship Office in Krakow transfers funds to local governments in accordance with the request made by them. We want the money to reach quickly – to entities like hotels and citizens alike. We work with local governments to ensure that the money transfer process runs smoothly and efficiently Our editorial office Dr. Joanna Baidzio, spokeswoman for Małopolska Voivode, told us.

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