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Coming from Poland and Cambodia, they are inspired by Tadeusz Różewicz or Emily Dickinson, and combine poetry, visual art and fashion. Instagram poets describe the present day with their poems. It is watched by a multi-million group of fans.

Letitia Sala

I admire people who see a tree and know its name.

This is the last line that Sala wrote. I read it the day one of the great websites published search results according to which American kids can assign company names to 50 logos, but they can’t name 10 plant species in their area. Letitia herself became a mother a few months ago. Since then, motherhood has been one of the main themes of her poetry. Others include friendship, dogs, loss, and the Internet. – I am constantly working on making the message of my poems strong but simple. I want the reader to understand my message effortlessly. Previously, poetry was an art reserved for the elite. Today, thanks to social networks, it is available. There is no longer an interpretation that chooses Sharia. Readers decide – Says. He writes in both Spanish and English. In 2020, she published In Real Life: An Online Love Story, a novel written in poetry about a passionate woman across the Internet and the Atlantic – taking place somewhere on the links between Barcelona and New York.

Susanna Bartosic

I have to be dry cubes on the desk
A standing skeleton of branches and plates
It is difficult to distinguish it from a chair
Wearing a suit after my mother
Here is a poet ready to work

Susanna Bartoszek is a well-known artist. Not yet thirty, she has been published in prestigious magazines and her work has been shown in galleries across Europe. Poems and pictures, because he paints more recently than he writes, are impressions and scenes from everyday life. Sometimes he curses or says the brand name. There are Mercedes cars in her poems, happy new Gucci shoes. The process works somewhere between the page and the smartphone. – I write by hand, in a notebook, or write on the phone and copy it into a notebook. If anything comes out of it, I will rewrite it on the computer again – Says. He looks at the notebook on his phone. – The last thing I noticed was a “mechanical dog”. I don’t know what you meant – Says.

Coco Capitan

the problem
In the

Twenty-first century artist. It mixes the media and is itself a medium. The Spanish founder of Coco Capitán is an influencer, poet, graphic artist and photographer. He works for magazines such as “Dazed”, “Interview”, “Vogue” and brands such as Dior, Gucci and Mulberry. He publishes books and displays his work in art galleries. It combines objects, drawings, painting, photography, architecture and poetry. He writes poems on white backgrounds in distinctive handwriting, in small letters. She wrote her notebooks in this style since her childhood. They are sometimes underlined, and errors are often discovered boldly. They talk about time, gender and road. Sometimes it’s philosophical questions, sometimes it’s jokes about passing gas (you can change to masturbation) and writing emails.

lang leaf

How do I thank my mother
to give me life
She wanted so badly
For her

Lang Leaf was born in a refugee camp. Her parents and their three children fled the civil war in Cambodia, first to Thailand, and then to Australia. Lang quickly discovered a passion for literature. She wrote the poems in primary school, then composed them in hand-bound volumes and distributed them to her friends. Despite opposition from conservative society, she chose an impractical career path. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with a prestigious scholarship. To this day, in her poems, the experience of a child – an interpreter who tells the world about unfamiliar parents is significant. Writing deals with generational trauma. Although she talks about loss and broken hearts, there is a lot of sunshine in her poems. Live consciously alludes to Emily Dickinson.

Nikita Gil

93 percent of stardust,
With souls of flame
We are all just stars
that have people’s names.

Jill started publishing poetry online when she was twelve years old. At first there was anonymity, WordPress and DeviantArt, then social media started. Jill’s path to success was difficult. After her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, she worked as a cleaner and care manager. The first manuscript was rejected by 137 publishers. Her poems are often lined with strands of mythology and feminist histories, and are now read by nearly 700,000 people. It’s inspired by Game of Thrones, Disney, Sylvia Plath, and Maya Angelou. Kim Kardashian even shared her poem, Unfortunately Unsigned, which was eagerly commented on by the industry media.

Ruby Kor

our back
tell stories
There is no book
the backbone of

She knows all about building a community – on her Instagram profile, where hair mingles with line drawings, fashion and activism, she has amassed 4.5 million followers. It uses only lowercase letters, and the only punctuation mark it uses is the period. This is a trace of its origin. Ruby is Hindu, its mother tongue is Punjabi and it is written in gurmukha script with lowercase letters and only one punctuation mark. She loves the simplicity and emphatic equivalence of the letters. In her works, she is supposed to symbolize the order she wants in the world around her. Kaur is 30 years old and has three books to his credit. The first one was published in self-publishing. It has sold a million copies, and made it to the Amazon and New York Times bestseller lists. In total, her collections have been translated into 42 languages ​​and sold in 10 million copies.

Cleo Wide

The world changes love.
It looks fun.

When Wade was six, she took a summer poetry course. After high school in New York, I went on an internship at Missoni. Then she worked for the American brands Alice & Olivia and Halston, and was also a model for Armani and Cartier. She left a lucrative job to travel the world, paint and write. He paints his positive poems with colored pencils or writes with a felt-tip pen – he always fills the letter bells with black. His nearly 800,000 followers are inspired by his positive message on Instagram. Wade targets a wider audience of activist content from prestigious magazines including W Magazine, The New York Times and Teen Vogue. Some of them spread virally. It’s about sex, tolerance, and civic responsibility. As of 2018, Clio publishes one book per year. The “discourse of the heart” has even been translated into Polish. It is worth getting to.

Matilda Damicka

who doesn’t kill you
you will sleep

Although it is traditionally associated with acting, she practices art in social media on the frontiers of poetry and journalism. In profile, he posts sketches, drawings, word games, and even replays, like the one he wears as a dove in a pear-patterned jacket. They are usually related to social and political matters, and work best in lively sentiments, so it is worth following them up on a regular basis. Delicate, intelligent, drawn in graceful font, inspires thought.

Grzegorz Uzdański

Jan recently created an account on Tinder.
As an honest man, he wrote everything
books about treatment
And they take powders
That he has a hobby strange enough that he collects
matryoshka dolls,
– Ignasi Krasicki, Tinder

What would their work look like if Szymborska, Kochanowski and Słowacki were writing it today? Ozdan’s style and rhythms of famous composers are masterfully imitated by ear. Lines up under Krasicki, writes a Tinder description, Różewicz comments on farmers’ actions, and looks at InstaStories through Akhmatua’s eyes. You can feel his musical talent here, he has a vocal career in his autobiography, he is a songwriter, performs stand-up comedy shows and writes. After the novels “Zaraz Will Be After All” and “The Holidays” he published the poem “Wypiór” about two thirty-year-old children with whom Mickiewicz lives.

RM Drake

After all you’ve been
Through you, you deserve someone
I mean what they say. That’s it.

He started posting poems on Instagram as Artistic Director of a television company for fun. He wrote about loneliness, rejection, heartbreak, and the pain of being. His typewritten poems, on white paper, sound like sad songs – the deeper we go into the forest, the more hope for them. On their website you will find 15 volumes, one children’s book, mugs and T-shirts.

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