Orange VOD: Batman and other news for the month of May

Orange offered what will be available in May on the Orange VOD service. Available titles will include hits like the latest Batman movie and comics dog for every family.

Movies for the whole family

In May, site users Orange VOD He will be able to watch a new part of the movies using Orange TV receivers and in the Orange TV Go app. Among them, there will be several interesting titles that the orange player recommends watching for the family:

  • Dog, from May 12. Channing Tatum played the main role, and his partner … a very charming Belgian Sheepdog. Watch a crazy story about a former soldier who gets a chance to return to duty. He “only” needs to deliver a very lost quartet to the funeral of his deceased master. Is it a simple task? The hero soon discovers that the furry “man friend” is not taking captives.

  • Oops 2! Rebellion against the Ark as of May 20. The story of animals who had to overcome many obstacles to reach Noah’s Ark returns in a new animation. This time the heroes will have to face hilarious events on the ship, a volcano whose seismic activity threatens navigation and their weaknesses. How will this story end? Check it out for yourself.

  • Rich 2, from 25 May. This is the second part of a successful family about the best singer animals in history. The movie will not lack in humor, a strong dose of sentiment, and great music. This time, the batsman Buster Moon and his singing crew want to perform in the world’s most famous stage. However, the owner of the sanctuary sets them one condition – they first have to find rock legend, Lion Clay, and convince him to return to the stage. Will they do that?

  • Brutal Family 2, from May 31. Find out that you don’t have to be perfect to find friends and experience adventures worthy of a superhero. This time, the Wishbone family must rescue Baba Yaga from the hands of Monster Hunter. See what this leads them to.

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Movies for older viewers

Orange has also not forgotten older viewers, who will find the latest version of Batman’s Adventures in the May orange VOD show. Recommended updates:

  • The nation, from May 10. Orange invites you to a dark show about supernatural phenomena. Sandra Oh, “Surgeons” star, starred in the production. “The Nation” is the story of a Korean-born woman who has lived a happy life in the United States for many years. Peace of mind is disturbed when the remains of her mother, with whom the hero has not been in contact, are delivered to her home. From that moment on, scary things start to happen in women’s lives.

  • Batman, from May 27. The residents of Gotham City are threatened by a new evil – the unpredictable Riddler. Will Batman stop his diabolical plans? See for yourself as you watch a new installment in the story of one of DC Comics’ most famous superheroes. A great movie can please you not only with an interesting plot, wonderful fight scenes or the dark atmosphere of the film, but also with the wonderful acting of Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz. Orange TV subscribers who have a Premium 4K set-top box or a 4K set-top box can watch this production in 4K quality.

  • (Not) happy then, as of May 27. Perverted Italian comedy. Four married couples’ lives are turned upside down when their marriages turn out to be invalid… they are married by a fraudster claiming to be a priest. Will the heroes decide to stand on the wedding carpet again?

  • Operation Mincemeat begins May 31. A war drama based on facts and starring Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen. This is the extraordinary story of one of the most perverted plans accomplished by British counterintelligence officers during World War II.

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Image source: Warner Bros.

Text source: Orange

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