Netflix movie breaks records around the world. However, the heights are not satisfied

  • In the film, highlanders mainly deal with counting money and drinking alcohol, which they previously illegally disposed of. In addition, they love fights and will do a lot for the money
  • According to the mayor of Kościelisko where the photo was created, once again unfair stereotypes were used only when viewing heights
  • However, marketing specialists argue that the film, which is breaking records around the world, will bring a huge number of foreign tourists to Bodhill.
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The Taming of the Shrew (English title, The Taming of the Shrew) is a romantic comedy based on a William Shakespeare play. The film is set in the modern era in Bodhill. Here, after years in America, returns a young highland woman with a broken heart. However, the sudden appearance of a woman complicates the business plans of many highlanders. It fuels the entire movie.

The film, directed by Anna Wieczur-Bluszcz, has set records for Netflix popularity since its debut. Since its premiere on Wednesday, April 13, it has been watched by millions of people on all continents. In the week of April 18-24 (data for the next week not yet available), “Taming the Big” was the most-watched non-English language film in the world. According to Netflix, a total of 9 million 330 thousand users of the platform spent watching this production. Hours. Remarkably, this happens even though critics of the production speak somewhat bitterly.

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– In the coming weeks, the film shot in Bodhill will be watched by millions of people, says David Boydziorko, marketing specialist. – In my opinion, it is a great gift for Budali and the people who live there from tourism. What would you say about “Taming the Złośnica”, you should definitely praise the images in this film. It is really beautiful and shows the Polish mountains in a really cool way. Especially the shots taken in the Tatras are exceptional. In my opinion, after watching this movie, many people around the world will check where Zakopane is and want to come here – he adds.

This phenomenon is called static jetting, and people travel to places they’ve seen before in movies. examples? Among these places is the Thai beach in Maya Bay, which became famous thanks to the movie “Heavenly Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio; Dubrovnik is the location of many “Game of Thrones” episodes, or many of the places featured in a series of Bond films.

The Tatras are fortunate that the Netflix film makers have perfectly shown them to a global audience for the second time in a short period of time. Before Christmas, the Christmas movie “Dawid i Elfy,” also filmed near Giewont, was at the forefront of the catwalk lists in the world.

– The promotion of our region in films is huge and goes to foreign viewers, that is, those who may not have heard of Zakopane before – says Agnieszka Nowak-Gąsienica, Deputy Mayor of Zakopane. The woman recalls that a few years ago there was an idea in Zakopane to create a special fund for films. This is what many major Polish cities and several provinces have. Filmmakers can apply for money from the fund if they promise to show (and thus later promote in their image) a specific region or city.

These Netflix movies have now shown that such promotion makes sense. I think we need to go back to creating the Zakopane or Bodhill film fund – says Novak Josenica in an interview with Onet.

– When it comes to “Taming the Złośnicy”, I have mixed feelings – says Roman Krupa, mayor of Koسيليcielisko in the area where most of the footage of this comedy was filmed.

– I am very happy that it was filmed with us and was watched by a large number of viewers around the world. This is actually a huge promotion. When the filmmakers approached us, we tried to help them block off certain streets for filming locations or get extras. However, I liked the movie on average. Once again, an image was created that falsely depicted the highlanders and their customs. All the mischievous stereotypes have been taken out, and this is the only movie made of them. I understand that romantic comedies have their own rules, but that’s kind of an exaggeration. People who will watch it might think that heights really are like that.

It’s hard to say no to mayor Krupa. The Highlanders made an all-day “Taming Złośnicy” bargain with plotting how to trick homosexuals into selling plots, fighting, driving illegal liquor or arguing about a richer family. It was similar in 2010, when the Polish series “Szpilki na Giewontcie” premiered. At that time, there were also protests from regional circles.

– In my opinion, you don’t have to worry too much about what is shown in this film – says David Boydziorko. – Here is the principle “It does not matter what you say, it is important that you speak.” Many viewers around the world will forget the plot of this movie a few days after the show, but will remember the beauty of Podhale – concludes the marketer.

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